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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 6

May 25, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
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EPISODE 6 : The Cards Are In My Hands
Previously on #Kaseyvivor….
After the swap, lines were drawn by Tribal Division and after rounds, Swaptribu’s tensions were at a peak. Bill and Elle vs Georgia and Veronica.

On Unatriba, Lynn’s lack of challenge precision lead to the entire tribe getting bothered by her lacking abilities, including her closest allies Atom and Parker.

As Dostribo tensions were risen in the alliance between Nile, Sonja, Terry and Zoe, when Terry was complaining about their decision to get rid of Ho over Jenny, fearing Jenny would make it to the end if they didn’t get rid of her sooner. This caused a riff in the alliance, and when Nile tries to reason with Terry, she accuses them all of having an alliance with Jenny, and distances herself from them all.

When Swaptribu goes to tribal again, Bill and Elle accept isolation, planning on being explosive during Tribal, whilst ultimately Georgia and Veronica decide upon targeting Bill. At tribal, Elle and Bill make a last ditch effort to try and get Zach to flip, to no avail, Bill gets voted out 3-2. Leaving officially half the Swaptribu tribe with Idols (Georgia, Zach), and Elle isolated from everyone else.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Lynn (Dos)
Parker (Dos)
Tim (Una)

Jenny (Una)
Nile (Dos)
Sonja (Dos)
Terry (Dos)
Zoe (Dos)

Elle (Dos)
Georgia (Una)
Veronica (Una)
Zach (Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)
16th - Bill (3-2)
*Elle sits down, defeated*

Elle, CF - After tribal, I’m officially alone in this game, with nothing saving me. The 3 seems to be sticking together, and uncrackable, despite me and Bill’s efforts… and it definitely sucks.

*Veronica lies down, happily*

Veronica, CF - Bill and Elle tried to crack our foundation, and I was nervous that it almost worked, but… Zach stayed true, and I don’t think anything can stop us now for the time being.

*Zach sits near Georgia, smiling*

Zach, CF - I have an idol and majority, which means if I wanted to make a move, there’s nothing stopping me. The cards are in my hands for the playing. Maybe if we went to tribal again, Elle won’t have to worry as much as she thinks she has to. *evil smirk*

DOSTRIBO wins Reward! UNATRIBA wins Reward!

Georgia, CF - We are on a bit of a losing streak, right now. I’m not concerned, I got an idol, and the majority, but I definitely want to hold on to this for as long as possible, so we need a change of pace.


*Georgia and Veronica sit in the shelter, by each other*

Georgia - Do you think we can trust Zach?

Veronica - I think so, I think he knows better than to turn on us needlessly.

Georgia - Don’t be naive, if he were to turn on us, now is the prime time to do so.

Veronica - That’d be going into a tie, though. Unless you think he has an idol?

Georgia, CF - I have the Unatriba Idol, but we are on Swaptribu now, so that means either Veronica, Zach or Elle has the Swaptribu idol. Elle would’ve almost definitely used it if she had it at this past tribal. Either it hasn’t been found yet, or one of my allies has it. I am more inclined to trust Veronica than I am to Zach.

Georgia - I just think, if we don’t win this next immunity. If Zach were to turn on us, it’d be this upcoming tribal, and there’s a 25% chance he has an idol. I don’t have it, 50%, and Elle would’ve used it last tribal if she had it, 75% chance. I don’t think you have it?

Veronica - I don’t.

Georgia - It’s either it hasn’t been found yet, or Zach has it. If he wanted to, this would be his chance to make the move.

Veronica, CF - Georgia really opened my eyes to where we are in the game. Elle and Bill built paranoia inside Zach’s head, which means if Zach were to make a move, it’d be now or never. And that scares me.

Georgia, CF - I didn’t tell Veronica about my idol, but I also didn’t lie. I said I think Zach has the Swaptribu idol, I didn’t say anything about the Unatriba Idol. I arose concern without having to lie, which is exactly how I like to play.


DOSTRIBO wins immunity! SWAPTRIBU wins Immunity!

Veronica, CF - Our tribe is immune, which is awesome, because Zach is officially sketch city to me. I feel as though another swap or a merge is coming, though. So, we just need to survive a bit longer, and we can be fine, hopefully.

*Terry sits in the shelter, isolating herself from everybody else*

*Nile looks over at Sonja, and rolls his eyes at Terry’s behavior*

Nile, CF - Ever since we got rid of Ho, Terry has been difficult. Accusing us of working with Jenny, and not being loyal to her. Now, she is giving us the silent treatment.

