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Survivor Blog Series - EPISODE 2

May 21, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
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EPISODE 2 : “It’s A Situation”
Previously on #Kaseyvivor
2 tribes of 10 adjusted to their tribe life, and quickly formed alliances.

On Unatriba, Ho, Jenny and Rhonda quickly formed an alliance, although tensions immediately rose as Jenny did not enjoy Ho’s attitude towards them. At the same time, another alliance of Georgia, Harley, Tim, Veronica and Zach formed, leaving Ali and Darnell in the middle.

On Dostribo, Nile, Parker and Zoe form an alliance, as do Bill, Mitch and Terry. Neither being without concern from the members, and leaving much of the tribe without official alliances.

After Dostribo won immunity, Nile finds a hidden immunity idol, making him the person with the most power on his tribe, on paper.

On Unatriba, as tribal is approaching, Jenny finds an idol.

Both alliances start discussing targets, and settle on Rhonda and Georgia, and the word spreads amongst the tribe.

When Jenny hears Rhonda’s name brought up, knowing her alliance is voting for Georgia, she sees the opportunity to make a move against her own alliance, using her idol on Georgia during Tribal, ultimately a wasted decision, as Rhonda would’ve gone home anyways in a 6-4 vote, much to Ho’s dismay. Jenny did vote for Georgia, but also acted against her alliance, leaving her in a quite problematic spot on the tribe.

Alison ‘Ali’, 23, Social Media Influencer
Darnell, 32, Entrepreneur
Georgia, 32, Nanny
Harley, 30, Journalist
Ho, 35, Doctor
Jenny, 19, College Student
Tim, 18, High School Student
Veronica, 22, Model
Zach, 25, Hockey Player

Atom, 29, Accountant
Bill, 48, College Professor
Elle, 33, Lawyer
Lynn, 35, Receptionist
Mitch, 23, Starbucks Worker
Nile, 34, Psychologist
Parker, 27, Skateboard Instructor/Salesman
Sonja, 45, Spanish Teacher
Terry, 36, Retired Professional Athlete/Gym Coach
Zoe, 27, Physical Trainer/Yoga Instructor

20th : Rhonda (6-*4*)


*Jenny sits down on the bedding, Ho looks very confused*

Ho, CF - Jenny used the idol on Georgia, and I’m just… shocked and blindsided. Rhonda would’ve gone home either way. I can’t understand why she did what she did.

*Jenny and Ho are silently sitting by each other, as Jenny lies down*

Jenny, CF - Ho is clearly mad, but I don’t regret what I did. I don’t think I should’ve ruffled any feathers, I voted with Ho, and protected Georgia with my idol. I don’t see what the big deal is!

Georgia, CF - There’s tensions around camp, clearly between Jenny and Ho, because Jenny used her idol on me for some reason… it was an interesting choice, but I definitely feel a bit more comfortable with Jenny now… but she still voted for me, so… Jenny, girl, I don’t know what your game is.

Veronica, CF - I feel partially responsible for the awkwardness around camp, because I think I’m the one who told Jenny about the vote first… so I sort of just ducked my head, and lied down, trying to avoid any drama.

Ho - Why did you do that, Jen?

Jenny - I voted with you, what do you want from me?

Ho - You voted with me and then idolled our target, and got rid of our close ally.

Jenny - It was just what I felt was the right thing to do, and I will not apologize to you because I didn’t do what you wanted.


*Dostribo is not at all shocked by Rhonda’s elimination*

DOSTRIBO WINS IMMUNITY AGAIN! They also receive a toolkit and materials to improve the shelter for reward.

Ho, CF - I’m going to tribal again, and my trust in Jenny has all but been shot… I am not feeling good. I will need to do some damage control, probably.

*Bill, Mitch and Terry meet in the woods to talk game*

Terry, CF - I like my trio, but I need to reaffirm that we’re on the same page, strategically.

Terry - What do you think of the rest of the tribe?

Bill - Zoe, Nile and Parker spend a lot of time together.

Terry - Do you think it’s an alliance?

*Mitch nods*

Mitch, CF - I never was one hundred percent comfortable with my trio, nor was I enthusiastic about it, but they are giving me good information that I didn’t necessarily notice. I will use them as long as I need them to feel comfortable in this game.

Bill - That leaves Atom, Elle, Lynn and Sonja in the middle.

Terry - If we went to tribal, we’d need at least two of them on our side to TIE it.

Mitch - But ultimately, if none of us have an idol, that could be an issue. Almost every season someone finds that s**t right away.

*Terry nods, nervously*

Bill, CF - I know psychology, because I’m a psychology professor. I have great reads on people. I don’t trust Mitch. But, I do know I need him for numbers. We have 3 and need at least 2 more, at the bare minimum.. To tie it, if we DID go to tribal. I feel like this strategy talk definitely made us have more of an understanding of each other, and grew us as an alliance. I still do not trust Mitch, though.

