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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 5

May 24, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
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EPISODE 5 : Dead Weight
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor
Still forming tribal lines after the swap, Veronica and Georgia, and Elle and Bill are officially at odds on Swaptribu.

When the Reward Challenge required representation from each tribe, and when Lynn fails at the Reward Challenge, Ali and Darnell are bothered by her lack of effort and challenge ability, since she volunteered to represent their team.

Unatriba and Swaptribu win immunity, sending Dostribo to Tribal.

On Swaptribu, Zach finds an idol, meaning he and Georgia have idols on that tribe, and tensions between Veronica and Bill rise, as she won Reward for their team, as he’s been doing very little in challenges and such, even though Elle was previously targeting VERONICA for her lack of helping the tribe. Veronica turned the tables on them.

On Dostribo, Ho, who had previously bothered Sonja for his misogynistic remarks, asking Sonja to make the food since she was the oldest woman, now he was pushing Zoe, telling her to get out of his meditation area, while she was praying to her dead father. This created more arising tensions, and Zoe and Sonja went to their allies Nile and Terry to take out Ho. Terry was considering using his social ineptness to their advantage, keeping him around over a more strategically capable Jenny, but ultimately, it was Ho who left on a 4-2 vote.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Lynn (Dos)
Parker (Dos)
Tim (Una)

Jenny (Una)
Nile (Dos)
Sonja (Dos)
Terry (Dos)
Zoe (Dos)

Bill (Dos)
Elle (Dos)
Georgia (Una)
Veronica (Una)
Zach (Una)

20th - Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th - Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)
17th - Ho (4-2)


*Jenny sits down, awkwardly*

Jenny, CF - I stayed, which is awesome! I didn’t even like Ho, so if our tribe can just win a few more challenges, I think a swap or a merge will come, so this could be for the best, possibly. We just need to win those few challenges.

*Terry sighs*

Terry, CF - I kind of think this was a mistake. If we win these next few challenges, I could see Jenny in the final three. That’s concerning to me. She’s social, physical and probably could be a strategic threat. She’s got a Parvati thing to her, she’s young, gorgeous and I don’t trust it.

DOSTRIBO wins reward : rope and tarp, along with comfort items and refreshments. UNATRIBA wins reward : rope and tarp.

Sonja, CF - I am so used to comfort items, I am so happy our tribe won reward. I hope we can keep winning, because I am the type who is used to winning.


*Veronica sits down on the shelter, disappointed*

Bill - You didn’t carry us in that challenge, did ya?

Georgia - You didn’t either, Bill, knock it off, and she was miles ahead of you every second of it.

Bill - We win as a team, and lose as a team.

Georgia - Then shut the **** up, and eat your damn rice and beans.

Georgia, CF - Bill is an idiot. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. There’s a difference between petty and unnecessary, and Bill’s ass is extra. I don’t dig it. He’s gotta go.

Bill, CF - It’s all cool when Veronica and Georgia attack me and Elle, but when they get a taste of their own medicine, they get bitter. I guess that’s the world we’re living in.

*Elle and Bill gather in the woods*

Elle - Bill, you know I’m on your side, but seriously? Pick your battles, please. You’re making yourself look dumb.

Bill - What?!

Elle - Don’t fight me on this, because… I mean, I’m a lawyer. You’d lose that fight.

*Bill scoffs*

Elle, CF - Bill simply needs to get a grip on himself, he made himself look entirely silly.

Elle - Bill, you know I am on your side, but… we can’t make any more enemies, we can’t afford it. Just. Calm. Down.

*Bill nods*

Bill, CF - When Elle calls me out, I’m kind of grateful. I can trust her more now than I ever could before. She grounded me. She called me out. I know I need to… take a step back and get perspective now.

DOSTRIBO wins immunity! UNATRIBA wins immunity!

Elle, CF - Well… we’re going to Tribal Council again… and it does kind of suck, majorly. Hopefully Bill is starting to take the heat away from me and onto himself, or else… I might be screwed. Definitely in a bit of trouble. We’ll see, I guess. I’m not safe, that’s all I know.


Ali, CF - We are immune again, and it’s chill. I feel like Lynn is getting progressively worse and worse, so hopefully she’s starting to crack mentally, because if she cracks mentally, her side will likely turn on her, or be more inclined to do so, at least. I think Darnell would go to rocks, but I definitely don’t think Tim would, so we might need to rely on them turning on her.

