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Kaseyvivor 2 : Episode 5

Jun 25, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 5 : Bump In The Road
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor2.

On the Brawn tribe, Dana and Vince’s tensions were at a high, and Tonya has an idol. The tribe is getting more and more divided, as Dana has more time to show Vince’s more defensive side.

On the Beauty Tribe, the alliance of Irielle and Leo are seemingly in power, as Leo also has an idol, as the alliance of Gabi and BryAn are getting more and more strained. Samantha being in the middle and on the outs.

On the Brain Tribe, during a losing streak, Jai finds an idol, and tries to turn Becky on Harrison and Martin, as she is the minority player. Becky tries to go to Harrison and Martin, but it blew up in her face. Jai uses his idol, but it was a waste, as Harrison and Martin voted out Becky, meaning the Brain Tribe is entirely male now.

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce, 33, Firefighter
Dana, 40, Truck Driver
Harriet, 35, Police Officer
Tonya, 48, Ex-Professional Athlete
Vince, 36, MMA Trainer

Beauty Tribe :
BryAn, 23, Skin Care Enthusiast
Gabi, 20, Instagram Model
Irielle, 19, Pageant Second Runner-Up
Leo, 23, Motivational Social Media Influencer Who Specializes in Fitness
Samantha, 26, YouTuber/Beauty Guru

Brain Tribe :
Harrison, 50, Law Professor
Jai, 31, Doctor
Martin, 45, Entrepreneur/Inventor

18th - Kyrah (4-1-1)
17th - Tayvian (3-3 // 3-1)
16th - Ryker (*5*-1)
15th - Laura (3-*1*-1)
14th - Becky (2-*1*-1)


Brawn Tribe :
Bruce (Brawn)
BryAn (Beauty)
Gabi (Beauty)
Samantha (Beauty)
Tonya (Brawn)
Vince (Brawn)

Brain Tribe :
Dana (Brawn)
Harriet (Brawn)
Harrison (Brain)
Irielle (Beauty)
Jai (Brain)
Martin (Brain)

Leo (Beauty)

Jai, CF - This dissolve definitely did wonders for tribe Brain. We hold half the tribe. Now, this would APPEAR to be the best case scenario, but I definitely feel a lot of distrust between me and Harrison and Martin. They could try to use their position to try and sabotage me.

Gabi, CF - I definitely feel comfortable on my new tribe, with half the tribe being beauty. I hope BryAn doesn’t try to double-cross me, and I don’t see how he could think that would be beneficial towards him. Samantha on the other hand. I don’t know about her. I feel as though this was the best case scenario, but it isn’t without concern. I’m concerned.

Leo, CF - Going to Exile is VERY inconvenient, but I’m not sweating it. I have an idol, so no matter what tribe I end up on, I have extra protection AND it’s getting closer and closer to a merge. This is just a minor bump in the road.


*Leo lies down, and relaxes*

Leo, CF - I guess this is a little vacation for me. I have an idol. I just hope I don’t get put on the Brain tribe, because on that tribe, Irielle is the only beauty there. Not that I’m nervous, because I have an idol, so I’d have safety for AT LEAST another tribal, but… It is NOT an ideal spot, long term.


*Bruce, Tonya and Vince are sitting at one side of the beach*

*BryAn, Gabi and Samantha sit on the other side*

Samantha, CF - I don’t trust either Gabi or BryAn much, so I feel as though, swapping on this tribe, where Bruce, Tonya and Vince are so tight... it definitely feels like a time for repositioning.

Samantha - I know you guys aren’t 100% with me, but I think Bruce, Tonya and Vince are way too close. I think if we stick together, go to rocks for each other. We would be dominant.

*BryAn and Gabi nod along*

BryAn, CF - It IS a bit alarming, the two people I felt most alarmed by, pre-swap, are the people I’m on a tribe with post-swap, but I do think I am better off with them then I am with any of the Brawn tribe... BUT, the conflict arises in the chances of rocks. But, it IS a bit too soon to consider that, I believe.


