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Survivor Blog Series - FINALE

Jun 1, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
Finale, Part 1 : I Could Make A Move
We started with 20, we are down to 6.

4 from Unatriba, 2 from Dostribo.

Ali started off the game in a lowkey position, not in any major alliance, but playing a middle game. She actually is who gathered the votes, and flipped Tim, to blindside Harley, round 2. She used her middle spot to the best of her ability. During the first swap, she formed a bond with Darnell, ultimately becoming a showmance with him. She was a crucial part in unifying the tribe against Lynn. Come merge, she and Darnell were the power couple, alongside Zach and Veronica. After unifying against Terry, the duos started targeting one another, and Ali and Darnell successfully got Veronica out. Ali then won her first immunity, but as a result, Darnell got out. She then took a step back strategically, to avoid a target, as her one goal was to get 0 votes until the FTC, and she has yet to get any. By the end, she re-grouped with Zach, her original ally, and in one tribal, she worked with Jenny and Sonja, voting Elle, as Jenny used her idol, idoling Elle out. As alliances dissolve, and others become bigger threats, she has consistently not been anyone’s main targets, despite being strong in challenges, and having solid gameplay throughout. She has no alliance left, besides herself, but is in the middle of what seems to be alliances against each other. Could this social media influencer make it to the end and INFLUENCE the jury to give her the win? 

Georgia got into a majority alliance day 1, with Harley, Tim, Zach and Veronica. She knew she didn’t fit in the most, so at very first, she wanted to be as easy going as possible, getting rid of Rhonda, BUT when the other side was targeting her, Jenny used her idol on her, DESPITE voting for Georgia herself. Causing a weird dynamic from the 2 from the start. She herself then got an Idol, before swapping onto a tribe with her allies Veronica and Zach, a power couple, and went to rocks for them, surviving and proceeding the game in the majority. She vocally targeted Elle and Bill, unafraid to speak her mind against them, and got Bill out, before swapping onto a tribe with Zach and Veronica again - and when Zach tried to make a move against Tim, she and Veronica used their power as the swing vote to take Tim out over Terry. She merged into seemingly the minority, but when the tribe banded against Terry - she and her alliance felt better off. When the power couples of Ali & Darnell and Veronica & Zach targeted each other, Georgia sided with Veronica and Zach, but was in the minority due to Atom’s lying to her, causing her to target Atom. When Darnell left next, she continuously targeted Atom, and he got out next. When Sonja told Georgia to vote for Jenny, and then worked with Jenny to idol out Elle, Georgia was upset, ultimately putting a target on Sonja’s back, although ultimately targeting Zoe - having her get blindsided by her own move, when Sonja got out, putting her in the worst position the next vote. She used her idol, BLINDSIDING Nile. She may not be in a great position now, but she has her abilities to survive even with bad odds, and has been unafraid to make moves before. Will the jury appreciate her gameplay? Or do her moves rub them the wrong way?

Jenny has been a big name from the start. Finding an idol before the first tribal, and betraying her own allies by using it on the person they voted for. Being targeted for that immediately, Ali protected her, by making a move to blindside Harley instead. Making it clear she would do crazy things in this game, Jenny went on to be swapped into the minority, with the person she betrayed tribal 1, Ho. She adapted to her situation, and Ho got out instead of her, due to upsetting comments he made to the tribe, and quickly, Terry started getting upset at the tribe, meaning Jenny felt safer had they gone to tribal again, but they didn’t and she got swapped onto a tribe… in the minority… again. Spending the entire pre-merge in the minority, when merge hit, Unatriba was in the minority… ONCE AGAIN, but this time, for the first tribal, they banded together to take Terry out. Jenny slowly got herself into a better position, from the bottom to the middle, avoiding a target for a little while. She then found another idol, she is the self proclaimed, “Idol Queen”. Ultimately, Elle tried to get the tribe against her, using the fact she started out as one of the biggest threats in this game, and then became not a target whatsoever, they had to take her out as they still can. Jenny used her idol, blindsiding Elle instead. After that, her target almost immediately wore off after Georgia started targeting Sonja and Zoe, but when Nile used his idol on Zoe, Zach used his on Jenny. Making it CLEAR, she IS, indeed, the Idol Queen. After Parker took Nile and Zoe on a reward challenge, she cut all ties and alliances she had with them off, and decided to ultimately TARGET Nile. Although everyone was targeting Georgia, she manipulated the situation with Zach, and Georgia used her idol, taking out Nile in the process. Jenny has been a very visible player from the beginning, and spent the entire Pre-Merge in the minority, but has done what it takes to get this far - finding and using idols, making moves to get her targets out, and doing whatever it takes to survive, and she is going into the finale after pulling off a major blindside. Is she unstoppable? Or is her game unWINnable?

