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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 7

Jul 2, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 7, PART 1 : No Calm Before This Storm
Previously on #Kaseyvivor2

The tribes went into a dissolve, making the dynamics very shifted.

When Leo comes back from Exile, onto a tribe with Beauties in control already, the Brawn tribe seemed to have the Beauty’s in an unstoppable position.

Meanwhile on the Brain tribe, Irielle was the sole beauty, meaning she could either be in the all powerful middle position, or the easy person to cut out. The Brains, who hold half the tribe, were starting to see her as the biggest threat on the tribe, and decided they couldn’t trust her.

When the Brain tribe won immunity, the Beauties on the Brawn Tribe had to make a decision. When Bruce shut out everybody, not talking to anyone, he became the obvious target, but with fears of an idol or a plan being concocted, Tonya had to make a move, by revealing her idol to the tribe. Still not buying it, though, the other idol holder, Leo, took matters into his own hands, and threw a vote onto BryAn.

Still, Bruce was finally sent home, in a 3-2-1 vote, Gabi receiving 2 votes from Tonya and Bruce.

Brawn Tribe :
BryAn (Beauty)
Gabi (Beauty)
Leo (Beauty)
Samantha (Beauty)
Tonya (Brawn)

Brain Tribe :
Dana (Brawn)
Harriet (Brawn)
Harrison (Brain)
Irielle (Beauty)
Jai (Brain)
Martin (Brain)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)
12th - Bruce (3-2-1)


*Fake shocked reactions and cheers to this news*

BryAn (Beauty/Brawn)
Dana (Brawn/Brain)
Gabi (Beauty/Brawn)
Harriet (Brawn/Brain)
Harrison (Brain/Brain)
Irielle (Beauty/Brain)
Jai (Brain/Brain)
Leo (Beauty/Brawn)
Martin (Brain/Brain)
Samantha (Beauty/Brawn)
Tonya (Brawn/Brawn)

Dana, CF - I never felt that I was in a safe space all game, so going into a merge.. I just feel like this is coming at a perfect time. I didn’t trust Irielle on our swap tribe, and I DEFINITELY didn’t trust Jai, Harrison or Martin. But, now, I feel, we have a common enemy. The beauty tribe. We can band together, and take out the people who have the best position first.


*Dana sits with Harriet, who gathered Tonya over*

Dana - I think we need to get the Brain men to work with us.

Tonya - To do what?

Dana - Take out the OG Beauty. They have the most numbers. If we tried to work with them, we’d be the ones they picked off as soon as we stopped helping their game.

Tonya - Wouldn’t the brains do that, too?

Dana - They don’t have the numbers to do that.

Tonya, CF - Listen, I have an idol to protect me if all goes awry, but I just want to eat for 5 seconds before having to strategize in plans that rely on other people to AGREE to our deals. This could be a giant waste of time. But, I do think it is our only real chance long term. We definitely need the Brains to progress us in this game. But wow there was no calm before this storm. It is starting right off the bat.

Harriet - We don’t want to try to use Irielle to get us into a better position? Are we sure about this?

Dana - I like Irielle just as much as anyone else does and hey.. Maybe we can use her later, but… right now? We need to get with the Brains.


*BryAn, Gabi, Irielle, Leo and Samantha are gathered together*

Irielle, CF - Listen, I’m not blind. I know the other tribes are going to be intimidated by our majority. That’s why I’m automatically trying to observe EVERYTHING. The merge feast is definitely separated by tribes. It’s very High School cafeteria-like. There are cliques. I do think we need to beware the dynamics between the Brawns and Brains, because… the Beauty tribe are, like, in a non-conceited way, the Kings and Queens of the Tribe. We hold the most numbers, which means… there is definitely going to be people who want to overthrow us. And we need to try and stop it from happening.


*Jai, Harrison and Martin sit together*

Jai - I kind of think instead of strategizing off the bat, we should wait it out, to see who the big threats are, and then wait it out from there.

Martin - Agreed.