*Irielle sits alone, in the shelter, watching Dana and Harriet talking, and Harrison, Jai and Martin sitting in a triangle, talking*

Irielle, CF - I don’t feel safe. I could either be the swing vote or the easy one to pick off first. Either way, I feel incredibly vulnerable.

*Dana and Harriet sit together*

Dana, whispering - If we go to tribal, we need to get Irielle on our side.

Harriet - No question.

Harriet, CF - Dana quickly went to working with me, after being in such a complicated spot on our tribe. I think Dana is a messy player, but if she wants to be on my side, I feel more of a connection with her than I do with any of the Brain tribe. But, long term, I will flip on her if I see an opportunity to do so. Hopefully, we just don’t go to tribal.


Martin, CF - We win immunity, and that means we have time to position ourselves even better. Dana and Harriet are from the Brawn tribe, and I’m pretty sure there are cracks there. But, the EASY number is in Irielle. If we lost immunity, I’d probably just take her out, but now that we have time. She’s an easy number.

*Martin sits with Harrison*

Martin - Personally, I say.. We try to get Irielle on our side, and we can target Dana or Harriet in the near future.

*Harrison shakes his head*

Harrison, CF - I don’t see why we should stir the pot. Irielle is the odd one out. That is just a fact. We can get Dana and Harriet on board, and then we can decide whether or not we want to turn on Jai. It’s simple.

Harrison - I think we should just go the easy route.

Martin - I think the easy route WOULD BE getting Irielle on our side. Easy majority.

*Harrison scoffs*

Harrison, CF - I guess me and Harrison just have to disagree here, because I don’t see how getting Irielle on our side is beneficial.

Harrison - Sorry, but I can’t get on board.

*Martin sighs, and rolls his eyes*

Martin, CF - If he can’t understand why we should use Irielle to our advantage, I don’t think I can trust Harrison. He is being so nearsighted, and I don’t know how I can work with him under these circumstances.


*Bruce stands in front of the entire tribe*

Bruce - I have something to say, everybody.

Bruce, CF - There was a clear weak link on the tribe, and I have to confront the issue head on.

Bruce - Gabi, you were not even trying in that challenge, and I think everyone should vote for you. We should band together, as a consecutive unit, and take you out, for the better of the tribe. I hope you understand.

*Gabi uncontrollably starts chuckling*

Gabi, CF - I have been targeted from day 1, at this point it’s ****Ing hilarious, I can’t even pretend it bothers me at this point.

*Tonya cringes*

Gabi - Bruce, I respect your honesty, but I’m sorry. You’re, like, 40. I’m, like, half your age. You’re also a firefighter, my BMI is, like, half of yours. You are being irrational trying to act like I’m so much more weak than you, like, we’re just different players.

Bruce - I’m just pointing out something we all can see.

Gabi - If you can all see it, this entire tribe meeting was extra.

Bruce - I’m sorry if you feel as though this is an attack or anything-

Gabi - I didn’t say that. I don’t feel attacked whatsoever, I respect you for doing this, I just feel as though this doesn’t influence your game in any way, besides in a negative way.

Bruce, CF - Gabi is a hurtful person to our tribe. We need to take her out, simply.

*Tonya cringes*

Tonya, CF - Bruce, this was the dumbest thing you could literally POSSIBLY do EVER.

*Tonya, Bruce and Vince stand in the woods*

Tonya - Bruce, we can’t vote out Gabi out now. You realize that, right?

*Bruce’s jaw drops, he is clearly shocked*

Vince - She’s right. Any of them have an idol, if it’s used, it’s used on her.

*Bruce rubs his head, upset*

Bruce, CF - I don’t know if I thought this through. Because, Vince has a point. Tonya has a point. And it’s so frustrating. I just want the worst of the tribe out.

Vince - I don’t know if we can find a way to get a majority now, but I say we just take out Bry, it’s the next best thing.

Vince, CF - We can’t take out Gabi now, but we can take out the next best thing. Her closest ally. Hopefully.
*Gabi, Samantha and BryAn band together*

Gabi - Listen, we need to work together. We need to band together. Because, we can’t trust what Bruce said, because it could’ve all been an act.