Parker started the game as a VERY under the radar player. Getting into an alliance with Nile and Zoe. He swapped onto a tribe with Atom and Lynn, and formed an alliance with them - but over time as Lynn got worse and worse at challenges, he convinces Atom to flip on her, to avoid rocks. He swaps with Atom again, securing a bond with him. As Terry tried to convince Parker and Atom that Nile, Sonja and Zoe were not to be trusted, they realize how unpredictable she is, and Parker tried to vote her out, but Atom flipped on Tim instead, leaving Parker blindsided come merge. But, it was a short lived blindside, as Terry just got out at the merge tribal council. He was apart of the Darnell vote off, and then when Ali tried to pull a blindside on him, he turned on Atom, and got him out. He was apart of the Sonja blindside. Parker then won a reward and unintentionally blows up the Jenny-Nile-Zoe alliance, by bringing Nile and Zoe to it., and then won Immunity, securing himself as a competition threat. Although his game has been less strategic - he is oftentimes in the majority, and hasn’t made much of the jury upset at him - could his jury management and physical prowess be a selling point and get him the win?

Zach has started out in a power position, having an alliance with Georgia, Veronica, Harley and Tim, controlling the Rhonda vote off right away. When a swap hit, his bond with Veronica specifically got more secure, as did his relationship with Georgia - as they ultimately went to rocks for each other, getting into a better position because of that. Zach finds an idol, in which he hangs onto for much of the game. On another swap, when he was doing too much around the tribe, Veronica warned him not to be too intimidating, as it could lead to him being a target in the bigger picture, and he got his head in the game, and kingpinned the Tim boot-off, as he was nervous Tim had too many connections, which made him a threat come merge. By merge, Zach and Veronica became an official showmance, so in the second round - they noticed the other power couple, Ali and Darnell, as their biggest threats - and they targeted each other, Veronica getting out first, despite Zach bluffing his idol, and then Darnell gets out immediately after. Zach then won 2 immunities in a row, and then resecures his alliance with Ali. When he heard Jenny was getting votes, he wastes his idol on her at top 8 - and then at top 7, he votes with his 2 closest allies, Georgia and Jenny, to get out Nile, with the help of Georgia’s immunity idol, which she used after Zach warns her that she is getting votes. He is going into the finale with a secure bond with Georgia and Jenny. He is unafraid to make big moves, he has been a big name from the start, he can win challenges and has found idols. Will he have enough of a claim to win?