*Ali and Darnell lie in the shelter next to each other, while Tim is in the water*

Darnell, CF - Me and Ali are very similar players. We don’t mess with lesser competitors. If you aren’t here to play, why are you here? Lynn isn’t a competitor at all. She is always holding our tribe back. I vibe with Tim, too, but not on the same strategic level.

*Tim walks over*

Tim - What’s up?

Darnell - Nothing, just tired after immunity.

Tim - Lynn was terrible, right?!

Ali - What else is new.

Tim, CF - I feel as though we all are just slowly realizing how much of a physical non-entity Lynn is, and it’s distracting at this point.
*Atom, Lynn and Parker bond together in the woods*

Lynn, crying - I feel as though Ali and Darnell are forming against us.

*Parker chuckles*

Parker, CF - Lynn is getting progressively weaker as time goes on, I think. It’s getting harder and harder to actually work with her. I’m an athlete, so this is kind of just going against my own judgement.

Atom - Lynn, you know we’re with you.

Lynn, sobbing - I just feel so useless now, I’ve been dead weight in challenges.

*Parker nods*

Atom, CF - Lynn is obviously the worst in challenges on this tribe, and… look, I’m not a gym nut, but if I can get through these challenges with no problem, I’m sorry, Lynn. But you should, too.

Lynn, sobbing - Guys, please promise you’ll stick with me.

*Parker and Atom make cringing faces to each other*

Parker and Atom, at the same time - Yeah! Of course!

Lynn, CF, wiping tears away - I know I am not exactly physically… capable, but… I think I can trust my numbers, and that I might get through this.

Atom, CF - This sucks, but… we might have to cut Lynn soon. She just isn’t… right for this show. We’ll see, but… she isn’t really working for the team.

*Nile lies in the shelter, next to Terry*

Terry - I think we should’ve gotten rid of Jenny.

*The camera cuts to Jenny, who is swimming, and then back to Nile and Terry*

Terry - She will be an issue down the road.

Nile, CF - Terry has been expressing dislike for the move we’ve made… since before we even made it. And she’s been complaining to me about it. It’s very tiring, to be completely honest.

Nile - Terry, I don’t want to sound rude, but… if you were seriously that bummed about it, you could’ve just said, “I want Jenny out” instead of “I think we should consider Jenny”, because, I don’t know if you noticed, Sonja and Zoe were personally affected by Ho’s behavior and really wanted him gone. If you really wanted Jenny gone, you could’ve made your voice as loud as theirs were.

Terry - And risk seeming like a bitch?

Terry, CF - Nile is getting super short with me, and it makes me wonder… is there a side deal going on with Jenny? Because, everyone is super defensive over her.

Nile - I don’t want to start trouble, as we have majority, I’m just saying-

Terry - You want Jenny here over me.

Nile - What? Literally no? What the ****?

Terry - You, Sonja and Zoe all have a side deal going on with Jenny, don’t you?

Nile, CF, jaw dropped, and lost - Literally, Terry might be delusional…

Nile - Terry, please listen.

Terry - Nah, I’m done listening. *stands up* It’s always the pretty ones who mess with the men’s heads. I warned you. I ****ing warned you. *walks away*

*Nile stares into the camera, shaking his head, jaw dropped*

Nile, CF - I have an idol, so Terry’s behavior really doesn’t affect me, but… we had a good alliance going, and she might be blowing it up, the more she overthinks this stuff. She’s going insane.

*Nile pulls Zoe and Sonja off to the side*

Nile - Terry accused us of having a side deal with Jenny and is kind of pissed right now… which pisses me off, because it’s literally just a delusion in her head.

*Sonja rolls her eyes*

Sonja, CF - Terry needs to stop being so extra, and just work with who she’s in an alliance with, besides throwing unnecessary accusations at her closest allies. It isn’t a cute look on her.

Zoe - I always felt something spiritually off with her, if I’m being honest.

Nile - We need to get her put back together, or maybe… we need Jenny to stay over her.

*Sonja and Zoe nod along*

Nile, CF - I didn’t plan on turning on Terry until she proved unworthy of my trust in her. It might have to happen… sooner rather than later. It isn’t easy, but… Terry. You are digging yourself a grave.

