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Kaseyvivor 2 : Brawns vs Beauty vs Brain - CAST REVEAL

Jun 7, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Comment your favorites!

Brawn Tribe :
Bruce, 33, Firefighter :
Bio : An Asian firefighter, he wants to flip the stereotype on its head, and give representation to a group over stereotyped and marginalized. He is a fan since Cook Islands, but does not label himself a “superfan”. He considers himself more of a Woo than a Yul, but he hopes he can fit into the strategic mold well enough, so that he can be better than both of them. 3 adjectives he uses to describe himself are brave, strong, and bold.

Dana, 40, Truck Driver :
Bio : A proud lesbian. She is more of a Big Brother fan, but is generally aware of Survivor, and does tend to watch the seasons.  She loves Lauren Rimmer from Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers - she felt fully represented by her. She wants everyone to be aware of her. She doesn't want to be underestimated, she will made her presence known in the game.

Harriet, 35, Police Officer :
Bio : She has seen the show before, but isn’t going out of her way to watch it. A total casual. She genuinely somebody to love, because she is always bullied and called a lesbian. She went as far as auditioning for The Bachelor, but was rejected. If she doesn't win this season, she wants to win at love. Sarah Lacina is her favorite player of Survivor, and Becca is her favorite from The Bachelor!

Ryker, 65, Ex-Interrogator :
Bio : He was a professional Interrogator from the 90s, but he does not want to be remembered for that, because he was forced to resign under less than ideal circumstances involving police force and racial profiling. He wants everyone to know he is NOT a racist... anymore. And hopes this show will show his good side, and clear his reputation.

Tonya, 48, Ex-Professional Athlete :
Bio : She refused to do any pre-season interviews, only stating "I am NOT Tonya Harding." She will not elaborate whatsoever, or make a comment.

Vince, 36, MMA Trainer
Bio : He is a casual fan of the show, and always is routing for the alpha men, labeling himself the "King Alpha" in his day to day life, and hopes on the show, he can be the alpha, because he does not like letting others rule his actions. His favorites include people such as Tony, Ozzy, Joe, Malcolm, etc. etc. Any strong men, he aspires to be like. He is an ex-MMA fighter, but has become a trainer instead, after too much damage to his brain. But, he passed the psych tests, and is ready to play!

Beauty Tribe :
BryAn, 23, Skin Care Enthusiast :
Bio : He is bi-racial, and sometimes identifies as black, others identifies as white, but overall, he is very bi-racial. He is gay, but he doesn't let any of his labels define him! He is strong. He is smart. And HE. IS. IMPORTANT. That's what his Instagram bio says at least. He is a fan of the show, but he doesn't really know if he could get through it, he is doing this for a test of his strength. He has been a fan since Kaoh Rong, and loves when players such as Michele defeat the odds and win.

Gabi, 20, Instagram Model :
Bio : A mega successful Instagram model who has never even seen Survivor before. She loves to learn, and hopes to figure it out as she goes along. She is going to make up for her lack of Survivor knowledge with her competitive drive. She thinks she could win!

Irielle, 19, Pageant Second Runner-Up :
Bio : A black woman who is aware of her beauty and worth, even though she knows it hasn't always gotten her the win. She knows she will be underestimated as a total recruit, but she used to be fan of the show, but stopped watching YEARS ago. Her favorite player is Cirie, because she wasn't just a stereotype, she was a smart and calm player, and Irielle hopes to channel that this season. She wants to prove to be a beauty AND a brain, and she knows she will NOT be the Second Runner-Up THIS time!

Leo, 23, Motivational Social Media Influencer Who Specializes in Fitness :
Bio : A recruit who knows nothing about Survivor. He knows he has what it takes to Survive, though, because he is a promoter or fitness and self-health. He is a beauty, but he is also very tough, and pushes himself to stay in shape, and he will use that to physically benefit himself and those around him. He will be the Sole Survivor, because he is a strong physical being.

Samantha, 26, YouTuber/Beauty Guru
Bio : Also a recruit, she is the host of a very successful Youtube page. She has a strategy going in, with her general idea of the game. She will form as many bonds and infiltrate as many alliances as possible, and have a bond with her entire tribe, so they will want to keep her as long as possible. She can bond with both men and women, as a make-up expert, she knows how to bond with women, and as a beautiful girl, she can get with the men, too. She isn't used to being the oldest person in a group, though, which may be a hindrance for her gameplay. She will try to get as many bonds as possible, and hopefully it will get her to the end.

Tayvian, 25, Male Model + Actor + Ex-Football Player + Activist :
Bio : A multi-hyphenated talent, he knows his worth! He knows he is talented and isn't afraid to be proud of what he does and has accomplished. He knows nothing about Survivor, but his end goal is to add "Survivor Winner" to his extensive title.

Brain Tribe :
Rebeckah "Becky", 32, Chemist :
Bio : A brilliant "young" Chemist. She is a big fan of the show, and loves smart women, such as Aubrey! She hates "the pretty people" such as Michele, thinking they're all "fake bitches", but she'll be fake, too, for one million dollars.

Harrison, 50, Law Professor :
Bio : He may be middle aged, but that doesn't stop him! He is a strong man and will come through for the prize money. He isn't a lawyer, but he teaches them and he knows how to get what he wants. He may not be the youngest, or the hottest, but he knows how to play people for his gain. He's a day 1 fan of Survivor, and thinks idols completely ruin the show. He'd take Richard over Tony any day!

Jai, 31, Doctor :
Bio : A strong, smart Asian man. He is a superfan and he is embarrassed of the representation Ho (see : #Kaseyvivor Season 1) gave to the Asian doctor demographic. He sees Yul as the GOAT, and he wants to be the new GOAT. He is smart, he is strong, and he is ready to play.

Kyrah, 40, Surgeon, Activist, Self Proclaimed “Single Super Mom” :
Bio : She thinks Asian women are considered "cold" way too often, when really they are just strong. She doesn't label herself a feminist, and is, infact, an outspoken Republican, she just also thinks she is a strong woman, and can also be heard. She doesn't see that as contradictory. She will speak her mind, while still not being a "sensitive snowflake". She is a longtime fan of the show, and sees herself as "Lucy (MvGX) gone right".

Laura, 23, Law Student :
Bio : A smart, strong young woman. She loves the Law, and is outspoken on her views and outlook on modern situations. She is traditionally gorgeous, but prefers being seen for her brains rather than her beauty. She is happy she is on this tribe, because she doesn't like when people judge her on her looks. She is so much more than that. As a fan of the show, she is aware of the power of underestimation, and will use that to her advantage. She loves Parvati, she loves Michele. She loves any pretty and smart person, who can prove the perception wrong.

Martin, 45, Entrepreneur/Inventor :
Bio : A self made rich white man. He knows he's living a privileged lifestyle, but he doesn't care. He knows how to handle obstacles, he's gone through them to get where he is, with a LOT of luck. He just knows how to survive. He is a recruit, and has only seen the first few seasons of the show. He's rich, he doesn't have time for Television. But, he is aware of how to play.





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Laura queen
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Becky is satan
Ryker king
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