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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 11

Jul 22, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 11 : Beauty Be Gone
Previously on… #KASEYVIVOR2.

When Leo loses his first immunity in tribals, he got overconfident, rubbing the tribe the wrong way, them deciding to take him out.

After that, Jai has been on a winning streak, causing Tonya and Gabi to try and convince Martin and Harrison to turn on him, but when Jai wins another immunity, they used Dana to vote together, and get the vote 3-3, between Dana and Martin, but ultimately… Gabi turned on her, and flipped. Dana going home 3-1 in the revote.

Gabi is the final Beauty left, Tonya is the final Brawn left, and Jai, Martin and Harrison are all from original brain.

Gabi (Beauty/Brawn)
Harrison (Brain/Brain)
Jai (Brain/Brain)
Martin (Brain/Brain)
Tonya (Brawn/Brawn)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)
12th - Bruce (3-2-1)
11th - Samantha (*6*-*4*-1)
10th - Irielle (7-3)
9th - Harriet (7-2)
8th - BryAn (8-1)
7th - Leo (6-1)
6th - Dana (3-3 // 3-1)


*Tonya and Gabi sit together, visibly upset*

Tonya, CF - I’m the last Brawn standing, Gabi is the last Beauty standing, and now it’s us against the Brain men. We ****ed up letting them get past the first few merge tribals, and now we’re paying for it. I don’t blame Gabi for flipping, but this is a frustrating situation that could’ve been avoided. Rocks gave us a CHANCE at least. Now… we’re screwed.

*Gabi sighs while staring at Harrison, Martin and Jai gathered in a triangle in the sand*

Gabi, CF - This couldn’t be a worse situation. I should’ve made a move sooner on the Brains, but I didn’t realize the immediate threat in front of us.

*Jai, Harrison and Martin all smile*

Jai, CF - We have the majority, I’m confident there’s no idols in play… worst case scenario is only that one of the other 2 win immunities at final 4, other than that… us brain boys are golden. We will be the final 3.


TONYA WINS REWARD! She wins an overnight trip the Survivor spa with a meal of chicken, beef and cheesecake, and shares it with Gabi and Jai.

Tonya, CF - I wish I could just share it with Gabi, because I don’t think there’s much of a chance trying with Jai, he’ll never accept us into his crew, but.. I suppose this reward, we might as well… NOT give up. There’s no point in quitting at this point. But, it doesn’t seem good for me or Gabi.


*Gabi, Jai and Tonya sit in silence, at the spa*

Gabi, CF - As expected, even trying to talk to Jai was a bust.

Gabi - Hey-

Jai - We don’t have to talk. I’m loyal to the people I’m with, sorry. You’re wasting your own time.


Gabi, CF - It’s a frustrating situation and I feel absolutely helpless.

Tonya - Jai, come on. Nobody respects people afraid to make moves.

Jai - I don’t make moves just to make moves. This doesn’t benefit me.

Gabi - An easy route to final 3, and an easy win? How does that NOT benefit you?

Jai - What if it’s a final 2.

Tonya - You can beat both of us in a challenge.

*Jai slightly nods*

Tonya, CF - I think… we made the best of the situation… and TRIED to get through to him. If it works, we did it. If it doesn’t work, we did everything we could do.

Jai, CF - Listen, no options are OFF the table… if I can pull through and win immunity, I would FOR SURE consider it. I will consider it regardless, but if I can have an opportunity to make a move, risk free, it’d be ideal. It’s getting down to it, I will need to do what’s best for ME… to get to the end… and win. Making moves needs to have a risk-reward assessment for sure.


Tonya wins immunity!

Gabi, CF - I don’t think Tonya realizes how bad of a position this puts me in, and it makes me feel a lot less sure about Jai working with us. I’m VERY happy for Tonya. Don’t get me wrong, but this… was… bad for us. I might be in A BIT of trouble in this situation.


Tonya, CF - I can’t feel bad for winning immunity, because it’s just progression for my OWN game… which is the main priority… I come first, it’s a selfish game… but I am hoping for the best for Gabi. She’s my main girl right now. But, I am safe. That is amazing. I beat out Jai.

*Jai sits by Harrison in the shelter*

Jai - We gotta stick together. Tonya and Gabi are huge threats.

Jai, CF - Tonya winning immunity proved her argument “you can beat us in challenges”... just, total bull. I have NO REASON to turn on my crew now. I need to make sure they won’t either. This tribal needs to just be… Gabi execution. Beauty be gone.

Harrison, CF - Honestly… on the one hand, I know Jai is a HUGE threat to win… on the other hand, Tonya and Gabi are such snakes… I can’t trust they wouldn’t try to cut my throat if I tried to work with them. So, I guess the lesser risk option is just working with Jai and Martin until the end. You can’t win if you don’t make it to the end.


