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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 7

May 27, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 7 : Kill or Be Killed
Previously on #Kaseyvivor
The tribes were divided by tribal lines, but the dynamics were quickly changing.

On New Unatriba, Lynn was becoming distractingly more and more useless in challenges, and emotionally unpredictable, causing Atom and Parker to have a conflict of interest - debating whether they’d risk going to rocks for her if it came to that.

On New Dostribo, Terry was becoming disruptive within her alliance, as she accused them of having a deal with Jenny, the only one in the tribal minority, and she isolated herself from the tribe.

And on Swaptribu, Georgia, Veronica and Zach are on good terms, but as there’s only 4 people left, the last chance Zach would have to flip would be at the next tribal, as Georgia and Veronica quickly come to the accurate conclusion he has the Swaptribu idol.

Discussion of an upcoming swap or merge is getting more and more frequent, as Nile, Georgia and Zach all have idols.

When New Unatriba goes to their first tribal council, Atom and Parker officially turn on Lynn, sending her out with the first unanimous vote of the season.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Parker (Dos)
Tim (Una)

Jenny (Una)
Nile (Dos)
Sonja (Dos)
Terry (Dos)
Zoe (Dos)

Elle (Dos)
Georgia (Una)
Veronica (Una)
Zach (Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
15th - Lynn (5-1)
*They all gather around the beach for Reward*

Jeff Probst - It is TIME for a SWAP!

*Fake shocked expressions all around*

Alison (One)
Darnell (One)
Elle (Two-Swap)
Jenny (One-Two)
Nile (Two)
Sonja (Two)
Zoe (Two)

Atom (Two-One)
Georgia (One-Swap)
Parker (Two-One)
Terry (Two)
Tim (One)
Veronica (One-Swap)
Zach (One-Swap)

Elle, CF - I am BEYOND relieved I am off of that tribe. I was clearly the odd one out, and it was NOT looking good for me. I feel MUCH better on this tribe, and feel as though if we merge soon, this is a great time to rebuild bonds and position myself so when it does merge, I can come out guns ablazing.

Veronica, CF - This swap is so good for my alliance. I was growing nervous of Zach, and now I get a chance to secure him and Georgia as my ride or dies. This really couldn’t have gone better! I’m so excited for this swap now.


*Elle, Nile, Sonja and Zoe gather in the woods*

Elle - We gotta stick together, obviously. Any tribal we go to, pick off OG Unatriba.

Zoe, nodding - 100%.

Zoe, CF - It’s kind of funny Elle is taking a leadership position in bringing OG Dostribo together, because… I have alliances with Nile and Sonja already, and have minimal connection to Elle herself, and on a spiritual level, I’m getting sort of cloudy vibes with her, BUT… the best move for me currently IS to work with her, because… with her is the best way to hold majority, and majority is obviously what I need in this game. But, she definitely is at the bottom of this alliance. For me, at least. She just gives iffy spiritualisms.

*Once Elle leaves, Nile, Sonja and Zoe form a group*

Zoe - You guys are my rides or dies.

*Nile nods, in agreement*

Nile, CF - I have an idol, so I don’t necessarily need Elle, because if I ever feared for my safety I’d just use it, but… holding majority IS very important in Survivor. Sonja, Zoe and - once we hit a merge - PARKER are my rides or dies, but… Elle could be an important number down the road, but she isn’t someone I see going to the end with nor putting much trust in.
*Ali, Darnell and Jenny gather around the fire*

Jenny, CF - I’ve been in such a bad spot since day 1, it’s just fitting that I swap in the minority. But, Ali and Darnell are people I feel good with. Assuming a merge is soon, if we can just win a challenge or two, I could see me going far with them.

Jenny - We are down, but we aren’t out yet. We win one or two immunities, we can make merge… and I want to say it now. Us 3. To the end.

Darnell - I’m in. *first bumps Jenny*

Ali - Me too.

Ali, CF - It was a bummer. To be at such a disadvantage going into a swap. I do not want to be screwed by a swap, that is NOT how my journey will come to an end on Survivor. Me, Darnell and Jenny are forming a strong bond, if we can just win a challenge or 2, we could go to the end, I think. I trust them. I like them. I’m putting this out into the universe now.


Tim, CF - This new tribe reunites me with Veronica, Zach and Georgia. But, it also swaps me on a team with Atom and Parker. So, I could be in a fabulous position, in the middle of 2 tribal lines. If we can just make it to a merge, I’d feel extremely powerful. I’d have so many connections.

*Georgia, Tim, Veronica and Zach gather near the water*

Georgia, CF - Obviously Veronica and Zach are my core allies. But Tim is what will give us majority, we get Tim, we can be fine. We’d have all our bases covered.

