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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 3

May 22, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
EPISODE 3 : Too Many Question Marks
Previously on… #Kaseyvivor.

After Jenny’s idol play, tensions throughout the tribe reached a head - since Jenny used her idol on the person she also voted for - both creating waves between her and Ho and her and Georgia.

When Dostribo wins another immunity, Bill, Mitch and Terry discuss their other tribemates, targeting the other major alliance of Nile, Parker and Zoe, unbeknownst to them that Nile has an idol.

On Unatriba, Georgia finds the idol!

Tim was tired of losing, and had an emotional breakdown, isolating himself from his alliance, who decide to target Jenny.

Ali doesn’t want to let the alliance run the game again, and gathers around Jenny, Ho and Darnell, to target Harley, who was seen as the weakest physically, yet the most strategically threatening on that side, and they try to get Tim on board.

Hesitant at first, when Harley calls him out at tribal council, Tim jumps ship, and Harley is sent home 5-4.

Alison ‘Ali’, 23, Social Media Influencer
Darnell, 32, Entrepreneur
Georgia, 32, Nanny
Ho, 35, Doctor
Jenny, 19, College Student
Tim, 18, High School Student
Veronica, 22, Model
Zach, 25, Hockey Player

Atom, 29, Accountant
Bill, 48, College Professor
Elle, 33, Lawyer
Lynn, 35, Receptionist
Mitch, 23, Starbucks Worker
Nile, 34, Psychologist
Parker, 27, Skateboard Instructor/Salesman
Sonja, 45, Spanish Teacher
Terry, 36, Retired Professional Athlete/Gym Coach
Zoe, 27, Physical Trainer/Yoga Instructor

20th : Rhonda (6-*4*)
19th : Harley (5-4)
Jeff Probst - It is time for a swap! Each of you will be randomly assigned to a new tribe - Unatriba, Dostribo and a newly created tribe… Swaptribu.

Alison (Una)
Atom (Dos)
Darnell (Una)
Lynn (Dos)
Parker (Dos)
Tim (Una)

Ho (Una)
Jenny (Una)
Nile (Dos)
Sonja (Dos)
Terry (Dos)
Zoe (Dos)

Bill (Dos)
Elle (Dos)
Georgia (Una)
Mitch (Dos)
Veronica (Una)
Zach (Una)

Ali, CF - I feel as though I’ve gotten lucky, to be on a tribe with an even 50/50 tribal gap, and I also feel lucky for the swap to happen. I just made some pretty big waves on my tribe, blindsiding Harley. And, also, my swapped tribe is with 2 of the other people I worked with to send Harley out, so this could’ve been a lot worse.

Jenny, CF - I am in the one tribe that has Una in the minority. And, to add gasoline to the campfire, Ho is my fellow Una tribemate on this tribe. After I completely screwed him over the first tribal. We made amends the second tribal, but we are hardly making friendship bracelets right now. I might be in a bit of trouble.

Veronica, CF - I feel alright with my tribe, 2 members of my OG alliance are here with me, but of course… we are in a high risk rock situation, if we can’t find cracks amongst the other tribe members. I’m not feeling too comfortable here, but I’m not sweating it, either. I’m chill!

*Ali, Darnell and Tim are hanging around a fire*

Ali - So, I think we should make this official. We voted together last time, we’re swapped here now. If we can stay strong, and form a bond right now. Down the road, we can possibly flip one of the three to work with us. We just need to secure it now.

Darnell - I’m in.

Tim - Me, too.

Darnell, CF - I like Ali a lot. Tim may be a bit of an emotional player, but he has given nothing but reasons to trust him in this game. I can vibe with this crew.

Tim, CF - I want to keep my options open, but with this swap, I am unsure if I have options to keep open, besides sticking with the people I’ve stuck with in the past. If an opportunity comes along, I can’t promise I won’t do what’s best for me and my game, but for now… I have to work with who I can rely on.
*Atom, Lynn and Parker gather around, in the woods*

Parker, CF - I have next to no bond with Atom or Lynn.. to my observations, they were floaters on Dostribo, but I have to guarantee my OWN safety, right this second, and secure something NOW, so they can’t float to the other side.

Parker - If we stick together, in the bigger picture, come merge, we can have a guaranteed majority, with Dostribo taking over this game.

Atom - Those numbers are good odds.

Atom, CF - Unatriba has gone to every pre-swap tribal, working with them makes no sense, even if that risks rocks. I would rather take my chances at rocks, then travel aboard a sinking ship.

Parker - We just have to stick together, and if we make merge, we could be the final 3 at the end of this.

Lynn - Awesome!