Jai, CF - I definitely see whispering and bonds being formed, but I don’t feel as though us brainiacs need to worry. We may be able to just chill this round, because I feel pretty good about our position… assuming the Brawns and the Beauties try to make this against each other.


Harriet wins immunity!

Harriet, CF - Winning Immunity opens up so many doors for me, because… I don’t necessarily understand why we’re trying to make this some type of War. I think the Swap opened up plenty of doors for us to go into and try to better our position big picture. Being immune gives me a chance to make moves without worrying about the direct repercussions. I think we can make some moves.

*Jai and Tonya sit near each other*

Tonya - Would you be open to working with the Brawns to take out the Beauty’s one by one?

Jai, CF - Here’s the thing. Tonya comes to me about taking out the Beauty’s, but… why? The Brawns dominate challenge after challenge, and, in my opinion, are way greater threats.

Jai - Of course. The brains will work with you.

*Tonya smiles*


*Jai goes up to Harrison and Martin*

Jai - Guys, I think we can take out Tonya.

Harrison - Do you think that’d be the right call?

Jai -  Now, it’s definitely a double edged sword if we do it. Assuming the Beauty’s stick together, they can cut us out one by one if they wanted to, but I don’t think they’d stick until the end anyways, and I see the Brawns as bigger physical and even strategic threats.

Martin, CF - Taking out a Brawn before a Beauty IS a big risk, but I do think Jai knows what he’s talking about. The Brawns are strong, for sure.


*Dana walks up to Irielle, Samantha, Leo, Gabi and BryAn*

Dana - Beauties, I will be honest with you. I don’t trust Tonya or Harriet. They just get bad vibes from me, and they were seriously dragging you guys earlier.

Dana, CF - Originally I wanted to get rid of the Brains, but I simply changed my mind after seeing Tonya try to be slick by talking to Jai earlier without coming to us first. She only cares about herself, and I personally just don’t enjoy that gameplay.

Dana - Let’s work together and get Tonya out.

Irielle - I’m good with that.

Samantha - Same, for sure.

Samantha, CF - Except, not really. I’ll let these beauties do whatever, but I am not going to sit around and get played. And someone who tried to pull a fast one on us last time was Leo.. why not do something about that?


*Samantha pulls Gabi and BryAn aside*

Samantha - I think Leo is who voted for you, BryAn. He was the only one not shocked by the vote.

BryAn - ****, you’re right.

BryAn, CF - I trusted Leo until right now. I thought we could proceed as a strong unit, but I can’t pretend to ignore the fact he purposely put me in harms way and would’ve been fine pawning me off. We have to make a move on him... now. Well, I have to, at least.

*Samantha approaches Tonya*

Samantha - Tonya, Dana came to the beauties and absolutely tried to throw you under the bus and put a target on your back. If you went to her right now about this, she’d try to manipulate it to make you seem like the problem, so don’t even bother with that. You need to work with us. And vote with us. Here’s the problem. We don’t have the votes to take out Dana. We do have the votes to take out Leo, though, who is trying to convince other people to vote you with us. Are you in?

*Tonya slightly nods, bothered by this*

Tonya, CF - I don’t like being told what to do, but with Samantha pointing out how Dana is trying to target me, I don’t have much choice. I do have an idol, though. So, this isn’t much of a worry for me. Ultimately, if I feel the need to, I’ll use it. I officially know there’s a target on my back. It won’t be a waste.

*Tonya approaches Harriet*

Tonya - Sam told me Dana was trying to take me out. But then told me to take out Leo. Ridiculous, right?!

Harriet, CF - Knowing Samantha is saying this stuff about Dana IS alarming… can we believe these rumors? I don’t know, but Samantha is the one we know FOR SURE is involved in this situation. So, she is definitely giving out SUPER cloudy vibes.


*Leo notices Samantha whispering to Harriet and Tonya*

Leo, CF - Trust is a big part of this game, and I have it in so many people, but seeing Sam whispering and scheming… doesn’t make me feel entirely safe. I will wait until tribal, but I have my idol in my back pocket. I’m not afraid to use it.


