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Me, the alcoholicvote Nov 13, 2018
has a special shelf full of opened alcohol bottles which are waiting to be used for the next party or panic attack. My collection is getting pretty big:

1. stolen vodka from the club
2. whiskey gift
3. mint left from my birthday
4. white rum from that cocktail night
5. ouzo from my bff bday party who wanted to try it and didnt like it so I took the whole bottle home lol
6. red wine to cry over shit
7. Tequilla for the shots roulette game which is getting dust in the corner of my room
8. Champagne from NEW YEAR
9. white wine for classy ladies nights
10. baileys for pre-drinking before going to the club

Do you have THAT kind of shelf and what's your favorite alcohol?

PS: If I was a real alcoholic, that shelf wouldn't exist.
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we are all badvote Nov 13, 2018
in someone else's story and I have no fucking problem with that
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I hate physics vote Nov 13, 2018
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sleep the day awayvote Nov 13, 2018
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where are they Nov 12, 2018
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Deadlines are killing me Nov 12, 2018
I dont even spend time here, what tf do I do? Where am I wasting so much time, idgi!
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