*Ho and Jenny are in the woods*

Jenny - I feel, like, we’ve had our differences and all, but at the end of the day, we voted with each other.. Twice. I made some obvious mistakes, but, we are a team. We need to remain a team.

Jenny, CF - If I can re-secure the bond I made with Ho day 1, and regain the trust we once had together, we’d only need to flip one person to tie it. I just don’t know if I can trust Ho. I have given him no reason to ever trust me again, and that has me nervous.

Ho - I forgive you, Jen. I want to work with you, I have since day 1.

Jenny smiles - Really?

Ho - My word is everything, I am giving it to you now. If you don’t **** me over, I won’t **** you over.

Ho, CF - I am a forgiving soul. Maybe Jenny doesn’t deserve it, but I will forgive her, especially since I’m in no position to turn anybody down. Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me.

Jenny - We could run this show.
*Nile, Sonja, Terry and Zoe gather in the woods*

Terry, CF - Bill and Mitch were my boys before the swap, and neither of them are here, which means I have to get used to working with a new group, obviously, that being my tribal majority on this tribe, Nile, Sonja, myself and Zoe.

Terry - I think us 4 can be a very dominant quartet, from this point on. We hold the majority, and can’t let this die. If us 4 can stick together, we can take the game by storm.

Sonja - I agree, I feel good about this crew.

Sonja, CF - I’ve yet to be in a serious alliance, so anybody willing to throw me a bone, I will ride that as long as I feel comfortable with them.

Zoe, CF - We hold the tribal majority, Dostribo is winning. I feel good with my four on this tribe, but I have a core, and that core number is Nile. Spiritually, we just click hard.

*Zoe and Nile trail off, and hang out by themselves*

Nile - This is so good for us. Us 2, Final 2. It’s basically meant to be.

Zoe - It spiritually makes me feel like… our aura is clear. Like, it’s our path to victory.

Nile, CF  - Zoe is a little eccentric, but I love it. I feel like with my idol, and my squad. And Zoe as my confidant… I’m in a good spot.


*Georgia, Veronica and Zach band together*

Veronica, CF - Basically, the good people from Unatriba are on Swaptribu this time, which is awesome. I wish I could have the safety net of a vast majority, but this is a bunch I can trust entirely, I feel.

Georgia - I would go to rocks for both of y’all.

Zach - 100% back at you.

Zach, CF - Where I am in the game, I don’t have many options, I would go to rocks for these people. If I didn’t, I’d be at the bottom of an entire tribe, that is not worth it. I’d take the shot for them.

Georgia, CF - I have an idol, but I want to hang onto it. I will see what happens next, but if we went to tribal… maybe I don’t have to worry about rocks? It’d be a question of… the amount of risk. Hopefully, I don’t have to think of that worst case scenario, though. Immunity has yet to come, and I know we’re capable of pulling through.
*Bill, Elle and Mitch are around the fire*

Bill, CF - Me and Mitch already have a formed alliance, full fledged, with Terry. But, getting Elle on our side for the time being can only be helpful.

Bill - I think Dos strong, right?

Mitch - Totally, right?

*Elle chuckles awkwardly*

Elle, CF - I’m gonna go with it, but I don’t trust my tribe whatsoever, they definitely have side deals. It is undeniable. I’m not just a crazy girl, I’m a lawyer, I can see when a person is lying, and I know how to lie. I’m going to go with this, because I can’t trust people I don’t know, but I can see the boys club forming. Mitch, Bill. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you.


*DOSTRIBO and UNATRIBA win immunity!*

Jenny, CF - My tribe wins immunity, and that’s super ideal, because that’s more time I have to position myself to avoid being the vote, for when we do go to tribal. This is important time I’m receiving to make bonds and make sure I won’t be the vote. The more I can avoid tribal, the better.

*Atom, Lynn and Parker are around the campfire, talking*

Atom - So, Lynn. What do you do again?

Lynn - I’m a Receptionist.

Atom - Aren’t you a bit old, no offense?

Lynn - Your name is Atom, like the molecules, yet you’re an accountant, but I didn’t judge that.

*Atom chuckles uncomfortably*

Lynn, CF - I got pregnant when I was very young, so I’m very touchy when it comes to my career path.

Lynn - I’m sorry, it’s just… I wanted to be a Lawyer, but I got pregnant when I was in Law School. I had to completely change my career vision.

Atom - That must’ve been terrible.

Lynn - I was kind of a s***ty mom because of it. I blamed my baby, when really I should’ve handled the entire situation differently. But, I had to do it all on my own, almost. I had some family left, they didn’t completely abandon me, but… It was a push into adulthood for sure, and I kind of hated how my life turned out for so long.