Jeff Probst - Harriet, you are the first individual immunity winner of the season. How does it feel?

Harriet - It feels powerful. I love being a role model to anyone out there who is in need of one. Being an older, less conventionally attractive, female on this season, yet still winning immunity. I hope to continue to inspire people with this platform.

Jeff Probst - Gabi, with the majority of this tribe being original beauty, is it safe to assume there’s a target on your tribes back?

Gabi - I have always had a target on my back in this game, so if there is one, it’s nothing new for me. But, yeah, for sure. At first especially, but I think this round has been A LOT of strategy going on behind the scenes. I don’t think it’s necessarily Brawn vs Beauty vs Brain anymore. It’s merge, and nothing is set in stone at all. I think the dynamic has definitely shifted rather than staying as the tribes we were originally put on.

Jeff Probst - Samantha, this begs the question : Is it GOOD that the dynamics have changed? Or do you think it’d be easier for you staying as the original Brawn vs Beauty vs Brain?

Samantha - On paper the Beauty’s position was awful and perfect at the same time. We only would’ve needed ONE VOTE to have majority, but ultimately… if it stayed the same, there was no real chance of it working out for us. I think it ultimately had to change.

Leo - Yeah.

Jeff Probst - Leo, what is that reaction?

Leo - I think certain members of the tribe definitely were pushing harder than others for certain changes to happen.

Samantha - What does that mean, Leo?

Leo - I think you know what it means, Sam.

BryAn - Don’t act innocent, Leo, you are the one who voted for me last tribal. Need we remind you of that?

Leo - It was a throwaway vote, BryAn. It was nothing for or against you.

BryAn - It’s funny, it seems as though a vote AGAINST me is, in fact, AGAINST me... no matter how you meant for it to be taken.

*Leo rolls his eyes*

Jeff Probst - Tonya, where does a Brawn stand in this tribe dynamic?

Tonya - I think everybody here has a different idea in mind, and I’m sure one of them or the other is targeting me.


Dana - Did someone tell you that or are you just saying that to say that?

Tonya - If you’re hiding something, Dana, maybe it’s best to keep it to yourself, before you say something stupid.

Jeff Probst - Jai, do the Brains have any involvement in these, seemingly multiple, tribal strains?

Jai - Not to my knowledge, but it definitely makes voting harder. We could be very important votes, really. This is a very interesting vote.

Jeff Probst - Well, you better figure it out, because it is TIME TO VOTE. BryAn, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it… NOW is the time to do so.

*Tonya immediately stands up and hands Jeff Probst her idol, Dana rolling her eyes afterwards*

Tonya - Myself, Jeff.

Jeff Probst - This IS a Hidden Immunity Idol-

*Leo stands up, to Gabi’s surprise*

Leo - I am using this on myself, too. *hands Jeff his idol*

Jeff Probst - This, too, is a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast towards Tonya or Leo will. Not. Count. I’ll read the votes.

*Samantha remains calm, as both Gabi and Dana look surprised, as does most of the tribe*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Tonya, does not count.

Second vote… Tonya, does not count.

Third vote… Tonya, does not count.

*Tonya maniacally chuckles, turning her head towards Dana*

Harriet, to herself - Jesus Christ.

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Tonya, does not count.

Fifth vote… Tonya, does not count.

Sixth vote… Tonya, does not count.

Tonya - You all… REALLY wanted me out.

*Dana rolls her eyes, annoyed, biting her bottom lip*

*The camera zooms in on Leo*

Jeff Probst - Seventh vote… Leo, does not count.

Leo - There it is.

Jeff Probst - Eighth vote… Leo, does not count.

Ninth vote… Leo, does not count.

Tenth vote… Leo, does not count.

*The area is silent, as there’s only one vote left*

Jeff Probst - Final vote, and the player leaving… the first member of our jury…

*There’s a collective gasp*

Jeff Probst - Samantha.

Samantha - ****! *chuckles, so shocked*

*Irielle and Gabi’s jaws drop*

*Harriet smiles, slightly*


*Samantha grabs her torch, and walks over to Jeff Probst, a smile on her face*

Jeff Probst - Samantha, the tribe has spoken.

