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  1. I Got Hacked
  2. in all seriousness
  3. i come back to tg after a month
  4. Wait a minute
  5. are default blog pics still not working?
  6. Fuck I missed hunger by a second
  8. i hate the new tengaged
  9. fuck this castings
  10. hi im jacob
  11. can some people join survivor
  12. that awkward moment when ur straight
  13. ive been so busy
  14. how is
  15. remind me
  16. remember when
  17. seriously
  18. i dont get it
  19. people need to stop making charities
  20. i wonder if they are multis....
  21. poll
  22. whos the most annoying person on tg
  23. okay so i downloaded hq
  24. can we get a good survivor tribe
  25. serious question
  26. good luck in stars
  27. is it just me
  28. this site is going downhill
  29. if i hosted a survivor
  30. keep em coming
  31. lmao
  32. i just joined dealdash and quibids last night
  33. does anyone know what number hunger this is
  34. I love Memphis_Grizzlies's avatar
  35. in all honesty
  37. okay last chance
  38. do people still count
  39. wtf are these new challenges
  40. seriously


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I Got Hacked Mar 30, 2018
And all my T$ are gone....I think that's a good enough reason to leave this shitty site. I had been saving my T$ for a while and it's just annoying

This site has gone downhill like crazy...the group games arent the same, the regular games arent the same, the fucking people here suck most of the time. Randomize gave up on the site, there's no moderation, etc.

I don't even care enough to make proper sentences and use proper grammar. Maybe I'll come back later to say hi to some people but I really haven't been here for 5 months and i'll keep that going. Fuck this place, the good Tengaged is gone. Shoutout to all the people who used to make this a great place. its been a decent 7 or so years
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in all seriousness Feb 18, 2018
i joined this site 7 years ago come is wrong with me. why am i still here
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i come back to tg after a month Feb 18, 2018
and #DeathToWhitePeople is trending
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Wait a minute Jan 22, 2018
Are mods back?
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are default blog pics still not working? Jan 10, 2018
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Fuck I missed hunger by a second Dec 17, 2017
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