Zoe has started out as a spiritual figure, who was never problematic, and kept to herself. She had an alliance with Nile and Parker from the start. On a swap, she swapped into the majority with Nile, Sonja and Terry, and once Ho said misogynistic comments, she and Sonja pushed for him to be the first target, ultimately being a driving force in his boot. That ultimately led to Terry being upset, and accusing the tribe of having an alliance with Jenny, which never existed, but as Terry consistently spread those lies, Zoe was a driving force in taking her out come merge. By merge, Zoe was much less of a quiet force, and she was more insistent in her strategy. She wasn’t afraid to make her targets clear, and she became more of a gameplayer. She was apart of the ones who spoke out against Veronica, claiming her a bigger threat than Darnell - she then voted out Darnell instead of Atom - and THEN was apart of the people who took out Atom instead of Parker. Her game slipped up when she voted for Jenny, who used her idol, taking out Elle, even though Zoe was very aware of Elle’s abilities to speak and convey her strategic plays - but when she spoke to Nile about Elle, Nile became aware of Zoe’s dangerous gameplay, and ability to manipulate people’s minds. Come the next round, Georgia threw Zoe’s name out there, and Nile wastes his idol on her, to make sure Sonja would go home, although she only got 2 votes. Zoe’s alliance with Jenny and Nile falls apart, once Jenny got paranoid about Zoe and Nile, when Parker took them on a Reward, and then they vote for Georgia with Ali, but Georgia uses her Idol, having Nile get blindsided. Zoe has developed the most throughout this game, starting out as a spiritual player, who mostly just meditated, she became someone who was unafraid to strategize and bring up targets, and she started becoming a power player by merge, but within the past few rounds, she has gotten less and less lucky in getting her targets out - and now her majority has officially died down, and she has been getting screwed over by Idols. Can Zoe pull through in this finale? Will the jury even consider her if she makes it there?

6 different players, 6 different arcs. Who will win? Find out TONIGHT.

Alison (Una)
Georgia (Una-Swap-Dos)
Jenny (Una-Dos-Una)
Parker (Dos-Una-Dos)
Zach (Una-Swap-Dos)
Zoe (Dos-Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
14th - Tim (4-2-1)
13th - Terry (11-2)
12th - Veronica (8-4)
11th - Darnell (6-5)
10th - Atom (7-3)
9th : Elle (*6*-3)
8th - Sonja (5-*2*-*1*)
7th - Nile (*4*-3)


*Zoe and Parker sit next to each other, sad expressions*

Zoe, CF - I have only Parker left. It sucks, Nile was someone I deemed a friend. He deserves to be here… especially over Georgia.

Parker, CF - Nile was my ride or die, so this is sad. I guess Zoe and I are it… but, we don’t have the numbers. This could be bad. Should I flip on Zoe? I don’t think I could regain the trust I lost in Georgia or Zach. This isn’t a great spot for me.

*Georgia, Zach and Jenny sit by each other, smiling*

Georgia, CF - The other side tried it, and I clocked them. But NOW, it is 3 to 2 with Ali in the middle.  But, now… we have the 3. I went to rocks already, I’ll do it again. I think Zach would do it again. But, would Jenny? I do not know. But, I think she should. We could be the final 3.

Georgia whispers to Jenny and Zach - Us 3. Final 3.

*Zach and Jenny smile*

Zach, CF - Georgia is my ride or die, but Jenny is a good 3rd wheel, because I think I could beat her, honestly. I hope she can stick with us, because I think that could get me the win! I think I can beat them. Truly.


Ali, CF - I am the only person without a side in this game. I don’t have alliances. That could mean I’m in the middle, or I’d be picked off next. I am happy to have the power to be safe, and decide what to do. I could tie it, I could go to rocks, or I could work with Zach, Georgia and Jenny. But, I am immune. I could make a move.
Mergytriby Events :
*Zach approaches Ali*

Zach, CF - I will go to rocks, but I want to avoid it. Talking to Ali is a perfect way to do so.

Zach - Hey, Ali.

Ali - Hey.

Zach - Where’s your head at?

Ali - Well, to be transparent, I’m immune. It’s top 6. You didn’t talk to me last tribal about voting for Nile… I thought we were going to re-align, but… let's say hypothetically, I did flip and work with you, I’d be at the bottom of your alliance.

Zach - Well, couldn’t the same be true with if you worked with Zoe and Parker, though?

Ali - They are 2 people. You are 3. If I joined you, that would be 4. There is only 3 spots in the final 3.


Zach - You never know, it could be a final 2.

Ali - It’s almost as though you missed the entire point.