Sonja whispers to Nile - What are we going to do if she doesn’t get her act to-****ing-gether?

Nile shrugs - No clue.

*Sonja walks over to Zoe*

Sonja - What’s your spiritual stance on Terry?

Zoe - I spiritually think she’s being super rude, and that Jenny has been nothing but kind.

Sonja, CF - Terry is officially pushing my patience. She has been in her shelter, avoiding us all day, and it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry, Terry, but you can’t get away with that and expect us to play nice. You are showing that you don’t trust us anymore, and… you know what, fine. But, don’t be shocked when we claim Jenny over you.
*Zoe sits down near Terry*

Terry - So, what were ya gossiping about?

Zoe - Nothing.

Terry - So me?

Zoe - You’re being paranoid, Terry.

Terry - Hm, okay.

Terry, CF - I want to make these people uncomfortable, so they can feel how I feel. They are excluding me, and it is disgusting. They are snakes. Snitches and liars.

*Awkward silence*

Terry - I don’t believe you.

Zoe - I don’t care. *gets up and walks away, with an eye roll*

Zoe, CF - Spiritually, Terry has pushed me to my limit. I don’t care about her anymore. She is too negative of a spirit for me.

*When Zoe walks away, Terry frowns, and wipes away a single tear*

Terry, CF, Sobbing - WHY WOULD THEY BULLY ME LIKE THAT?! I just feel so alone in this game.

*Jenny sunbathes, as Zoe meditates*

Jenny, CF - Terry is getting more and more problematic, and I just feel so much better than I did before. I think slowly but surely… I might be getting in a better position!

Zoe, to Jenny - I just hate Terry. I hate the word hate, but she’s just so spiritually aggravating, it’s really pushing me to my limit.

Jenny, slightly smiling - I feel you.

Jenny, CF - I just think… if we go to one more tribal, I might just be in the clear. And that’s a gift. I think Terry dug her own grave, and if we go to tribal again, I feel better than I have ever in this game.

*Lynn lies in the shelter, and immediately starts sobbing*

Lynn, CF - I feel so responsible for our loss, it’s ridiculous. I can’t bear it. I’ve failed time and time again, and it hurts my insides to know I’m letting the team down.

*Ali stares at a sobbing Lynn, and rolls her eyes*

Ali, CF - Lynn’s pity party doesn’t work on me. She has been the weak link on our team for rounds now, every loss was at least partially due to her, and I don’t feel bad for her, no matter how hard she cries. Straight up, I am over her.

*Ali sits with Darnell and Tim on the beach*

Ali - We’re on the same page, right?

Darnell - Yep.

Tim - Lynn has GOT to go, and they can’t go to rocks.

*Darnell nods*

Darnell, CF - Me and Ali have been on this page for a minute. Lynn has been constantly coming up short in challenges, and it’s obvious. She has let us down enough.

Tim - We need to talk to Atom and Parker, because they could tie it.

Tim, CF - It should be an easy vote, Lynn has let us down time and time again, but tribal lines are real, and if Atom and Parker wanted to, it could tie. We can’t let that happen. The question is. Would they go to rocks for a person who hurts the team so badly?
*Atom and Parker talk in the woods*

Parker - Dude, Lynn has to go, if I’m being honest.

*Atom purses his lips*

Atom, CF - I was really hoping this wouldn’t happen. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go to tribal. Lynn is getting more and more mentally and physically weak as the days go on. This is a predicament for sure.

Atom - It’s just… we’d be at the bottom if we get rid of her.

Parker - It’s either that or rocks. We know Ali and Darnell want Lynn gone, chances are Tim is with them. I’m not going to rocks for someone so ****ing useless.

Parker, CF - Lynn was a close ally of mine, but she’s become less and less defendable. She sucks at challenges, she’s crying all the time because she sucks at challenges. I’m sorry, but I can’t continue letting her get away with this.

*Tim walks over to Atom and Parker*

Tim - Hey, I just wanted to ask if you’re on board with getting rid of Lynn.

Parker - We were just talking about that.

Tim, CF - If we can avoid rocks, that’d be ideal, and if I can make sure Tim and Atom are on board, that’d be ideal. They seem to be down, though. It might be easier than expected.

