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Most Iconic Kardashian Momentsvote Jan 28, 2020
5. Rob fucking a Kim K Look-alike
4. Kim catching Scott's mistress in the bathroom
3. The switched roles (Kim&Kourtney; Khloe&Kris; Kendall&Kylie)
2. Khloe goes to jail
1. The bentley fight
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mi maridos Jan 21, 2020
if you need help gifting let me know <3

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I am happy :) Jan 10, 2020
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2020 Dec 27, 2019
Very few people usually brag about the current year being their favorite year so far, and I'd never thought that I'd come to this point but I can proudly say I am one of those people.

To me, 2019 was transformation.
Including but not limited to physical appearance, emotional maturity, valuing system, personality traits.

I feel like most of it, if not all, was for the better.

Everybody who knows me knows how much I'm afraid of change and unplanned action, but I've taught myself that I can't play and control the game at the same time. And as long as I'm alive, I'm going to be on the playing team.

The thing in 2019 which I'm probably most thankful for, though, is people. People in general. There are a lot of people who entered my life recently, a lot of people who have shown me on multiple occasions that they are a person I can fully trust.

And I'm thankful that I learned and began to express the love I have for them. Because they truly deserve nothing less.

As for other people, I've never been the person to forgive and/or forget and I never will be. That's not in my nature and not what I stand for. But sometimes it's the best to let go of the unforgiveness you have and watch life itself eat them alive for the decisions they've made.

I try everyday to be a better person not only for me, but also for the people around me and I learn every day. I make wrong decisions. I lie. I detest. I think pessimistically. I'm only human.

But I promise, not only to myself, but to everyone that I will make use of every lesson this year gave me and own 2020.
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Update on the blonde guy I was crushing on Dec 21, 2019
We basically became very close friends and he snap'd me today and we are also texting on instagram and im still suspecting he might be bi but omfg just the fact hes there in my life is so comforting
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UPDATE YALL Nov 29, 2019



NOT THAT its any good since theres the gay intense tension between our communication but i spent 2 entire days literally glued to him at one competition and it was so cute and everyoen thinks we are best friends now when in reality we barely know each other

we still see each other 10 times but he greets me the first time and smiles at me AND I DIE INSIDE
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