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does anyone else like looking at amazon comments?

Apr 13, 2021 by Kelly0412
I had the absolute worst experience with this product. I put the cream on my privates because I wanted to get rid of the hair and so I tried it on one major spot below my v line and it came off pretty smooth. At this point I was like "Damn if it can get this part real smooth and get off all that hair, then I wonder how effective it will be on my cherries". That's when I learned what was to come next was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. I lathered the cream all over the parts that had hair and just waited in the bathroom with the shower on standby. After the reccomend wait time, I turned on the shower and began washing off all of the hair. Then after a few seconds, I felt a searing pain in my groin right below my cherries and I swear to you this was pain like no other. I went to check the source and I had a very small chemical burn right below my cherries. The water only made things worse and I was doing my best to wash off all of the cream while enduring the worst pain I've ever felt. As I was washing it off, I made another fatal mistake. It went to the tip and I was in even more pain than I was already in to begin with! So I finished washing it off, got out of the shower and immediately did a fetal position in bed with this nonstop searing pain. I desperately looked online for information on how to stop the pain and sources said I had to dip my cherries in some warm water for several days until the pain subsided. So I did that and the pain did infact go away when it was in the water and I swear to you, this lasted a whole 7 or 8 days and going to the bathroom was impossible without feeling a searing pain. I seriously do not reccomend this product at all because it gave me the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. It might as well be used as a torture method because that's seriously how bad it was. All the hair did come of but at what cost? EVERYTHING.

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