Veronica - I think Unatriba has to stick together, for sure, right?

Tim - I agree.

Zach, CF - I don’t necessarily trust Tim, I think he’s got a lot of social connections, especially after the swap. I want to trust him, and if we can get him on our side, perfect, but… if I feel concerned, I will tell Veronica and Georgia, and hopefully take action. I have an idol, so… if I can play my cards right, if we’re headed to tribal, I won’t be afraid to make the move. Even on this tribe, he has both connections to us AND Atom and Parker. It’s scary having anyone with this much power. We’ll see if I need to worry after immunity, but I’m not entirely comfortable with Tim.

*Atom, Parker and Terry reconnect in the woods*

Terry, CF - After the mess on my old tribe, I’m happy to get out of there and hopefully re-group with Atom and Parker.

Terry - I want to work with you guys, for sure. My original swap tribe was terrible. Nile, Sonja and Zoe completely turned on me the first chance they had.

Atom - Really?

Terry - Totally, they formed an alliance with Jenny, for SURE, and they were going to get rid of me next.

Atom, CF - Terry’s story has me alarmed, but… not about Nile, Sonja or Zoe. About Terry. If they really formed an alliance with Jenny, and excluded her… there has to be more to the story, because… why? That doesn’t make sense, so… I’m very unconvinced about that. But, we don’t have much of a choice but to go with it, do we?

*Parker sighs*


DOSTRIBO wins reward : picnic delivered to camp.

Parker, CF - We win reward, which is awesome. Hopefully we keep it up, because… sadly, our tribal alliance is in the minority, and Terry seems kind of unreliable. There’s always the chance Tim is up for a move or something, but… I just want to chill for now.


*Ali sits on the shelter, super upset*

Ali, CF - I just hate losing so much. I’m happy it was just reward, I can live without a ****ing picnic, but if we lose immunity… I could be in serious trouble.

*Darnell sits by Ali, and comforts her*

Darnell - It ain’t your fault, Ali.

Ali - It’s not that, it’s just losing in general. We need to win this immunity.

Darnell - One. Hundred. Percent.

Darnell, CF - I love Ali, she’s gorgeous and just an amazing person. She is a competitive spirit, but not in an aggressive way. It sucks seeing her so upset, and I can’t let her spirit die down.

*Darnell lets Ali rest her head on his shoulder, Jenny watches from the woods*

Jenny, CF - So, Darnell and Ali are clearly a dynamic duo. Nile, Sonja and all of them are clearly a posse of their own. I am in a TERRIBLE position. We can’t go to tribal, because I did not come all this way for pre-merge, ****!

UNATRIBA wins immunity.

Sonja, CF - I am happy we won immunity, but not because I was nervous. I feel good about my position, but because if our swap alliance makes it to merge, those are potential numerical advantages for me. I am thinking long term at this point, and the less tribals we go to, the more potential numbers I can work with down the line. I want to keep the numbers in tact.

*Jenny and Elle sit by the water*

Jenny, CF - Elle and I are by far the biggest outcasts, and I need to point this out to her while I still have time, so I can possibly gain trust with her. Winning immunity gave me a shot to form real bonds, I can not waste that shot.

Jenny - You realize… we are the only ones that don’t have clear social connections on this tribe. Ali and Darnell have been in this game together from the start, Nile, Sonja, Zoe have been together from the start. We are the only ones who aren’t bonded together. We are basically the outcasts.

Elle - I didn’t notice that, ****.

Elle, CF - Jenny sort of gave me a wake-up call. I’m at the bottom of my alliance right now. This doesn’t really do anything for me, because there’s no other options I have, but… if we don’t merge soon. I can not go to a tribal council, because I am at the bottom.

*Elle hugs Jenny*

Jenny - I have your back.

Elle, CF - Long term, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I need to take a step back and think. What is in my best interest? I need to figure some things out. I came here to play. I didn’t come here to get played.

*Zach helps everyone set up camp, and makes sure everyone is comfortable*

*Veronica and Georgia watches him setting up the fire*

Georgia - You can chill, Captain America.

Zach - Nah, I like keeping busy.

Georgia, CF - Zach is like a housekeeper. He is constantly setting up the fire, or getting more wood for it, or messing around with the camp to make sure everything is all good with it, or that it won’t break apart or something, I don’t even know. He for sure does the most for the camp… it will PROBABLY end up being why he gets out early jury. Just saying it now.

Georgia whispers to Veronica - He is really doing the most.

Veronica whispers back - ****ing right?! Like… go to sleep. Don’t make yourself such a glorified target.