*Gabi sits with Martin on the beach*

Gabi, CF - So, I tried with Jai, but when Tonya won immunity, it sort of shot our plan in the foot. Now… I have to try with MARTIN. He seems… a BIT more woke than Harrison.

Gabi - I just want to know, like… where is your head at?

Martin - Honestly? You won’t like what I have to say.

Gabi, with a slight eye roll - Are you actively trying to get 2nd or 3rd place?

Martin - You girls are sneaky, I hate to tell ya this. You voted out your entire ****ing tribe.

Gabi - Only the vast majority of it. That’s being entirely blown out of proportion, honestly.

Martin, CF - Gabi is trying to get me to flip, and.. It’s a valiant effort, but… I can not trust her. I have a clear path to the final 3 with Harrison and Jai. No reason to flip on them. I can’t see a way this is beneficial.

Martin - I’m sorry, Gabi. In every situation, working with you and Tonya, does NOT benefit me. If there’s a final 2, you’ll take each other over me…

Gabi - Not necessarily, I’d owe you if you flipped-

Martin - I’m sorry. Gabi, it isn’t happening. *he stands up and walks away*

Gabi, CF - Well, that sucked. But, we have options left. Harrison and Jai could plausibly turn on Martin because Martin has been shady in the past… might as well try it!


*Tonya and Gabi sit with Harrison and Jai*

Tonya - I think all of us should form together… to take out Martin.

Harrison - Why would we do that?

Gabi - Because Martin has been shady to you guys since the merge hit. Always trying to work with us on the DL, trying to take you, Jai, out last round if you didn’t win immunity.

Harrison, CF - These girls are still desperately attempting to get us to flip on each other, and it is NOT going to work. Going into the top 4 at 2-2 is NOT a beneficial spot to be in.

Jai - I’ll consider it.

Jai, CF - I do think Harrison and Martin are a bit too close. If it’s a final 2, they’d take each other over me… so this isn’t exactly a bad plan in my books… but Gabi and Tonya would take each other over me, as well… I could be more alone in this game than I once thought.


Jeff Probst - Welcome… the members of our jury... Samantha, Irielle, Harriet, BryAn, Leo and Dana voted out at the last tribal council.

*Dana flips them all off*

Jeff Probst - Jai, you seemed to be the immunity champ for a bit there, now you’re vulnerable. How does that feel?

Jai - I guess I’ve survived a good amount of time without it, if I can’t survive now, I don’t deserve to win.

Jeff Probst - Your tribe IS the only tribe still in tact, though, with the 3 brain men left here, still… does that make you feel more comfortable?

Jai - Slightly.

Jeff Probst - Gabi, you are the odd one out it’d seem, as Tonya is immune. Are you nervous?

Gabi - Yeah, this is probably the end of my road. I won’t say I’ve given up, but after relentless attempts… I just don’t think they’re budging.

*Leo and BryAn smile*

Jeff Probst - Do you have a final plea to them?

Gabi - Consider how much the jury ****ing hates me, haha… like, I absolutely ****ed all of them over, are you kidding? BryAn HATES me, Leo never liked me… like, SERIOUSLY? You’re voting me out? Are you STUPID? My jury management is ****ing the worst ever, Jesus Christ, you people are dumb.

*Harrison and Martin consider that for half a second*

Jeff Probst - Interesting plea. Tonya, do you feel good being immune?

Tonya - Absolutely..

Jeff Probst - It is… TIME to vote. Gabi, you’re up.


Gabi, holding up “MARTIN” - Well, I had to vote somebody.

Tonya, holding up “MARTIN” - We’ll see how this goes…

*Martin walks into the voting room, and then leaves*


Jeff Probst - First vote… Martin.

*Martin snickers*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Gabi.

1 vote Martin. 1 vote Gabi.

Third vote… Martin.

*Martin smiles, knowing he made the right decision*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Gabi.

Final vote and next member of our jury… Gabi.

Gabi - Wow, so shocking! *grabs her torch, smiling, skipping over to Jeff Probst, Tonya smiling, slightly saddened, knowing she’s alone*

Jeff Probst - Gabi, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*The jury is all smiling*

Gabi - You guys are… DUMBER than I thought, for the brain tribe! *leaves*

*Tonya claps, as Harrison rolls his eyes. Martin chuckles, annoyed*

Jeff Probst - A big player clearly has fallen, as we are down to the wire. Could a tribal shift happen, or will immunities be what’s most important from here on out?

5th - Gabi (3-2)

Gabi, Leaving Words - I gave it my all, and I did a pretty good job. It was never easy, and I was constantly on the bottom… but I made it here. Days away from final tribal council. It was so close I could TASTE IT. But I missed it… by THAT much. It was in my grasp. I don’t think I could’ve won anyway, and I think the men were dumb for cutting me, but.. They’re men… what do you expect?

Gabi - Martin.
Harrison - Gabi.
Jai - Gabi.
Martin - Gabi.
Tonya - Martin.


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