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  2. It finally happened!
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  4. I cant go out in a bad mood
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  8. i'd do me tbh
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  16. We are THE DARK SIDE
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  21. Im scared for my life
  22. Have you ever played D&D ?
  23. We all struggle with something
  24. I have a dream
  25. When I'm old
  26. my atoms love your atoms
  27. I need a sister scientist
  28. Im receiving like 1T$ a day
  29. I need a good movie to watch
  30. do french people smoke weed
  31. what is dopamine
  32. Me @ the Britts
  33. do we all have that friend
  34. Did anyone try the number yet?
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  37. Does my college resume look good?
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hangout with your friends more Feb 19, 2019
there will be a moment that you will be seeing them for a last time and you wont even realize it <3
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It finally happened! Feb 15, 2019
The Dark Side won the stars seat. Its a legendary momenta for all of us and it means the world to me. Thanks for everyone who stayed and didnt betray the frat.
Since its The Dark Side and Im the dictator, I will pick the one who goes in stars xoxo
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Harmione Lodge Feb 3, 2019
is my actual mother
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I cant go out in a bad mood Jan 30, 2019
I cant let myself to be in a bad mood on a night out. I am the one to bring the mood up, not the other way around and thats how it works. If Im not in a good mood Im not gonna go out! I dont want to be pitied and watch my friends trying to make me laugh when im clearly crying inside.
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My First Roleplay Experience Jan 27, 2019
was in a bulgarian website. I was like 10 or 11. The Roleplay was called "All supernatural creatures here" and trust me this was literally the only way to describe the crazy ride that I was gonna enter. It was held in a small town where the humans didn't know about the supernatural world. There was a separate discussion for every location in the town like - The Bar, The Beach, The Forest, The dark streets, for everyone's houses etc. Literally everyone was allowed to do whatever they want except killing other people's characters without permission. We could be any supernatural creature that we want but I was basic and played a young vampire who inherited a big castle from their grandpa. My bestfriend also applied as my vampire sister and the fun began.

There were no episodes, seasons or parts. It was a "forever" going roleplay that continued for literally months and people didn't get bored and I was thriving. I even got promoted to a moderator with some other roleplayers. Everything was perfect until me and my bff had to take a two week break from the site. After we turned back everything was different. The admin had created two new characters to replace me and bff's ones and literally stole our love partners. My bff was angry and left the group but I stayed and tried to fight back for the love of my life (I literally was crushing on the person who was my love interest in the roleplay lmao) but there was nothing that I could do. The admin was selfish and others were scared to break their relationships with his characters. So I started to create my own new storylines and events and everyone loved them but of course the admin didn't and used every opportunity to ruin my plans. That was the point when I called her back...

I called my bestfriend to return under a new name and create a new unstoppable character which powers were to trap souls and keep them locked forever. After her creation she went and trapped the admin's main character's soul. Basically his character wasn't dead, just trapped, but he was furious and I enjoyed every second of it. ..Then my friend got banned ... which drove me NUTS!

Remember the part when I was promoted to a moderator? Well I still was so I decided to end it all ! I started to delete EVERY discussion! There were 30+ discussions with hundreds of pages! It was taking so damn long to delete everything and it hurt the most when I had to delete my character's lot discussion - Lane's Castle. I clicked the delete button but it didn't work! The admin caught me and removed my powers, But it was too late.. most of the group was deleted. "All supernatural creatures here" was dead and quickly abandoned. The End!
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No title Jan 26, 2019
yoshi111 or whatever and his tribe wars are fake af! RIGGED ! I must have won that trivia and the stupid kriss cant spell Canberra right idiot bye
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