*Elle, Sonja and Nile are sitting next to each other*

Sonja, CF - I do not have any alliance or anything yet, so, I don’t really know what’s up, but I do chill at camp a lot, and sometimes talk to people. Super lowkey so far. But, I observe things. The social dynamic of people - who hangs out with who and how often. It is very classroom dynamic. Cliques and all.

Nile - You realize that almost all the time Bill, Terry and Mitch are in the woods by themselves, right?

Elle - Super sketchy.

Sonja - I agree.

Elle, CF - Yes, Nile. I do notice that Bill, Terry and Mitch are always out and about together in the woods, quote unquote, gathering wood and water for the camp, 24/7. How much wood do we need, Terry? How much wood? But, I also notice you, Zoe and Parker chilling a bit too close together, if you ask me. You can divert my attention all you want, but I didn’t graduate law school and become a lawyer by being easily manipulated, bro. I can keep up with what’s up.

Nile - I think, if the rest of us can just vote together if we went to tribal, we can blindside them. If one of them has an idol, it won’t matter. They wouldn’t see it coming.

Nile, CF - I have the idol, of course. If I form this connection with Sonja and Elle, I won’t need it. At least into a swap. My goal is to avoid using my idol as long as possible, and maybe I can just make it to the end with it! But, first… my initial goal, is to make it to a swap with it.

*While going through piles of wood, in the bushes, Georgia finds the Hidden Immunity Idol!*

Georgia, CF - Y’all, my idol game is STRONG so far. First tribal I got an idol used on me, this tribal I FIND an idol? This is INSANE, I have got to be the luckiest bitch in Survivor history. Don’t worry, though, I ain’t gonna need it this time, know that. I plan on sitting on this idol, having it in my back pocket as LONG as possible, and just chill my way there.


*Tim lies in the shelter, crying*

Tim, CF - It is really so frustrating being on the losing tribe for so many days. It’s been a week almost, and all I know is suffering and losing, and the stress of having to attend tribal. It isn’t good for my mental health. *wipes away tears* It’s just so frustrating and it’s definitely the hardest my life has been since the James Charles-Tati drama. *sobs*

*Georgia sits by Tim*

Georgia - Sweetie, are you okay?

Tim - Leave me the **** alone, you rat.

*Georgia sighs*

Georgia, CF - I’m a Nanny, so I get called way worse than “rat” every single day, and I handle tantrums way worse than this every day, but it’s Survivor, I do not have time for these games.


*Georgia meets with Harley, Veronica and Zach in the woods.*

Veronica - Is Tim not communicating with anybody?

Georgia - I tried with him, but he wasn’t having it. Which is alarming, as we are not very secure in our numbers.

Harley - Do we think he can be swayed by the other side?

*Georgia shrugs, nervously*

Georgia, CF - I have an idol, and I don’t intend on using it tonight, but if we can’t handle Tim, I was the one who got votes last tribal… could that happen again?

Veronica - I think we might have to do Jenny. It’s a safe bet.

*Harley nods*

Harley, CF - I don’t particularly care about who we do, as long as we agree upon it, but I also don’t really like Jenny. She’s problematic and super messy.

Zach - Can we afford to get rid of such a strong physical player? We already are at a losing streak.

Harley - She isn’t as strong as Ali, and she hasn’t helped us out yet. I say we cut her.

Zach, CF - I like Jenny, so I’m not exactly hype about taking her out, but I definitely trust my group, and if they think this is in our best interest, I am inclined to believe them.

*Ali gathers Jenny and Ho in the woods, along with Darnell*

Ali - Guys, I think it is pretty clear we have kind of divisions in our tribe. Veronica told me and Jenny the vote was Rhonda last vote. Darnell, you voted for Georgia. And Jenny, Ho, you also voted for Georgia. You three and Rhonda, makes 4.

Ho - What is your point?

Ali - Veronica, Georgia, Harley and Zach ran the first vote basically, alongside Tim, who is currently in the shelter suffering from an emotional breakdown. If us 4 can band together and get Tim. We can take over this game.

*Everyone ponders that for a second*

Darnell - Who do you say we vote?

Ali - I’m not inclined to speak for an entire group of people.

*Jenny smiles*

Jenny, CF - I am so here for Ali’s leadership, especially over Ho’s. She actually converses, rather than instructs. If this tribal goes well, I want to work with her way more. She is so unproblematic in her strategic presence. Basically, if we can get Tim to vote with us, we are turning the game on its head.

Darnell - What about Harley? He is the weakest member of that side physically, and quite possibly the smartest, at the same time.

Ali - Let’s do it.

Ali, CF - I saw a chance to significantly improve my stance in the game, and flex my position, and I think it worked. But this plan going successfully rides fully on the shoulders of Tim. I have the skeleton of a plan perfectly lined up, but Tim is the driving force.


*Ali sits near the shelter, by Tim*

Ali - I don’t mean to intrude, but you realize that now your alliance won’t trust you as much, right? Your voting bloc or whatever you’d want to call it. They don’t take you seriously, they see you as an emotional, unreliable player.