Zach, CF - Ali is upset at me for not filling her in on the Nile vote, and… since she’s immune, she isn’t worried about the repercussions of her actions.

Zach - I hope you know this could be a BIG mistake.

Ali - Voting with you would be just as big of a mistake. *walks away*

Ali, CF - If this was last tribal council, I would’ve considered working with him, but Zach blew it. This is my only chance to have a clear shot at final 3. Zoe and Parker are my last chances at having people who I BELIEVE will take me to the final 3.
*Ali sits down next to Zoe and Parker*

Ali - Who are you guys thinking of voting?

Zoe - Georgia.

Zoe, CF - It’s either rocks or one of me and Parker will be headed to jury. Ali seems game in making this move, and I think Georgia is the biggest strategic threat of that side. PLUS, we tried to take her out last time, and if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

Ali - If we go to rocks, there’s a good chance we will all be going into the top 5 in the majority, because they have more people drawing rocks.

Parker - Exactly. It’s perfect.

Parker, CF - This could be the ONLY SITUATION we have the upper hand, I hope this goes in our favor, because Ali siding with us is basically a second life.
*Georgia, Jenny and Zach sit together around the fire, getting ready for tribal council*

Zach - Let’s do Parker. If Ali flips, a big threat leaves, if Ali doesn’t, chances are Zoe could be idolled out.

*Georgia and Jenny nod*

Jenny, CF - Now, I could vote with Georgia and Zach, and vote for Parker and risk going to rocks, or I could do… anything else. I’d be safe. But, if I risk rocks, I could have a clear shot at the final 3. It’s up in the air.

Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of our jury. Terry, Veronica, Darnell, Atom, Elle, Sonja and Nile, voted out at the last tribal council.

*Nile waves at Zoe and Parker*

Jeff Probst - Ali, you are in the top 5, it is official. How does that feel?

Ali - Well, I am the only person here without any official connections. So, I feel as though that could either be an asset or an excuse to target me, so this immunity definitely is extra protection.

Jeff Probst - Georgia, after your idol play, do you think your target has died down, or do you feel as though there’s still a target on your back?

Georgia - Oh, for sure. However, that vote was 4-3, after my Idol play, it’s, in theory, 3-3 now. It’s more even playing ground.

Jeff Probst - Zoe, do you think that means a rock draw may be in the picture?

Zoe - Yes, that’s been a widely discussed, and I think it might go to rocks.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is TIME to vote… Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - I will read the votes.
First vote… Parker.
Second vote… Parker.
Third vote… Parker.

*Parker sighs*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Georgia.
Fifth vote… Georgia.

*Georgia looks over at Ali*

Jeff Probst - 3 votes Parker, 2 votes Georgia. One vote left.

Final vote… Georgia.

*There is a tie, time for a revote.*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Georgia.
Second vote… Georgia.
Third vote… Parker.
Final vote… Parker.

Jeff Probst - There is a tie again, time for a rock draw.


Jeff Probst - Zoe, the tribe has spoken.

*Zoe wipes a tear away, grabbing her torch, as Ali frowns, and Zach smiles. The jury is SHOCKED*

*Jeff Probst snuffs Zoe’s torch*

*Zoe leaves, super bummed out*

Jeff Probst - The second rock draw of the season… the game is getting realer and realer, as it gets closer to the finale. Head back to camp.

6th : Zoe (3-3, 2-2, DREW ROCK)

Zoe, Leaving Words - I definitely take comfort knowing it took a rock to take me out. My spirit is down, for sure, but I gave it my all and I got this far. I feel proud of my game, and I really think I could’ve won. But, I didn’t. So, I am bummed, but I made it far. I have nothing to say other than I tried my hardest. I have nothing but pride in my game.

Ali - Georgia.
Georgia - Parker.
Jenny - Parker.
Parker - Georgia.
Zach - Parker.
Zoe - Georgia.