Atom, CF - I’m not 100% sure if it’s the right decision to let Lynn go so easily. If we go to rocks, it could set us up for success in the big picture. We could be in the finals possibly.

*After Tim walks away, Atom and Parker whispers together*

Atom - Parker, are you sure about this? If we go to rocks, and they rock out ****ing Ali or Darnell or something, we could be SET. That would change the whole game for us.

Parker - If we keep her in this, she will only get worse.

Atom - But is that a bad thing come merge?

Parker - I am saying this now. I am not going to rocks for that girl.

*Atom groans*

Atom - You aren’t thinking about what’s good for our games.

Parker - Not going to rocks is good for our game.


*Ali sits down next to Lynn*

Ali - Lynn, have Atom or Parker talked to you recently?

Lynn - Not today, why?


Ali - Just asking. They’ve sure been chatting together, though. *stands up and walks away, leaving Lynn looking confused and conflicted*

Ali, CF - Raising paranoia, and making people distrust others is how you avoid getting votes in this game. I don’t want to get any votes, ever, and if I make Lynn distrust Atom and Parker, maybe I won’t get them.

Lynn, CF - I thought Atom and Parker said we were working together, but they’re seriously ghosting me, right now.. I don’t think I feel comfortable.

*Atom walks over to Lynn, Lynn gets up and walks away from him*

Atom, CF - I’m trying to PROTECT Lynn, but it’s hard when she’s shutting me out now…. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I think… all will be decided by Tribal Council.

Jeff Probst - Atom, Lynn, Parker, behind each of you is a torch. Light it to make fire. Fire represents your life in the game. Once your fire is out… so are you.

Atom, this is your first tribal council. Do you feel safe whatsoever?

Atom - I think a lot of things could happen, and… I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing until very recently. Maybe other people are changing their minds and having a similar conflict as me. I didn’t think it’d be this hard, honestly.

Lynn - Maybe if you talked to the people you called allies, it wouldn’t be so hard, Atom.

Atom -  Lynn, I tried to talk to you, and you walked away.

Lynn - Yeah, you tried to talk to me after ignoring me for 2 days, and spending all your time with Parker.

Atom - Parker is apart of our alliance, Lynn.

*Parker sighs, rolling his eyes*

Lynn - Is it really an alliance anymore-

Atom - No, it isn’t. Because allies actually communicate with each other.

Lynn - Exactly.

Jeff Probst - Right out the gate, it’s drama. Ali, how do you take that?

Ali - I really don’t know. Like, I don’t even know if it’s real, I’m so confused. It’s been so chill around camp, it’s like… is this staged? Or has this built up over time or something. I’m kind of just processing it.

Parker - Trust me, this isn’t staged. *exhales*

Jeff Probst - Darnell, what goes into this decision or picking a target, knowing the tribal lines are at 3-3. Does this drama make you feel more comfortable?

Darnell - Slightly. But, my target has been the same this whole time. One person doesn’t contribute anything to challenges or around camp. I think we all know who.

Lynn - Yep. *rolls eyes*

Jeff Probst - And with that… it is time to vote. Ali, you’re up.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it NOW is the time to do so…


Jeff Probst -
First vote… Atom.

Atom - Wow.

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Lynn.

1 vote Atom 1 vote Lynn.

Third vote… Lynn.
Fourth vote… Lynn.

3 votes Lynn, 1 vote Atom.

*Lynn rolls her eyes, Ali hides a smile*

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote and player leaving… Lynn.

Lynn - Oh, whatever. *grabs torch and walks over to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - Lynn, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch, Lynn leaves* The first unanimous vote of the season. Will this tribe stay unified? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

15th : Lynn (5-1)

Lynn, Leaving Words - I saw this coming. My alliance turned on me. It’s a sad day. I didn’t intend on this game being so hard for me.. Mentally. It was tough. It was the hardest of all experiences I’ve had in my life. It was just a nightmare, I hated this. *wipes single tear away* Worst experience ever.

Ali - Lynn.
Atom - Lynn.
Darnell - Lynn.
Lynn - Atom.
Parker - Lynn.
Tim - Lynn.



We stan Kasey’s work
Sent by Steven999,May 25, 2019
Feel bad for lynn but sry
Sent by Jasoi,May 26, 2019
i think parker and atom made the right decision.  they could have a stronger bond with ali darnell and tim now that they all voted together.
Sent by Zuelke,May 27, 2019

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