Veronica, CF - Look, I find Zach kind of cute, so I don’t want him to get voted off, because I like to look at him. So, him constantly doing work around the camp? That is not it. Because, it starts out as something everybody appreciates and loves, but when everybody appreciates and loves you… they start to target you.

*Veronica pulls Zach aside*

Veronica - Listen, you’re doing amazing, but… come merge. You can’t be Mister Fantastic all the time. It just makes you giant target practice. I’m telling you this because I want you here, okay? Don’t **** up.


Zach - Okay, okay. Okay.

Veronica - Good. You need to chill out, or else you won’t make it past the single digits.

Zach, CF - I have an idol, so I wasn’t really concerned about how I was perceived, but when Veronica gives me a heads up… two things. One, I realized I can really trust her, and two… Idols don’t get you to the end. They only get you to when someone targets you. After you use it, you can still be vulnerable. So, Veronica telling me this was a huge wake up call. I need to be less dumb… which makes me realize. I got to make the move.

*Zach, Georgia and Veronica meet in the woods*

Zach - I think Tim has to go.

Georgia - Isn’t it a bit too soon?

Veronica - Yeah, are you sure?

Zach - It’s either now or it could be never. He has connections with both sides of our tribe. He could easily just flip on us and work with Atom and Parker. I’m not willing to risk going home because of him. It’s kill or be killed, and I want him out.

Georgia - We’re only 3.

Zach - I’ll talk to Atom about it.

Georgia, CF - Zach wants Tim out, and… I mean, cute, I guess? I don’t mind Tim nor see him as threatening, but… if Zach does, maybe he’s reading something I’m not. I’m willing to admit I’m not psychic. Maybe Zach feels different vibes, and I’m willing to respect that and go along with it. If all goes wrong, maybe I can throw my idol out there.


*Zach sits with Atom*

Zach - Look, I have to address a concern of mine. Tim. He has so many social connections just on this tribe. I’m willing to work with you for the time being, if you want to work with me, as a voting bloc. To take Tim out now.

*Atom silently thinks for a second*

Zach - Look, Tim is sneaky, he would fly in the middle until the end and you know it.

*Atom nods along, thinking*

Atom, CF - I didn’t expect any deals to be made between me and Zach, I was planning on targeting him, but he makes a good point. Tim is a well rounded player and would be a dangerous player position wise in the bigger picture. I just don’t know… if I didn’t take the shot at Zach now, would the shot ever be made?
*Terry stops Atom, Tim and Parker in the woods*

Terry - I really think Veronica has to go. Her social prowess, her physical dominance. She has all the Survivor elements that make a black widow villain.

Atom - I just think Zach is the bigger threat, though.

Terry - He’s the more obvious threat. Veronica is the brains behind the brawn, I think.

Terry, CF - I am adamant about getting Veronica out tonight, I can’t lie.

Tim, CF - Terry is becoming a hindrance to our gameplay with her stubbornness and her petty targets. Honestly, she probably only wants Veronica out because she’s prettier than her. I can’t lie about it, that’s how I’m perceiving it.
*Atom is pulled aside in the woods by Tim and Parker*

Parker - Atom, we know you want Zach out. But Terry is seriously an emotional player. We can’t keep her around much longer.

Tim - It has to be done, we have to take her out.

Atom, CF - So many names are being thrown at me tonight, and none of them are the ones I want gone. I just want Zach gone, and nobody is listening to me, and I’m annoyed by it. I just have to go with my gut, I guess. And do what I think would be best for my game.

*Tim approaches Veronica and Georgia*
Tim - Want to vote Terry?

Georgia - Honestly, yeah. She’s extra.

Tim, CF - I feel good with Veronica and Georgia, I feel good with Atom and Parker. I just feel good tonight. I know not everyone is going to be 100% blindly following what I tell them to do, but… I feel as though ultimately… I can trust them, and going into the merge with that much trust would be… IDEAL. I’d be in a killer position, honestly.

*Veronica nods, and as Tim walks away, she turns to Georgia, nervously*

Georgia, CF - I don’t know what’s going on between Tim and Zach, but… it does beg the question. What’s best for me? I don’t trust Terry. I don’t see a single way Terry benefits my game. But, do I want to create distrust with Zach? Is Tim worth causing a riff in my closest alliance? I don’t think so. I have to decide. What’s best for me? Because, me and Veronica are the ones in the middle on this one. We are the swing votes.

Veronica, CF - I just really want to make the right decision here, or else I could be going into the next round with enemies, and that’s never good in this game. I just want Zach to trust me, but I trust Tim more than I trust Terry. I don’t know how to measure what’s best for my game this round. I just have to go with my gut and talk it out with Georgia. I don’t know what I’m going to do… and I might not until I write it down.