Atom, CF - I feel Lynn’s pain, not at the same extent, but… I think we have a better understanding of each other now. We both went through family struggles.

Atom - My parents pushed me into science at a young age, and because of my name… I’d been bullied most of my life. I pursued accounting to spite them. Now, I don’t think they’ll ever approve of my life, and I’ll always be a disappointment. My brother is always going to be the favorite and the one who contributes to society, as I just am nothing to them.

Lynn, CF - Adversity comes in so many different ways, so I feel a new connection to my alliance now that we opened up to each other.

Parker smiles, uncomfortably - I tried to become a professional skater, but I was rejected because I wasn’t seen as skilled enough.

*There’s an awkward silence*

Parker - Sorry.

*Sonja is setting up the camp*

Ho, who just finished meditating by the water - Sonja, when are you going to make that rice?

*Sonja turns towards Ho, eyebrows raised*

Ho - You are the oldest woman on the tribe.

*Jenny, who is sitting near the campfire, facepalms*

Jenny, CF - As a generation-Z feminist, these gender roles are outdated even for a sexist. I definitely feel like I am trapped with a misogynist right now.

Ho, CF - I am from a very traditionalist home, where the woman does the cooking and cleaning, as the men do the heavy lifting. It is how I am raised, I was shocked the reaction was so negative.

Sonja - I am not your cook, I don’t know who told you otherwise.

Sonja, CF - Look, I have kids. I taught them right, though. I didn’t teach them to treat women like maids or servants. Ho wasn’t exactly chill with me before, but he shot up right to the top of my target list.

Ho - I am sorry, I will make the rice myself.

Nile - No, I got it.

*Sonja smiles*

Nile, CF - I have an idol, but if I can keep the tribe in my good graces, I won’t need it for a LONG time. Ho definitely bothered some people with his unsubtle sexist comments, and if I can use that to my advantage… why not?

Ho walks over to Sonja - I am sorry if you took offense to my statements-

Sonja - I am not going to get into an argument about this, but I am not letting you off the hook for something that I think is wildly inappropriate either. *walks away*

Ho, CF - I do not see why she is acting so upset, maybe it’s because I’m not used to being around many women, nor am I aware of what the social standards are, but I definitely feel as though I am at a disadvantage now for something I could not control.

*Veronica is sunbathing, as everyone else, behind her, is setting up camp.*

Elle, CF - As we have been setting up camp, as this new camp isn’t exactly set up, as it’s our first round here, Veronica hasn’t even tried to make an effort… to help. She is laying in the sun, doing nothing. It’s… annoying, to say the least.

Elle whispers to Bill, Mitch and Zach - Couldn’t she be doing… anything?

*Bill and Mitch nod, Zach bites his lower lips, as he looks over at Georgia, making the fire*

Bill - We could probably just vote together, and send her out now. It’s for the strength of the tribe.

Mitch - I agree.

Mitch, CF - If we can get Zach on board in voting Veronica, making him think it’s for our best interest, I think he looks like a very physical oriented player, and he would jump on the opportunity to strengthen the tribe. I don’t think he’d go to rocks for her, I think we convinced him, hopefully.

Zach, CF - Elle suggests voting for Veronica to the group of people setting up camp, and I happen to be there. I get that it is pretty annoying that Veronica is just laying down... it’s just so ironic the 50 year old on the tribe is discussing what is best for the tribe’s strength. Now, do I tell Georgia and Veronica? Or do I actually consider this option? It’s unclear. But I do need to talk to them anyways.

*Zach, Veronica and Georgia meet up in the woods*

Georgia - What were y’all talking about earlier? When you were setting up camp, I saw you look over at me. Were they talking about me?

Zach - Not exactly. They are bothered by Veronica’s work ethic, but it was mostly Elle. She isn’t exactly a fan of yours.

Veronica - Whose?

Zach - Both of you, but specifically you, Veronica.

Veronica, CF - Hearing you’re disliked is such a heartbreaking feeling, especially for a model. We are so appearance oriented, that when you are disliked on a personal level, it just feels like such an attack.

Veronica - Should we vote for her? Knowing the chances of rocks? Would you guys go to rocks for me, I’m being serious.

Georgia - I would, but what if this is just a diversion? Why would they tell you who they were voting, Zach?

Zach - I can’t say for sure. It came to my mind, too, that it was just a lie to set me up.

Georgia, CF - It is so annoying, having an idol but not knowing how to use it. This just brings up the question. Do I bother using it, not knowing who to use it on, and knowing the most likely case scenario is rocks anyways? I am so lost strategically right now… I thought Survivor would be easier, but this is impossible. I thought I could get better reads than this, but there are too many question marks to make an educated decision. I just have to take a risk either way.

