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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 4

May 23, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
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EPISODE 4 : “Love And Light”
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor!

A swap came, and left 2 tribes with an even 3-3 tribal split, but left Jenny and Ho in the minority on their tribe.

Tribal alliances formed on each tribe, and original alliances get closer. Nile, who has an idol, and Zoe being a core duo on Dostribo, and Bill and Mitch becoming a core duo on Swaptribu.

When Dostribo and Unatriba win immunity, Swaptribu, a tribe with a 3-3 tribal split, goes to tribal council.

On new Dostribo, when Ho makes a misogynistic comment, he officially drops to the bottom of his tribal totem poll, even upsetting his closest ally, Jenny, a “Generation-Z feminist”.

On Swaptribu, Georgia has an idol, and when Veronica upsets the camp, by not helping set up their new camp, Elle tries to get everyone on the same page by voting her out. But, the original Unatriba sticks together, but as Georgia doesn’t use her idol, unsure whether or not she can trust Dostribo’s words, it goes to rocks, tying between Veronica and Elle - Mitch getting the unlucky rock. Leaving Elle and Bill in the minority.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Lynn (Dos)
Parker (Dos)
Tim (Una)

Ho (Una)
Jenny (Una)
Nile (Dos)
Sonja (Dos)
Terry (Dos)
Zoe (Dos)

Bill (Dos)
Elle (Dos)
Georgia (Una)
Veronica (Una)
Zach (Una)

20th : Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th : Harley (5-4)
18th - Mitch (3-3/2-2/ROCKS)

Georgia, CF - Good news. I didn’t have to use my idol, and someone off the other side got out! So I’m in the majority AND have an idol in my bag in case things go wrong down the road! Best case scenario imaginable.

*Veronica sits down, legs crossed, on the shelter, glaring at Elle*

Elle, CF - I tried to unify the tribe by getting the workers to get on board to take out Veronica. It did NOT go well. So, now I’m in the minority, and almost got voted out.

Elle - Veronica, let me explain.

Veronica - Nah, I’m good, I don’t need to hear how much you don’t like me.

Elle - It’s not that I don’t like you.

Veronica, CF - I don’t like Elle, because she’s fake. She manipulates the situations to get what she wants out of it.  I’m less helpful than Bill? Bill?! The overweight 50 year old psychology professor? I’M less helpful… than BILL?! Okay, sure. Whatever.

Veronica - Elle, I respect you, you’re a successful woman, but I don’t want to talk to you right now. Okay?

*Elle sighs, and rolls her eyes*

Georgia - Elle, I just don’t know why you didn’t even bother talking to me, if you bothered talking to Zach? Do I give off bad vibes or something?

Elle - I thought you were closer with her than Zach was, and he was helping out the camp with us-

Georgia - I wasn’t helping out the camp?

Elle - No, I meant-

Georgia - Good night. *lies down on the shelter, near an also annoyed Veronica*

*Elle scoffs*

Elle, CF - It’s hard being on this tribe. I definitely feel as though I’m accidentally digging my own grave deeper and deeper, but… maybe things will work out, who knows. I’m gonna try my hardest in these challenges. Maybe they can see value in me over Bill.

Bill, CF - Right now, me and Elle landed in the minority, but… if Veronica and Georgia hate Elle so much, maybe I’m not in that bad of a bad position!


Jeff Probst - Each tribe will get one person to represent them in this challenge, who will it be?


Jeff Probst - Lynn represents UNATRIBA, Sonja represents DOSTRIBO, Veronica represents SWAPTRIBU. All women!

SWAPTRIBU wins Reward : BBQ set with sausage and vegetables. DOSTRIBO wins reward, a wok and vegetables. UNATRIBA gets NOTHING.

Veronica, CF - I just wanted to do that to rub it in Elle’s face. Hey, Elle? If I’m so useless for our tribe, why did I literally single handedly just win reward for our tribe? Yeah, no, thought so.


*Ali slopes around camp, upset they lost reward, as Lynn awkwardly sits on the shelter, avoiding eye contact with everyone*

Lynn, CF - I hate that I lost the reward for the team. I feel so responsible for failing.

*Lynn starts sobbing, Ali slightly rolls her eyes*

*Atom and Parker sit next to her, comforting her*

Atom, CF - Lynn totally did drop the ball, and it was entirely her fault, but she’s an amazing human being. I feel bad for her, she’s clearly upset about this. It could’ve been any one of us.

Lynn, crying - I just feel like I let the team down.

Parker - You did, but it could’ve been any of us losing out there.

*Darnell rolls his eyes, and makes a face to Ali, Ali nods, rolling her eyes, too*

Ali, CF - Lynn messed up majorly, and she’s why our tribe didn’t win reward, and, yes. It could’ve been any of us, but stop crying about it, get a grip. If we went to tribal right now, I’d say Lynn should go, honestly. She dropped the ball, and in my opinion, consequences have to follow.