*Georgia, Veronica & Zach sit in the woods together*

Zach, CF - I’m drunk with power, almost. With my idol and my majority, I feel entirely safe this tribal, but there is still a game to be played, and we have a choice to make. Elle or Bill.

Veronica - I kind of feel like, Bill is less helpful. But, either way… a rat goes.

Georgia nods - Preach it, sister.

Georgia, CF - Listen, I got an idol. I got a majority. I used to feel paranoid and nervous, this time I feel a total sense of power. I want Bill out.

Georgia - He’s an old ass man trying to call us weak links? Nuh-uh, he can go.

*Zach nods*

Veronica, CF - It isn’t entirely straight and to the point, because Elle would’ve easily been my target a few days ago, but now.. Bill has definitely made himself way more of a problem to me.
*Elle and Bill sit by the water*

Elle - No chance you got an idol, do you?

*Bill shakes his head*

Elle - Me neither.

Elle, CF - We are at the bottom of the totem pole for sure, it just depends on who they decide to pick off first.

Bill, CF - I feel as though… if I just had shut my front door, I would’ve been safer. Elle was the one who got into trouble, now… I might be in the trouble she was in. I still got tricks left up my sleeves. Tribal is gonna be a firework show... Just you wait.

*They all sit down in tribal*

Jeff Probst - Elle, back already. Are the lines still where they were last tribal?

Elle - To my knowledge, because the other side has been ghosting me for sure. I don’t know if Bill has any more knowledge than I do.

Bill - I do not.

Jeff Probst - Has tensions risen on this tribe since last tribal, Bill?

Bill - A little.

Jeff Probst - Between who?

Bill - For sure me and Veronica. Me and Georgia.

Jeff Probst - Is it an original Una and an original Dos thing? Is that where the lines are drawn? Or is it Bill and Elle vs Georgia and Veronica, with Zach in the middle, from your perspective?

Elle - I’ll answer this one. Because I thought it was that, but last tribal, Zach blew it up in my face. He turned on us, and risked rocks for them. I doubt their bond is breakable right now.

*Bill sighs, and purses his lips*

Jeff Probst - It seems like Elle has lost hope in her chances to crack the alliance, Bill, do you feel that way, too?

Bill - I mean, Zach is clearly the odd one out, he’s stupid for trusting them so much.

Veronica - Oh, **** you, Bill. You know nothing, you only say that because we’re women.

Bill - Someone’s defensive.

Georgia - We don’t like bulls***.

Bill - Neither does Zach, I’m sure.

*Zach stares at Bill, considering this*

Veronica - Don’t believe him, Zach. It’s totally fabrication and a last ditch effort, and it’s honestly rather sexist that he’s implying women have to be closer to other women than they can be with men. We are all equal in our alliance.

*Bill smiles*

*Jeff Probst stays out of this*

Zach blinks and looks over at Jeff - I’m ready to vote.

Jeff Probst - Alright, time to vote. Bill, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Camera pans to Zach, and then Georgia and then back to Zach, and zooms in on his face. He doesn’t use it, though*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Bill.
Second vote… Veronica.

*Veronica scoffs, and rolls her eyes, as Elle smiles, for not being the target*

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Bill.
Fourth vote… Veronica.

That is 2 votes Bill, 2 votes Veronica, one vote left.

Fifth vote and player leaving… Bill.

*Veronica exhales, relieved*

Bill - Zach, you’re going to get betrayed by these women, sooner or later. *grabs torch*

*Zach flips Bill off*

*Elle slightly smiles because she didn’t get the votes*

*Veronica highfives Georgia, and then Zach*

Jeff Probst - Bill, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

*Bill leaves*

Jeff Probst - A split tribe, but now a united tribe. Is the minority just going to get picked off again if the losing streak continues? Grab your torches and head back to camp.

16th : Bill (3-2)

Bill, Leaving Words - I definitely feel as though I was wildly unlucky this game. If it weren’t for the rocks, I could’ve really won this thing. I guess at least I got the experience of Survivor. I lasted longer than I expected, honestly! This is pretty good for someone twice as old as half of these kids! I am happy with my time spent here, and I’d do it all over again.

Bill - Veronica.
Elle - Veronica.
Georgia - Bill.
Veronica - Bill.
Zach - Bill.



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