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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 6

Jun 26, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 6 : Reverse Psychology
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor2

A swap shifts the game upside down!

The new Brawn Tribe having a 3-3 tribal division of Brawns and Beauties. The Brawns seemingly were better off, as Tonya has an idol.

On the new Brain tribe, Irielle was the odd one out, as the only beauty, but with Dana and Harriet being one side, and Jai, Harrison and Martin being the other, the chances of her being in the swing position were relatively high, as both tribes could use her as a number.

When Brain won immunity, Harrison and Martin got into a dispute about whether or not to target or use Irielle to their advantage if they ultimately were to go to tribal council, leaving their alliance strained.

On the Brawn tribe, in a problematic move, Bruce held a tribe meeting, just to call out Gabi as the weak link, to target her, leaving his original tribe to point out how stupid that was, and they ultimately changed their target to BryAn. At tribal, it tied, 3-3, between Bruce and BryAn, and the revote tied as well, making it go to rocks. Vince got the unlucky rock, and got sent home.

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce (Brawn)
BryAn (Beauty)
Gabi (Beauty)
Leo (Beauty) *FROM EXILE*
Samantha (Beauty)
Tonya (Brawn)

Brain Tribe :
Dana (Brawn)
Harriet (Brawn)
Harrison (Brain)
Irielle (Beauty)
Jai (Brain)
Martin (Brain)

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)
13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)


*Tonya and Bruce sit by each other, by the fire*

Tonya, CF - This is actually quite the predicament. Now, with Leo coming to this tribe, the beauties will have the vast majority. It is me and Bruce now. Hopefully Bruce will be the target, but I ultimately do have an idol. I will use it, if need be.

*Samantha, Gabi and BryAn all smile and give each other a high five*

BryAn, CF - Samantha, Gabi and I have a newfound connection. I am insanely indebted to them now, because they saved my ass and risked their game getting f***ed over because of me in the worst way ever. I owe them. For sure. I wasn’t sure before, but now I feel so comfortable with them.


*Leo joins his new tribe, The Brawn Tribe*

THE BRAWN TRIBE WINS REWARD, winning a Survivor picnic!

Leo, CF - Best case scenario. I have an idol, and the majority on this new tribe. AND we just won reward. It’s looking good for me. It’s looking pretty good for me.

Irielle, CF - I am already in a relatively double edged spot on the tribe. If we went to tribal now, I could quite likely be seen as the easy vote. It isn’t the spot I’d want to be on. It isn’t ideal. I need to change the dynamic or else I’m likely going to get screwed over.

*Irielle sits near Jai*

Irielle - Hey.

Jai - Hi!

Irielle - So, you all have been avoiding me like the plague since the swap. Am I screwed?

Jai - Oh, gosh no.

Jai, CF - Irielle comes up to me, and is up front. I respect it, but.. I don’t know where my alliances head is at, so I could be just lying to her.

Irielle - Well, I’m game whenever you want to actually talk to me.

Irielle, CF - Well, Jai was vague, but he gave me SOME hope, but… I need to secure myself more. For sure. I need to open up doors.

*Irielle then approaches Harriet and Dana*

Irielle - Hey, I just want to talk to y’all.

Harriet - Hey.

Irielle - Jai, Harrison and Martin have half the votes. If we band together, we have a chance to position ourselves better in the long term. If we go to tribal, I think we should stick together.

Harriet, CF - I don’t trust Irielle as much as I can throw her, but I do see her as the most likely to give us a chance if we were to go to tribal. I think we need to use her, rather than letting Harrison, Martin and Jai use her. It’s something to consider, for sure.



Dana, CF - We win immunity again, and I really think a merge is coming soon, so we don’t have to worry about trusting Irielle. ‘Cus, I wouldn’t be able to, honestly. I feel more comfortable knowing I will get a second chance come a very likely merge. Hopefully it’s the next round.

*Harrison, Jai and Martin sit together*

Jai - I talked to Irielle earlier, but the thing is… right after, she went over to Dana and Harriet.

*Harrison gives Martin a look*

Harrison, CF - Me and Martin had a disagreement about whether or not we should trust Irielle, so the fact Irielle JUST proved to be untrustworthy is very eye opening for both of us.. I was right.

Martin - I don’t know, I don’t think we could get Harriet or Dana to blindly follow us.

Jai - You suggest we should just go to rocks if we go to another tribal?

Martin - No, I think we’d have to do more than just that. We’d need to split the vote up, somehow.