PART 2 :

Ali, CF - I am on a winning streak, which at this stage in the game could be dier in staying safe. My goal was to make it to the end with 0 votes casted against me, and that seems all too possible right now.
*Georgia and Jenny hang out in the shelter, as Zach is talking to Parker*

Zach, CF - I am starting to get… kind of sketched out by Georgia and Jenny’s relationship.

Zach - I’m willing to vote with you. Because I don’t trust Georgia and Jenny.

Zach, CF - I am not sold on either voting for or with Parker yet. I want to keep my options as open as possible.

Parker - Who do you want me to do? I have nothing to do.

Zach - Jenny. She is snakey. For sure. Talk to Ali about it.

Parker, CF - I have not much left to do. I have nothing to do besides give Zach’s plan a chance.

*Zach approaches Georgia*

Georgia - I saw you strategizing with Parker.

Zach - I saw you strategizing with Jenny.

Georgia - Jenny is our final 3.

Zach - Yeah, but what if Ali wins the next immunity? Who would you take?

Georgia - You were my ride or die, Zach.

Georgia, CF - Zach is being shady now, so I don’t know if I can trust him. And that SUCKS. Because, he’s been with me from the start. But, if he seemingly doesn’t trust me… I don’t care anymore.

*Georgia approaches Jenny*

Georgia - Zach is on my radar now.

Jenny - Why?

Georgia - He’s sketched out about how close we’re getting.

*Jenny rolls her eyes*

Georgia - Exactly, we’re 3, and there’s a FINAL 3, anyways.

Jenny, CF - The second I feel safe, Zach is starting to go rogue. I just don’t know why he has to stir the pot, but… ugh. This is frustrating.

*Parker approaches Ali*

Parker - Zach told me to come to you. We should vote Jenny.

Ali, CF - Parker comes to me saying what ZACH told him to do, and that’s cute and all, but I don’t trust Zach anymore, so… that might’ve been a bad move on Parker’s part.


Zach, CF - I don’t know where Georgia or Jenny’s heads are at for the endgame, but I do know Parker is in a vulnerable position right now. If there’s valid possibilities for flipping, I could have a better chance at getting to the Final Tribal Council. And that’s the goal.

Jeff Probst - Welcome the member of our jury… Terry, Veronica, Darnell, Atom, Elle, Sonja, Nile and Zoe, voted out last tribal council.

*Zoe waves to Parker*

Jeff Probst - Ali, you won immunity again. You have the most of anybody this season as of right now. Do you think you needed it?

Ali - I think anything could happen, and the only way to assure safety is immunity.

Jeff Probst - Parker, as it is the last time to use idols or advantages, is there extra paranoia around camp?

Parker - Nah, it’s the same. We don’t think any more idols are out there.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, what DO you consider at this point in time?

Jenny - I consider everything and every hypothetical as well, personally.

Jeff Probst - Georgia, do you concur?

Georgia - For sure. At this point there’s nothing you CAN’T consider. It’s top 5. There’s nothing but scenarios that could go wrong.

Jeff Probst - With that... It’s time to vote. Ali, you’re first.


Jeff Probst - I’ll read the votes.
First vote… Parker.
Second vote… Parker.
Third vote… Jenny.

2 votes Parker, 1 vote Jenny.

*Parker leans in, nervous for the next vote, knowing it’ll confirm whether he has a chance*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote and next member of the jury… Parker.

*Parker slouches, slightly chuckling, as Zoe frowns from jury*

*Parker grabs his torch, and walks over to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - Parker, the tribe has spoken. *SNUFFS TORCH*

*Parker waves goodbye, and leaves*

Jeff Probst - The second ever unanimous vote of the season, takes us into the top 4. Only one member left of the jury. Then, final tribal council. Head back to camp.

5th : Parker (4-1)

Parker, Leaving Words - I definitely feel as though I’ve played the game. I had a chance at winning, for sure! I just feel upset I got so close, but was so far away. I don’t have much to say, I just… I guess at least I met Tony Hawk. I definitely feel as though I played a game to be proud of, even though I was just off of the Final Tribal Council.