Samantha - I actually completely agree.

Samantha, CF - I don’t trust people who try to make their voice the loudest. They drive for attention, and are very possibly just trying to manipulate the situation, to make their own move. I don’t know, I’m still considering it, but I do find Bruce very sketchy.

BryAn - We don’t have an idol, do we?

Gabi - Nope.

*BryAn bites his bottom lip*

BryAn, CF - I definitely am scared for an idol play tonight, because we don’t know what Bruce or any of them are doing. It could be bad.


*Tonya sits off to the side*

Tonya, CF - I DO have an idol. But, I don’t know what to expect right now. I do not want to draw rocks, because if I got rocked out, I would be very upset. I might have to use my idol tonight.


Jeff Probst - Gabi, with a 3-3 tribal swap dynamic, do you think this vote will tie?

Gabi - I think it COULD tie, but Bruce did try to call me out for some reason. He said I sucked at challenges, and just had to go, but… to my knowledge, none of the beauty’s knew what was up with that, or whether it was real or just a scheme. He just made himself seem like a sketchy mother****er.

Jeff Probst - Bruce, was that your intention?

Bruce - No, I just thought Gabi sucked at challenges.

*Gabi chuckles*

Jeff Probst - Tonya, as a fellow Brawn, do you think this reflects poorly on you, or do you stand by Bruce’s words?

Tonya - I wouldn’t have suggested a tribe meeting to try and take Gabi out. In my opinion, strategy should be done behind closed doors, or it will come off… like it did for Bruce. As a possible scheme. But I don’t think it reflects anyone poorly. I wouldn’t even think it reflects Bruce poorly, I just think it didn’t come out like he wanted it to.

*Bruce nods*

Jeff Probst - Vince, where do you lie in this situation?

Vince - I talked to Bruce about it, I talked to Tonya about it. We know what’s up.

Jeff Probst - Samantha, do you think this proves that it IS, in fact, a tribal divide and it will tie tonight?

Samantha - It’s possible, for sure. But I don’t necessarily think anything is set in stone.

Jeff Probst - BryAn, how safe do you feel tonight?

BryAn - We have NO CLUE what the Brawns are doing, which is, right away, VERY concerning. I am not safe at all, tonight.

Jeff Probst - It is time to vote, Bruce, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.



Jeff Probst - First vote… BryAn.

*BryAn nods, expectantly*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Bruce.

Third vote… BryAn.

Fourth vote… BryAn.

3 votes BryAn.

*BryAn bites his lip, sighing*

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… Bruce.

Final vote…. Bruce.

There is a tie, meaning there’ll be a revote, and if it ties again, it will go. To. Rocks.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Bruce.

Second vote… BryAn.

Third vote… BryAn.

*The camera zooms in on BryAn, who is sweating. Then it zooms in on Bruce, who is smiling*

Jeff Probst - Final vote…. Bruce.

It’s going to rocks! Each player will draw a rock, the player who draws the purple rock will leave.


*Vince draws the purple rock and chucks it out of the arena, bitterly grabbing his torch*

*Tonya gives Vince a dirty look, and cringes*

Jeff Probst - Vince, the GAME… has spoken.

*Vince bitterly stomps out of the area*

Jeff Probst - Leo will join your tribe tomorrow. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

*The tribe leaves, grabbing their torch, and leave the area, rattled by the events tonight*

13th - Vince (3-3 // 2-2 // ROCK DRAWN)

Vince, Leaving Words - There is nothing to say. I am pissed. I am a competitive person. I should’ve flipped my ****ing vote, but I got SO confident that one of the Beauty’s would draw the rocks. I just played myself so that ****ing Bruce would ****ing stay, and I’m PISSED. I could’ve won. I could’ve won. I could’ve ****ing won.

Bruce - BryAn.
BryAn - Bruce.
Gabi - Bruce.
Samantha - Bruce.
Tonya - BryAn.
Vince - BryAn.


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