Martin, CF - Sure, Irielle is sketchy and all, but we can’t trust Harriet or Dana either.

Martin - It’s likely we’re merging soon anyways, let’s not worry about that yet.

Martin, CF - I do think waiting until the last minute is risky, but I don’t think over strategizing would do anything good for our position.

Martin - Let’s just wait it out, in my opinion.


*Bruce sits in the shelter, and avoids everybody*

Bruce, CF - It’s obvious these people are against me, I am not wasting my own time. *shakes head* I don’t trust Tonya, and the Beauty’s have the upperhand. I hate when the bullies win. I just can’t handle it anymore.

*Gabi, Samantha, BryAn and Leo sit together at the campfire, and look at Bruce, who is bundled up by himself*

Gabi, CF - I don’t know whether this is some type of reverse psychology? But, Bruce is just not communicating with anyone, and isn’t leaving his shelter. It’s a little bit silly, but it is enough to make  me consider, what should we do about this? Just vote him out regardless? This puts a wrench in everything, and definitely is working if he’s trying to make us paranoid.

Gabi - I don’t know, guys, should we just vote him out?

Leo - I’d say so.

Leo, CF - I have an idol, so I’m not entirely concerned about Bruce’s games. I will use an idol if Bruce does. If that is what I have to do.

*Tonya walks over to Leo, BryAn, Gabi and Samantha*

Tonya - Guys, I will vote for Bruce, if it means I’m safe.

Samantha - The thing is we don’t want an idol to be played on Bruce.

Tonya - I have an idol, so it won’t be. It’s in my bag, I’ll go get it if you need evidence.

Tonya, CF - I tell them about my idol, it secures a bond, and if it proves to them I’m loyal, it means my chances of being safe increases.

Gabi - I wanted Bruce out anyways, let’s do it.

Leo, CF - I don’t necessarily feel safe with Tonya, but I do want Bruce out, and I do have an idol, but I don’t want to use it… maybe I need to make a strategic play tonight.

Jeff Probst - Gabi, 2 for 2 going to tribal post swap. Now, the beauty’s have the majority. Do you feel safe?

Gabi - I feel relatively comfortable with my numbers, but the thing is… idols will always be a fear of mine, because it could completely derail someone’s game.

Jeff Probst - Leo, you are the new addition to the tribe, but it’s a tribe with majority beauty. Do you feel this is the best case scenario?

Leo - For SURE, it’s the best case scenario. But the best case scenario still isn’t 100% safety. Because, unless you’re immune one way or another, anything can happen.

Jeff Probst - Bruce, on the other end of the spectrum, how do you feel on the tribe?

Bruce - Sucky. I don’t trust anyone. I saw Tonya talking to the other side, it just is a lame position to be in.

Jeff Probst - Tonya, Bruce expressed great distrust in you there. Is it accurate?

Tonya - When he won’t talk to you all day, it’s hard not to go to other people for any conversation whatsoever. Maybe he should just take responsibility for his own actions.

*Bruce rolls his eyes*

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote. Bruce, you’re up first.


Bruce, holding up parchment paper, that says “GABI” - I just really dislike you.


Gabi, holding up parchment paper, that says “BRUCE” - Hopefully this time… you get the **** out.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.


Jeff Probst - First vote...Bruce.
Second vote… Bruce.

*Bruce rolls his eyes, and sighs*

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Gabi.

Fourth vote… BryAn.

*BryAn and Gabi exchange a confused look at one another*

Jeff Probst - 2 votes Bruce, 1 vote Gabi, 1 vote BryAn.

Fifth vote… Gabi.

*Gabi sighs, and slightly flips her hair, nervously*

Jeff Probst - Final vote…. And player leaving…

*The camera zooms in on Bruce, and then on Gabi*

Jeff Probst - Bruce.

BryAn, whispering to Gabi - Who voted for me?


Jeff Probst - Bruce, the tribe has spoken. *SNUFFS TORCH*

*Bruce leaves, bitterly*

Jeff Probst - A split vote, down the middle. What’s going on behind the scenes, that what should’ve been a relatively straight forward vote got to this point? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

12th - Bruce (3-2-1)

Bruce, Leaving Words - I am not shocked by what happened, but I am pretty upset. I feel like Tonya is a sell out, even if she voted with me. Big picture, she would NEVER have been loyal or trustworthy. I was messed up by this swap. I truly believe that.

Bruce - Gabi.
BryAn - Bruce.
Gabi - Bruce.
Leo - BryAn.
Samantha - Bruce.
Tonya - Gabi.


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