Ali - Parker.
Georgia - Parker.
Jenny - Parker.
Parker - Jenny.
Zach - Parker.

PART 3 :

Ali, CF - I AM IN THE FINAL 3. I did it. I am guaranteed in the Final. Tribal. Council. And, Zach, Jenny and Georgia were an alliance, so this was ACTUALLY necessary. I really feel like I deserve to be here. My goal of getting to the end without a single vote casted against me has been externalized.

*Georgia, Jenny and Zach sit together in the shelter*

Jenny - It sucks Ali won.

Jenny, CF - It actually does NOT suck that Ali won immunity. An all female final 3 is something I’ve always wanted. As a generation-Z feminist. Georgia and I have bonded more last round, when Zach was freaking out about us being too close. Now, it might be a perfect excuse to get rid of him.

*Georgia winks at Jenny, nodding*

Georgia, CF - Zach was sketched out by me and Jenny, despite being my original ride or die. He wasted his chance with me, totally.

*Zach walks up to Ali*

Ali - Hey.

Zach - I just want to ask… would you vote for Jenny?

Ali - Zach. You only come to me when you NEED me. It’s obvious. What could you possibly say to convince me?

Zach - Jenny is a bigger threat, Georgia is a bigger threat.

Ali - Zach, you’re a physical threat, a jury threat and a strategic threat.

Zach, CF - Ali will be hard to turn, but maybe I can flip her by tribal. She is a logical player, for sure. And I can get to her mind, I’m sure.

Jeff Probst - Welcome the members of our jury. Terry, Veronica, Darnell, Atom, Elle, Sonja, Nile, Zoe and Parker, voted out at the last tribal council.

*Parker waves*

Jeff Probst - Ali, you won your way into the final 3, do you think that is something that will be used for or against you in the upcoming round?

Ali - I think in a public debate, anything and everything is on the table for being used for and against me. But, I think that’s a silly statement, I believe there’s elements to this game. You can’t say I just played one way or the other, even if I excelled one way. I guess, when I plead my case, you’ll get more elaboration, but… I think even doing something good and successfully, could be used against you, in some angles.

Jeff Probst - Now, Georgia. Do you feel in danger this round, especially knowing it could go to fire?

Georgia - It is interesting not knowing necessarily who 2 people are voting for, it could easily be me going to rocks, IF it does go to fire, but… I don’t like to think about something so negative. I am aware it is a possibility, but I think I can trust certain people, and hopefully that means this will work out.

Jeff Probst - Zach, do you know who “certain people” is, and who they’re with?

Zach - I think she’s implying Ali, because everyone here knows that Jenny is with her - and Ali is either going to vote Jenny with me, or go to fire. I think it’d be ironic for the 2 halves of the separated duos joining the Final 3 together, but.. I don’t think I feel confident in what she’s doing this tribal.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, how do you feel?

Jenny - I think Ali knows the bigger threat here, and I hope she knows… an all female final 3 would be so powerful. I hope she takes this opportunity.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote, Ali. You’re up first.


Jeff Probst -  First vote… Zach.
Second vote… Jenny.
Third vote… Zach.
Fourth vote and final member of our jury…. Zach.

*Zach shrugs, Veronica frowns, Jenny exhales*

Jeff Probst - Zach, the tribe has spoken. *SNUFFS TORCH*

*Zach leaves, defeated and upset*

Jeff Probst - Ladies, you are the final 3. An all female final 3.

*All 3 women smile, happy and excited*

Jeff Probst - Which woman will come out on top? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

4th - Zach (3-1)

Zach, Leaving Words - I got cut out day 38. The women banded together, and… I’m fine with it. They are all strong players, I am not ashamed of being taken out by women. I do believe I could’ve won, so Ali’s move was valid. I’m not bitter. I just wanted to win. I thought I could’ve, but… I got this far, and nothing can take that away from me. I also finally get to reunite with Veronica. I still love her, and if I get out of this with her, I’m a winner.



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