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just getting this off my chest

Nov 25, 2020 by Kelly0412
Oysterman11 , I wish the best for you. You obese NEET who stays on Tengaged for validation of your fake friends since you have none in real life. You call me boring but others call you trash. Everyone knows that you will get nowhere in real life since Tengaged is your real life. I will take joy in knowing you will be alone and when this site finally shuts down you will be an absolute wreck with no one to turn to. And to all his friends I hope you keep supporting him with his self abusive behavior since all you're doing is making that inevitable fall out when he has to actually face the real world so much more crushing. You are all horrible people and I'll be prideful that I have people in real life who actually like me. That is all.


hugs austyn's fat rolls so hard
Sent by Christian_,Nov 25, 2020

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