Jeff Probst - Bill, Elle, Mitch, behind you is a torch, light it, fire represents your life in this game, and once your fire is out, so are you.

Mitch, so far you have successfully avoided tribal, but as soon as we swap. You are here. Do you think that says something about your physical capabilities in this game?

Mitch - No, I find myself very physically capable, I think it just depends on the challenge. This wasn’t it, but we lost as a team, not as individuals.

Jeff Probst - Elle, this being your first tribal council, is this the first time you ever felt paranoid or unsafe?

Elle - I have felt certain ways about certain people in rounds past, and questioned their game, trustworthiness and et cetera, but they are never put to such a pedestal until going to tribal. But, with the tribal lines post swap, I feel as though there are more options than ever for everybody here, not just myself.

Jeff Probst - Speaking of swaps and tribal lines, Georgia, as you are 3 for 3 for going to tribals-

Georgia - Thanks for pointing that out, Jeff.

Jeff Probst - Do you think tribal lines will influence the vote this round, as it is post swap, and there is 3 from Una and 3 from Dos at tribal tonight - do you see rocks as a possibility?

Georgia - I think rocks are in the realm of possibility, yes.

*Elle slightly smirks*

Jeff Probst - Elle, do you disagree?

*Veronica rolls her eyes*

Elle - No, I think rocks are a real possibility, but that doesn’t make them likely or not likely. Anything is possible. It just depends on if people are loyal, trustworthy or what not. Rocks aren’t good for anybody’s games. And there is someone here who is not good for the tribe.

*Veronica rolls her eyes, exaggeratedly so*

Jeff Probst - Veronica, we have to talk about your reactions. They are very telling, you are not enjoying what Elle is saying?

Veronica - She’s just talking about me. Basically, tribal lines clearly matter. To a certain extent, at least. Because, she’s saying it’d be best for me to get voted out, but, girl… Bill is 50, and out of shape. I can clearly outperform him in challenges, but because I wasn’t helping with them setting up the camp, they act as though I’m the most useless player here. You could’ve just… asked me to help you? Rather than talk s**t about me, and put a target on my back. But, they took the route that was convenient for them, and I mean… good luck. We’ll see how the votes turn out.

*Elle puts her head down, sighing to herself*

Jeff Probst - And with that… it is time to vote, Bill, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - I’ll read the votes, if anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

*Camera pans to Georgia, who doesn’t stand*

Jeff Probst -
First vote...Veronica.

Second vote… Elle.

Third vote… Veronica.

Fourth vote… Elle.

2 votes Veronica, 2 votes Elle.

Elle - Yikes.

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… Veronica.

3 votes Veronica, 2 votes Elle.

*Elle nervously glares at Zach, knowing he was the deciding vote*

Jeff Probst - Final vote... Elle.

*Elle exhales, Veronica chuckles, slightly*

Jeff Probst - There is a tie and there will be a revote. The people in the tie won’t revote. If it ties again, there will be a deadlock rock draw.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Elle.

Second vote… Veronica.

Third vote… Veronica.

Final vote… Elle.

There’s still a tie, and that means each player will draw a rock. Whoever draws the purple rock will leave.



Jeff Probst - Mitch, you are the next person eliminated from the tribe.

Georgia - Thank God.

Mitch - ****! *brings his torch over*

*Elle buries her face in her hand, Bill pats her back, comforting her*

Jeff Probst - Mitch, the tribe has spoken. *SNUFFS TORCH*

*Mitch leaves, disappointed*

Jeff Probst - With a split down the middle tribe, a person was sent home by a rock. What does that mean for Veronica and Elle and the people who voted with each of them? We shall see. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

18th : Mitch (3-3, 2-2, DREW ROCK)

Mitch, Leaving Words - I can’t say I’m not upset, but this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me, don’t worry. I played the way I always play, I take risks. I didn’t go to college, because I wanted to be a self sufficient business man, I went to rocks to protect the people I was with. I will go at great lengths for what I’m passionate about, and I’m happy I got out like this.

Bill - Veronica
Elle - Veronica
Georgia - Elle
Mitch - Veronica
Veronica - Elle
Zach - Elle



is this brantsteele?
Sent by Jasoi,May 22, 2019
jasoi it’s based off of a brantsteele - I made it into a blog series/story
Sent by Kaseyhope101,May 22, 2019
Kaseyhope101 got it.
Sent by Jasoi,May 22, 2019
veronica shot up in my rankings!  i still dont like georgia, but i respect her risking her safety and holding onto the idol.  that takes guts
Sent by Zuelke,May 27, 2019

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