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My proudest moment

May 9, 2020 by Katherinee_
~36th Annual Hunger Games~ Map - Ancient Desert
by Stunzer

Tribute Info: Katherine Pierce, District 5 Female, Age - 17 (Katherinee_)
Finishing Stats: HP - 60 ST - 11 HG&T - 100% DMG - 54 Skill - Agility
Kills - 7

Story: She was a fierce tribute (no pun intended). Katherine Pierce was viewed fairly weak in the beginning, the District 5's have not been doing "amazing" in past games, but Katherine was here to break the theory. In the training centre, Katherine practiced herself in throwing a couple of knives, and striving to show herself as a much stronger tribute. After that, she felt a feel for ranged weapons, so she begun with archery, firing well, but not enough to rise above other tributes, but it didn't matter to her. Whatever happened in the game, proves your worth. This season, the tributes where linked to their district partner in the beginning, and eventually swap around with other tributes to share their health. Katherine and Phil from District 5 planned to work together in the games, which came... the bloodbath. Katherine decided to flee immediately, and work on gathering basics, rather than dying. She was sponsored shortly after cornucopia from Jocasta, the sole District 5 Female victor. She received chakrams, and essentials. She then met up with Phil, only to get ambushed by Mitsu, from District 3. Katherine ran out of panic, leaving Phil to die.
Luckily, luck was on her side, and it switched her partner. Katherine ran back in, wanting vengeance for her district partner. She launched her chakrams into Mitsu, slicing her until she died, claiming Katherine's first(and second) kill. Katherine ran off, listening to cannons fire one after the other, tributes falling quickly to other threatening tributes, and also the pairing twist. Katherine ran into Hiro, and uses her new Chu Ko Nu to chase him down, and pierce(oh god im bad) him through the back. This brought Katherine to the final four, and only two days have passed. It was down to Sapphire & John, and Katherine & Avril. Katherine was targeted by both Sapphire and John, but she held her ground by defending herself with her shield. She took some injuries, but Avril came in and defeated John with her hooked sword, resulting in Sapphire's death as well. It was down to the final two, and Avril and Katherine fought hard for victory. Avril managed to hook Katherine with her sword, and attempted to jump backwards, but Katherine with her agility managed to keep up with her movements, and deliver two swift blows to Avril's head, knocking her out, and bringing a victory home to District 5.

It has been like 3 years since then idk, but I was thriving! I remember that I literally typed "runs away while screaming" when I saw that my district partner was killed right infront my eyes because I was so scared and didnt know what to do lmao! I totally forgot about the pair twist so that was a HUGE luck that I survived this. Then I was like fuck it and came back and killed my district partner's killer and then laughed maniacally sending this video to Stun

Then i killed one more person with an arrow which wasnt even directed to him lmfao which brought me to final 4. Then these two bitches launched at me but I managed to survive but my stats are soo bad. I remember that Stun commented that it wasnt looking good for me because Avril had so much better stats than mine but then I remembered that I had brass knuckles (okay kind of, they had a chinese name in the games lmao) so I punched the hell out of Avril's head and somehow I won! ICONIC QUEEN!


what a fucking queen.
Sent by Stunzer,May 9, 2020

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