Samantha - Has it, though? *waves goodbye, and leaves*

Jeff Probst - A huge blindside, and a double idol play ending with the start of our Jury. With a split vote, we can only guess what comes next from this tribe. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

11th - Samantha (*6*-*4*-1)

Samantha, Leaving Words - Well, I’m the first member of the jury. Which is good. But, I am very upset I am out. I guess I can’t be too upset, and I’m definitely not bitter or holding any animosity towards anyone. I wonder who voted for me, though. Kind of crazy how that one vote determined me getting out so early. Like, two idols?! Seriously? A sole vote taking me out?! I honestly never imagined that happening. I honestly thought I’d get out ‘cus everyone hated me, so this is DEFINITELY better than that.

BryAn - Leo.
Dana - Tonya.
Gabi - Leo.
Harriet - Samantha.
Harrison - Tonya.
Irielle - Tonya.
Jai - Tonya.
Leo - Tonya.
Martin - Tonya.
Samantha - Leo.
Tonya - Leo.

PART 2 :


Tonya, CF - Winning immunity after getting the majority of the votes last tribal is HUGE. It gives me more room for strategy, and just gives me a chance to flip my position in this game. Which is DIRE right now.


Harrison approaches Harriet - So, who did you vote last tribal?

Harriet - Why do you care?

Harrison - You were immune, and there was a sole vote to take out Sam. You made a power play, and I think it’s time to put it on blast.

Harriet - If that makes you feel happy, go off, but I’m not going to get interrogated by you. *walks away*

*In the background, Irielle slightly smiles*

Irielle, CF - After Samantha got cut out, it’s obvious the beauties are going to be targeted either now or in the next few rounds. If I can market on the fact Harrison and Harriet are at odds, I could save my tribe AND myself.

*Dana, Leo, Irielle, Gabi, BryAn and Harrison sit around a fire*

Dana - We need to take out Harriet. Simply. She’s such a big threat, and makes moves that benefit her rather than anyone as a whole.

*Irielle nods, agreeing*

Harrison, CF - I don’t trust any of this plan, I don’t trust Dana trying to target Harriet, because they are both from the same tribe, why would she target her? I would love to take Harriet out, but I trust Dana just as little as I trust Harriet. This doesn’t sit well with me.

Gabi, CF - You know, I don’t like being told what to do, and that is what Dana is doing. I want to cause a retaliation and an opposition, because I’m not playing games with this bitch.

*BryAn, Gabi, Harriet, Harrison, Jai, Martin and Tonya gather around*

Gabi - So, Harriet. Dana said to us, we all need to take you out.

Harrison - It’s true.

Harriet, CF - Now, I get told I was being targeted by Dana, but… the thing is… I’m being told this by HARRISON, who I just got into a bit of a tiff with. I don’t trust it. This could be a trap. For sure.

Harriet - No offense, Harrison, but you saying that doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable with any of it. You have made your distaste with me painfully obvious, quite frankly.

Harrison, CF - I want to work with Harriet, but she’s making it very difficult. I do think the brain tribe could be the swing votes, because we seem to be the only tribe remaining intact.

Harriet - I will vote with you people. If you agree to voting for Irielle.

*Gabi sighs*

Gabi, CF - I don’t know. This is an interesting situation. Beauty has 4 numbers, and with the tribe being so split, we could be the deciding votes. Do I want to get rid of Irielle now? Or can I get the numbers to just take out Harriet?

*Gabi and BryAn stand by each other, talking*

BryAn - I feel as though if we get rid of Irielle, big picture, we could be just playing to lose.

*Gabi slightly nods*

Gabi, CF - This sucks. I feel like big picture, Irielle is an important number if we want to win. But the Beauties already are a sinking ship, so I don’t know. It could go very wrong one way or the other.

Gabi - The problem is… forming a bond with people such as Harrison and the Brain tribe could be very important in the bigger picture.