Jeff Probst - All of you have survived at least one tribal council before this, but with the new tribes, Atom, what is the dynamic like? How is it different?

Atom - There are so many different combinations in the tribes we’ve been on before… some of us are reunited with people we haven’t been on the same tribe with in days, others have been just stuck together from the beginning, some are just now meeting. It’s a lot of different dynamics in one, sort of. It’s leading to a pretty messy vote, because we all ultimately are individuals and all have different targets for different reasons. It could be a very close vote, if I’m being honest.

Jeff Probst - Zach, do you agree with that analysis?

Zach - Yes. Survivor is all about making bold moves, and since we all have our own target, it sort of depends on who is loud enough about it.

Jeff Probst - Tim, at the second tribal council, you mentioned having an emotional meltdown, and you didn’t talk ANY strategy to anyone until right before tribal.

Veronica, to herself - Almost forgot about that.
Jeff Probst - How have you grown since then?

Tim - I don’t cry all day every time we lose.

*collective chuckle*

Tim - I just feel like this game has made me so much more mentally stronger, that I probably won’t cry ever after this season, because I pushed myself to my limit here. I can be in control of my emotions now.

*Georgia smirks*

Jeff Probst - Veronica, with so many jumbled tribal lines, is it clear what direction people will be voting in?

Terry - WELL, I’d like to say there are 3 people who have yet to be separated on this team, who aren’t very jumbled, and the REST OF US might not have another chance to act against them.

Veronica - Terry, I think Mr. Probst said Veronica, so you can shut the **** up, thank you. Jeff, there are many different directions people can vote in tonight, and Terry should probably watch her mouth, knowing she is on VERY thin ice.

Terry - I will not be silenced, and I am unapologetic about it.

*Veronica stares back at Georgia, conflicted more than ever, Georgia stares back, poker face on, but she slightly nods at Veronica*

Jeff Probst - It is time to vote, Atom, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to use it now is the time to do so.


Jeff Probst -  First vote… Tim.

*Tim looks genuinely shocked*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Tim.

Tim - Guys, what?

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Terry.
Fourth vote… Tim.

*Tim’s eyebrows raise, and he looks across the room, shocked*

Jeff Probst - 3 votes Tim, 1 vote Terry.

Fifth vote… Veronica.

*Veronica rolls her eyes*

Jeff Probst - 3 votes Tim, 1 vote Terry, 1 vote Veronica.

Sixth vote… Terry.

3 votes Tim, 2 votes Terry, 1 vote Veronica. 1 vote left.

Seventh vote and player leaving… Tim.

Tim - ****. *groans, while getting up and grabbing his torch* Good play guys, but seriously? I would’ve loyal.


Zach mumbles - To who.

Terry - You all really lied to me. *starts crying*

*Veronica rolls her eyes at Terry*

Jeff Probst - Tim, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Tim leaves, disappointed*

Jeff Probst - Emotions are running high around here, as throats are being cut. Will the game continue down this savage route? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

14th : Tim (4-2-1)

Tim, Leaving Words - I’m hurt, blindsided, confused. I just want answers, I will probably never receive until I watch back. I just don’t think it makes any sense to do this, but maybe they have reasons, I don’t know. I just don’t know what I did wrong and I think my game was cut very short. And it SUCKS. I'm the James Charles. I'm the victim.

Atom - Tim.
Georgia - Tim.
Parker - Terry.
Terry - Veronica.
Tim - Terry.
Veronica - Tim.
Zach - Tim.



zach's arc this episode:

- being a tryhard at camp who wants everyone to like him
- him being emasculated and ridiculed by georgia and veronica who see right through him
- him somehow being invigorated and changing his entire gameplan for the tribal for said critique
- picking one of his close allies out of a skittles bag to suddenly hate and target ferociously
- mock said ally as they leave in complete and utter confusion at the unadulterated disloyalty of his team who said HE was disloyal??

like zach just dropped so hard in my rankings.  he can choke tbh
Sent by Zuelke,May 27, 2019
zach's arc this episode:

- being a tryhard at camp who wants everyone to like him
- him being emasculated and ridiculed by georgia and veronica who see right through him
- him somehow being invigorated and changing his entire gameplan for the tribal for said critique
- picking one of his close allies out of a skittles bag to suddenly hate and target ferociously
- mock said ally as they leave in complete and utter confusion at the unadulterated disloyalty of his team who said HE was disloyal??

like zach just rose so hard in my rankings.  I wish I could choke on him tbh
Sent by BluJay112,May 27, 2019

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