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  1. any1 wanna play the new jackbox
  2. i mean lowkey
  3. theres a reason there was a .es and a .br
  4. If you feel it
  5. women r a social construct
  6. Hosting the new jackbox
  7. who wants to play the brand new jackbox
  8. who wants to play the brand new jackbox
  9. stream the distance
  10. should i buy the new jackbox
  11. anybody wanna smoke a ziggy with me
  12. can you ANNE FRANK FOOTLOCKER me
  13. i just couldnt imagine
  14. they ask you how you are
  15. jealousy is a two faced lesbian.
  16. oh wow
  17. join survivor
  18. but ur a loser
  19. i did nothing bannable
  20. girl what is ur issue
  21. britney literally sang the gimme more intro
  22. if only beyonce was good
  23. guess miss gaga aint a mod
  24. Had the best night ever ☺️
  26. can someone explain to me how
  27. wait is it true that bb21 is...
  28. wait wtf the celeb bbusa 2 cast was leaked... im..
  29. exposing admin for what the truly are
  30. ass
  31. what the hell?
  32. melanie martinez
  35. OMG JOIN NEW GAME!!!!!
  37. this is my fave group game so far
  38. watch out
  39. hola me allmo benjamin
  40. stream "With You" by Mariah Carey


Sep 8, 2018 by Kelly0412
– Congratulations! If you’re reading this it means you’ve overcome the limitations of your tiny manatee brains and opened an email. Now if you’re asking yourself “DERR, wait, I’m confused. Is Chanel talking to me? Am I a useless Kappa slut?" Simply ask yourself the following question aloud: "IS MY NAME CHANEL #3, CHANEL #5, CHANEL #6 or ZAYDAY WILLIAMS?” If the answer to that is YES then FELICITATIONS! THIS MISSIVE IS FOR YOU! So, do you all remember when we agreed to meet at the campus pool and kill the Dean and I got you all awesome new phones so that when it came time to meet, the phone would light up a certain color, and when it did, you didn’t even have to answer it? You just had to come meet at the aforementioned pool? And then do you remember NOT coming to the pool, despite me making it super easy for you by concocting a plan so simple that an orangutan could have figured it out? Like, literally a circus ape of moderate intelligence could have looked down at the phone sticking out of the single pocket in the front of his comical lederhosen and seen it light up and used his short little legs to waddle over to his tiny motorized shriners car and driven to the pool like I asked. Do you remember any aspect of this SUPER SIMPLE PLAN? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m literally asking if your tiny slut brains have the power to process ANY OF MY SUPER-SIMPLE ORANGUTAN LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS! Because what I remember is that NONE OF YOU SHOWED UP! Which meant I had to sit at that stupid pool by myself like a GRADE-A ASSHAT with a bag full of enormous chains to drown Dean Munsch with and then have a super awkward convo with her where I was like “OH DURR I JUST LIKE BRING ENORMOUS CHAINS TO POOLS” and I looked like a total div. I don’t entirely know what you whores could have been doing that was more important than helping your chapter president drown a serial killer, but unless that thing you were doing was getting enemas of pure liquid gold at a new local establishment called "LIQUID GOLD COLONICS FOR YOUNG SLUTS", like, if you were doing LITERALLY ANYTHING else, you all should seriously consider doing the human race a favor and getting sterilized. I’m not being facetious, I literally think you should consider undergoing a surgical procedure to remove your ovaries, thereby sparing human race exposure to your DNA. You four trollops ARE THE WORST SPECIMEN OF HUMAN BEINGS EVER BORN and you should all REALLY watch your backs, because if this serial killer targeting Kappa house doesn’t chop off your heads, I'M GOING TO DO IT! So I can sell your tiny whore brain pans to science.
Chanel Oberlin.


Sent by Obstreperous,Sep 8, 2018

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