*Tim sits up, saddened*

Tim - It just is so hard losing everything.

Ali - I know! That’s why we have to vote out the weak links.

Tim - Who are you talking about?

Ali, whispering - Harley.

Tim, CF - From upsetting, to downright stressful. I don’t know if I even have an alliance anymore, but I could either vote with them… or completely turn the game around. Harley was one of my closest allies just 24 hours ago, but now… maybe it’s for the best if I flip.

*As Ali walks away, Georgia walks over to Tim*

Georgia - Are you with us?

*Tim slightly nods*

Georgia - Then vote for Jenny.

Tim, CF - I know who is more helpful for our tribe, but on a social standpoint.. Can I afford to lose a close ally to someone I’ve spoken 2 sentences to? It’s a situation, for sure.

*Everyone arrives at Tribal Council*

Jeff Probst - Tim, you have yet to be safe in this game, how does that impact you mentally?

Tim - Not at all.

*Everyone laughs, including Tim*

Tim - I had a mini-meltdown right after losing Immunity, and only let people talk to me shortly before tribal.

Jeff Probst - Do you think that could be bad for your chances going into a vote?

Tim - I mean, it isn’t the greatest of social strategies, but I’m not any more or less concerned currently. Maybe a little bit more on edge than I was last time.

Jeff Probst - Ali, what do you think that says, that someone who had avoided any strategizing until hours before tribal, doesn’t feel particularly nervous?

Ali - I think it says that we aren’t going the easy route as players this year.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, as someone who just wasted an idol, would you say that makes you an easy option, or are you feeling safe this time around?

Jenny - I am never going to feel safe, I am way too much of a paranoid person just in general day to day life.

Jeff Probst - What about idol paranoia, do you think another one is out there now?

Jenny - Do I think someone has it?  No.

*Camera cuts to Georgia, with a blank poker face on*

Jeff Probst - Harley, do you think the same people who voted together last time, will do so again this time?

Harley - I am very concerned about where Tim’s head is at this time, and he was one of the ones who voted with us the first time.

*Tim rolls his eyes, and scoffs*

Jeff Probst - Tim, do you think that him calling you out was an attempt to send a message of sorts to you?

Tim - It was something. I will say it aloud right now, I am still not 100% sure in the decision I am making, or especially whether it is the right one.

Georgia scoffs - Well, he seemed like he was sure of himself at camp earlier today.

Tim - Maybe I don’t appreciate being called out publicly in front of everyone, Georgia.

Harley - I just wanted to make my message clear, that right this second, I am nervous about his vote, and that I want him to be loyal, as he is one of the people I trusted in this game, and that his meltdown made me nervous.

Jeff Probst - Darnell, with this questioning of loyalty discussion already coming up, that implies alliances and bonds being formed already. Do you think there are already sides and power alliances forming?

Darnell - I mean, with the vote last time being so split, I guess it already was, but I ain’t in any alliance, so I guess… I missed the invitation.

Jeff Probst - With that, it is time to vote. Ali, you first.


Jeff Probst - I’ll read the votes. If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.


Jeff Probst - First vote… Jenny.

*Jenny frowns*

Jeff Probst - Second vote… Jenny.

Jenny - Oh, shucks.

Jeff Probst - Third vote… Harley.

*Harley scoffs, shocked*
Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Harley.

2 votes Jenny, 2 votes Harley.

Fifth vote… Jenny.
Sixth vote… Harley.

3 votes Jenny, 3 votes Harley.

Seventh vote… Harley.
Eighth vote… Jenny.

4 votes Jenny, 4 votes Harley.

*Camera zooms in on Jenny, camera zooms in on Harley, both visibly annoyed and nervous*

Jeff Probst - Ninth vote and player leaving… Harley.

Harley - ****.

Tim - Sorry, Harley.

*Harley brings over his torch*

Veronica - Holy s**t. *looks over at Tim, dumbfounded*


*Darnell chuckles, maniacally, and high fives Ali*

Jeff Probst - Harley, the tribe has spoken. *SNUFFS TORCH*

Harley - Goodbye, everybody. *LEAVES AREA*

Jeff Probst - Shocked expressions throughout the room suggest… this is just the first blindside in a long and winding road to the end. Bring your torches and head back to camp, guys.

19th : Harley (5-4)

Harley, Leaving Words - I can not say I expected that, I didn’t. I thought I was in a good position, pulling strings with my alliance, while not being the number one threat, but I guess… that’s what a blindside is. When you least suspect it, the rug is pulled out from underneath you. My big regret is calling Tim out at tribal council, that was twisted the wrong way, and I should’ve just kept my big mouth shut. Million dollar mistake.

Ali - Harley
Darnell - Harley
Georgia - Jenny
Harley - Jenny
Ho - Harley
Jenny - Harley
Tim - Harley
Veronica - Jenny
Zach - Jenny

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