Darnell, CF - We win immunity, awesome! But, Lynn, this is just a temporarily win. You need to do a LOT more if you want to be on our good side. If you prove to be the weakest link time and time again... we are going to go after you.

*Zach finds the SWAPTRIBU Immunity Idol!*

Zach, CF - We get another idol clue after winning immunity, so I went looking, and I found it! I might not need it on this tribe, but in the bigger picture… if we swap, or merge, I may need this. And if Bill or Elle happen to have one as well, this might be what saves us in this game. I’m going to keep it secret for now, for sure. This is my secret weapon, I don’t need anyone leaking this or using it against me. This idol is all mine.


*Veronica smiles, while sitting on the shelter*

*Elle rolls her eyes, while she’s setting up a fire with Bill*

Elle, CF - Veronica has officially gone a petty route of always making faces and acting like she’s above the rest of us… all because she won one reward challenge for us.

*Georgia sits by Veronica, smiling, eating sausage*

Elle - Are you two going to be giving us dirty looks all day?

Veronica - I wasn’t giving anybody a dirty look, I was just eating sausage with my friend. Sausage I won for the team, when I represented our team for the reward challenge, before I was a big help in winning immunity. Hey, Georgia, have you heard a thank you from them, for either of those things yet?

Bill - We don’t need to thank you, you aren’t Jesus.

*Georgia rolls her eyes, and starts laughing*

Veronica - I literally didn’t say I am, but I saw you eating a lot of that barbeque, Bill. Do you really think if you played, you would’ve gotten it?

Bill - It’s very possible.

*Georgia starts laughing hysterically*

Georgia - You can hardly even stand up, I can’t with this. *walks away, laughing*

Georgia, CF - Veronica and I may be petty, but we are NOT delusional. Bill is two times older than most of us, and he’s saying he could’ve single handedly won the reward challenge? PLEASE.

Bill - I’m just saying, I’m not thanking you, because any of the team could’ve done what you did.

Veronica - I hate to burst your bubble, but you and Elle aren’t exactly athletically inclined players. Maybe you could’ve done a puzzle, but I raced through water, mud and obstacles, I pulled through for you two, and the least I could get is a thank you. *walks away*

Elle whispers to Bill - So stuck up.

Bill, CF - Veronica is very rude, and very full of herself. She thinks very highly of herself, and very lowly of other tribe members. She thinks she’s some type of savior because she did a challenge, and I am tired of it. I simply hate people like that. I wish Zach would’ve listened last tribal, because she is nothing but rude and unhelpful.

*Zoe is holding a prayer circle by herself near the ocean, as Ho walks over*

Ho - Hey, this is where I meditate, would you mind doing this somewhere else?

Zoe - Why can’t you meditate somewhere else?

Zoe, CF - Every once in a while, I will have a moment to myself, to remember my father who has long passed. I would like to think he is with me on this journey. So, when Ho interrupts me, I get a little emotional.

Ho - Why can’t you do this somewhere else? Why are your activities more important than mine?

Zoe - I was literally here first, why can’t you just back off?

Ho, CF - I try to have a rational conversation with Zoe, and she gets super aggressive and rude, I feel disrespected.

Ho - What the ****? *stomps away, kicking sand in Zoe’s direction as he walks the other direction*

*Zoe wipes tears out of her eyes, and stands up and walks over to Ho, who is sitting in the shelter*

Zoe - I moved, I’m done. You can have your ****ing spot in the ****ing sand now.

*Ho smiles, and walks over to the beach, Jenny sighs*

Jenny, CF - Ho is probably the worst social player who has ever played Survivor. It definitely is portraying me in a negative light, having to coexist with him. I just need to disassociate.

Jenny whispers to Zoe - I’m sorry about him, he definitely is… controlling? I guess.

Zoe, wiping tears away - ****ing rude is what he is.

Jenny - True, true… sorry, again.

Zoe - Thank you.

Zoe, CF - I try to be a love and light source of happiness to people, and just be spiritually at ease, but this was… the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through, and to have my time at peace interrupted like that, was just… a slap in the face.

*Zoe, Sonja, Terry and Nile talk in the woods*

Zoe - I hate Ho.

Sonja - Same.

Sonja, CF - I think we are in the stage of the game where we should target people disrupting the peace in the game. To be fair, I am biased, I personally dislike Ho. But, he also brings absolutely nothing to the table. It’s too early to be thinking about jury goats, there is nothing he adds to the equation, besides disruption.

Terry - Devil’s advocate. Jenny is a bigger threat.

Nile - I think that’s a very fair point.

Sonja - At this moment in time, having big threats is an asset to us. She can perform in challenges, helps around camp. She brings stuff to the table.

Zoe - I absolutely agree.

Terry - But if we swap or merge-

Sonja - It’s top 17, maybe we swap eventually, but there is no need to think about merge threats yet.

Terry nods - Valid.