*BryAn nods*

BryAn, CF - I don’t know which way is the right way. I don’t want to lose Irielle as a number, but I don’t way to shut out the majority of the tribe, either, because the Beauty tribe can’t gain me the majority in the bigger picture. It is very hard to decide.


*Harrison, Martin and Jai are getting ready for tribal*

Harrison - It’s either Harriet or Irielle, we could be the deciding votes.

Jai, CF - Being in this position is quite ideal! Us brains could be the swing votes and the deciding votes. This tribal is going to be an interesting vote.


Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of our jury, Samantha, voted out at the last tribal council.

*Samantha waves to the cast, smiling*

Jeff Probst - Tonya, after having to use an idol to keep your safety, did you feel like you needed this immunity?

Tonya - I definitely needed the time to create a better position for myself, because without my idol, I would’ve been gone. I needed time to shift my dynamic.

Jeff Probst - Harriet, you were immune last time, this time you’re not. How do you feel this tribal?

Harriet - I am definitely on edge. I heard my name brought up a bit. How seriously was it brought up? I don’t know-

Dana - Trust me, it was pretty ****ing seriously.

Harriet - Can you shut the **** up for five ****ing seconds?

*Samantha laughs on jury, smiling*

Jeff Probst - Dana, what is your game in confronting Harriet in this situation?

Dana - I will never be a liar. I hate liars. I am an honest person. I am being honest.

Harriet - You’re being a bitch and disgusting, in all honesty.

*Irielle smiles*

Jeff Probst - Leo, you also played an idol last tribal, do you feel a target on your back now?

Leo - I do feel kind of endangered, but not for sure. I feel better than I did last round, for sure.

Jeff Probst - Irielle, if you got taken out tonight, how would you feel?

Irielle - I feel as though if anyone got taken out now, they’d feel the same way. It’s too early. It’d be way cut too short. It’d suck! Hopefully, the tribe doesn’t want me out.

*Gabi and BryAn exchange worried glances*

Jeff Probst - Jai, do the tribal lines matter anymore?

Jai - Everything always matter, obviously. It’s Survivor, you have to consider EVERYTHING.

Jeff Probst - It is time to vote. BryAn, you’re up first.


Dana, holding up a piece of parchment that says “HARRIET” - Boom, it’s time for you to go. Go back to where you came from.


Jeff Probst - I’ll read the votes.

First vote… Irielle.

*Irielle pouts*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Harriet.

Third vote… Harriet.

*Harriet rolls her eyes*

*Dana smirks*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Irielle.

2 votes Harriet, 2 votes Irielle.

Fifth vote… Irielle.

*Irielle frowns, and sighs*

Jeff Probst - Sixth vote… Harriet. 3 votes Irielle, 3 votes Harriet.

Seventh vote… Irielle.

Eighth vote… Irielle.

*Irielle looks over at Gabi, and sighs, shaking her head, accepting her fate*

Jeff Probst - Ninth vote, and the second member of our jury… Irielle.

*Irielle nods, and stands up*

*Dana frowns, Harriet smirks, Gabi and BryAn share a saddened glance, considering their decision, and whether it was right*

Jeff Probst - Irielle, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Irielle waves goodbye, smiling and leaves*

Jeff Probst - Another Beauty bites the dust, will this be the season of the Brawns vs Brains?

*Gabi scoffs and rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - Grab your torches and head back to camp.

10th - Irielle (7-3)

Irielle, Leaving Words - I don’t feel like I got to play to the full extent of my game. I had so much game left to play, and I feel like it’s entirely too early for me. I just wanted a chance to show my brains, rather than just my beauty, and it sucks I didn’t get a chance to prove myself. I definitely feel like the tribal dynamic didn’t do me any favors, for sure. I guess I made it to the jury. *sighs* I don’t know, I just wish I made it further. But, I can’t live in bitterness. I have no regrets.

BryAn - Irielle.
Dana - Harriet.
Gabi - Irielle.
Harriet - Irielle.
Harrison - Irielle.
Irielle - Harriet.
Jai - Irielle.
Leo - Harriet.
Martin - Irielle.
Tonya - Irielle.


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