Terry, CF - I’m not entirely on the vote out Ho train, there is a case to be made for keeping Ho and getting rid of Jenny. But, I don’t think we’re going to swap just yet, and a merge is far out. I’m not going to be putting all my eggs in the vote out Jenny basket. But I do think Sonja and Zoe are being a BIT too emotional of players.

Nile - I want us to be on the same page no matter what we do, or we could blow our majority completely.

Nile, CF - I have to be a judge sort of, because I’m in the middle. Sonja and Zoe are clearly wanting to take Ho out, because he IS a bit problematic, whereas Terry is sort of speaking for why it might be a good idea to take out Jenny. I need to make sure we all agree on a vote, or else… it’s a lot of problems going into tribal. I don’t want to get rocked out with an idol in my pocket, sorry.

*Jenny and Ho sit in the shelter*

Jenny, CF - Ho has been getting more and more problematic, and I can’t stand it anymore.

Jenny - Why can’t you ever, just, I don’t know, relax? Like, you don’t need to always have something to say about everything.

Ho - I was raised to always be respectful, but also not let people walk all over me.

Jenny - So you walk all over people instead?

*Ho is silent*

Ho, CF - I clearly have upset Jenny, which makes me think I did something wrong… I think I might’ve done a few things wrong.

Ho - Please, Jenny. Just vote with me. I have been loyal to you through and through.

Jenny - I’m still with you, Ho. But this is negatively impacting me, too. And I don’t support all of the actions you’ve done.

Ho - I know, I ****ed up.

Jenny, CF - I swear, if I get out because of Ho’s actions, I will be… unhappy. I don’t condone any of his behavior, and I think he should really reflect on this, and change.

Jeff Probst - Nile, Sonja, Terry, Zoe. Behind each of you is a torch, light it. Fire represents your life in this game, once your fire is out… so are you.

Jenny, you are at tribal, yet again. After getting so many votes last time, are you concerned? Or was this swap a second chance? Or, since you’re in the tribal minority, is it just more bad news for you?

Jenny - It’s definitely not ideal, but I feel as though anything can happen, I’m not sweating it, because it’s not like I could change anything. I just make the best of what I’m given.

Jeff Probst - Ho, do you feel as though you’re in more danger now than you were before?

Ho - Yes, because of some events that happened earlier, especially.

Jeff Probst - Care to elaborate?

Ho - No, I don’t like rubbing salt in wounds.

Zoe - I was praying, near the water, and he walked over and told me to move, and I was just in a very spiritual place, it was very bothersome.

Sonja - And that is only what happened today.

*Ho sighs, deeply*

Sonja - He walked over to me, whilst I was setting up camp, and asked when I was making the rice, because I was the oldest woman on camp.

Jeff Probst - Ho, this sounds like you aren’t very popular.

Ho - I guess I’m just not the most socially aware person on camp.

Sonja - Understatement of the century.

Zoe - Right?

Jeff Probst -  Jenny, does that make you feel any safer tonight?

Jenny - The fact of the matter is I’m automatically grouped with him. If they decided to try and flush an idol, or something… I am who they would vote for. I take no comfort in anything until the votes are read.

Jeff Probst - Nile, that begs the question, how serious are you taking idols right now?

Nile - I take everything in consideration. Personally.

Jeff Probst - Vague. Terry, what do you feel about that?

Terry - I think if you are underthinking, you’re eventually going to get played. You need a blend, sort of, of paranoia yet trusting in the people you feel comfortable with.

Jeff Probst - And with that it is time to vote.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Nobody stands*

Jeff Probst -
First vote… Ho.
Second vote… Zoe.

1 vote Ho, 1 vote Zoe.
Third vote… Zoe.

*Zoe frowns*

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Ho.
Fifth vote… Ho.

*Jenny slightly smiles*

Jeff Probst - Sixth vote and player leaving… Ho.

Ho - Darn. *grabs torch, and brings it to Jeff*

Jeff Probst - Ho, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Ho - I am sorry to anybody I have offended this season, truly. *leaves the area*

Jeff Probst - A clear majority, and a clear outcast. Will the dynamic change? We’ll see. Grab your torch, head back to camp.

17th : Ho (4-2)

Ho, Leaving Words - I feel as though I’ve been misunderstood throughout this season. I am not a hateful person. I didn’t mean to be a villain, or cause chaos. I guess I just don’t understand other people as much as I thought. Which is…. Something I’ll have to work on. I’m happy I did this, at the very least, just for that social awakening.

Ho - Zoe.
Jenny - Zoe.
Nile - Ho.
Sonja - Ho.
Terry - Ho.
Zoe - Ho.



rip ho!  he was definitely not robbed by any measure, but he will still be missed!
Sent by Zuelke,May 27, 2019
also why tf were they being so rude to lynn and saying she flopped in the reward challenge when they literally elected her to compete for them?  the dumbassery...
Sent by Zuelke,May 27, 2019

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