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Survivor Blog Series - PREMIERE!

May 20, 2019 by Kaseyhope101
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EPISODE 1 : “Weaken The Head”
Alison ‘Ali’, 23, Social Media Influencer
Darnell, 32, Entrepreneur
Georgia, 32, Nanny
Harley, 30, Journalist
Ho, 35, Doctor
Jenny, 19, College Student
Rhonda, 52, Vocal Coach
Tim, 18, High School Student
Veronica, 22, Model
Zach, 25, Hockey Player

Atom, 29, Accountant
Bill, 48, College Professor
Elle, 33, Lawyer
Lynn, 35, Receptionist
Mitch, 23, Starbucks Worker
Nile, 34, Psychologist
Parker, 27, Skateboard Instructor/Salesman
Sonja, 45, Spanish Teacher
Terry, 36, Retired Professional Athlete/Gym Coach
Zoe, 27, Physical Trainer/Yoga Instructor

The 20 Castaways arrive at the island.

Veronica, CF - I’m Veronica and I’m a model. I truly think Survivor is an opportunity to push myself to the very limit, and prove to everyone I’m not just a privileged pretty person, and that I have strength at my core, that comes from years of being in a broke household without a Father for the vast majority of my life. My goal is to flip the social standard of models in society, and to prove some of them can go through hard times and still come out on top.

Atom, CF - I’m Atom, spelled A-T-O-M, my parents were big scientists. I may look like a nerd, because I am. I’m an accountant, I was drawn to math because my parents kept pushing me to science - it was an act of defiance. I feel like bullying is the most real form of adversity, and that is what I went through every single day of my life until College. I pursued accounting and now I’m an accountant, which is very rewarding work pay wise - but to my parents I’m still a failure. If I can get through the most trying social experiment of all time, Survivor. I can tell my parents to press off!

Jeff Probst - *explains reward challenge*
Me - *fast-forwards through reward challenge*

UNATRIBA wins Reward. Extra bag of rice.

Darnell, CF - It’s dope we won reward, because I ain’t used to losing. I’ve spent my life working from the bottom, so starting at the top is a welcome change. We just gotta make this trend continue, ‘cuz I can get used to this.

*Ho, Jenny and Rhonda bond together, by the campfire, and ultimately decide to start an alliance.*

Ho - I feel like between the 3 of us, we make a really good unit, of strength, social game and brains.

*Jenny slightly rolls her eyes, but fakely smiles and nods*

Jenny, CF - I’m tired of people just assuming I’m only good for likability, because I’m a pretty young blonde girl. If I wanted to, I could’ve gone to Med School, but I don’t want to do something I’m not passionate about. I’m passionate about making the world a better place, and that doesn’t make me any less smart than you, HO. But, I think for the time being, it’s good to secure numbers, so my problems with Ho can go on the backburner for now.

Rhonda, CF - I don’t particularly like Ho so far, he’s a bit pushy too soon, and Jenny I don’t have a vibe with yet, but I’m in no place to deny alliances. If we go to tribal council first, numbers is everything.
*Georgia, Harley, Tim, Veronica and Zach also bond together to form an alliance.*

Zach - I think we are the strongest people physically on our team, and in the bigger picture I think it’s good if we have each other’s backs.

Veronica - I literally love it.

Tim - Final 5!

*Georgia hides a chuckle*

Georgia, CF - It’s evident I’m the odd one out in this alliance… me and Harley at least. I don’t trust them to the end, not one bit. But I can trust them for now, for the time being. This is just a bookmark alliance, but for the Endgame? Not sure about that. They’d probably cut me out first chance they get.

Harley, CF - I think working with more athletically inclined people could actually turn out to be an asset if we do last until a merge, because I’d be seen as less threatening, but… in the early stages, it isn’t as comforting, as I can be seen as a weak link. So, this alliance does have its pros and cons, for now… I can’t overthink things, and I have to just go with it.

*Nile, Parker and Zoe quickly form an alliance.*

Zoe - I spiritually get good vibes from both of you, and feel like… we were meant to connect together.

Nile - I agree.

Zoe, CF - I immediately felt a bond to Nile and Parker, and knew I had to act upon my spiritual thinking. My spirit has never been wrong about anything ever, and even when my brain was wrong, my spiritual being was in the right place.

Parker, CF - Zoe is kind of nuts, but Nile, a psychologist, seems to disagree with me, so I guess… I can’t be the judge of that. It’s a strong core 3 for this stage of the game. Zoe seems loyal to her “spirit” and Nile can obviously get a good read on people with his Psychology, and I’m strong at challenges. We all have a strength. We’re like the Avengers.
*Bill, Mitch and Terry form an alliance.*

Terry - I clearly don’t fit in well with the other girls, Bill, you are a bit older than most of the guys-

Bill - Thanks.

Terry, with a slight eye roll - We seem like the outcasts, but Mitch, with you being in a semi-normal social position, you can be our social mole of sorts.

Mitch nods - Totally!

Mitch, CF - I didn’t intend on working with these people, I don’t like “outcasts” nor associate with them in my daily life, but as a future businessman, this can be my introduction to marketing and networking. I don’t know whether I trust them or not, but I am definitely working this social standpoint.

DOSTRIBO WINS IMMUNITY. And a fire making kit.

Rhonda, CF - My tribe lost, which totally sucks, but I do have an alliance. I do have numbers. I feel relatively good going into the first Tribal Council! I am the oldest member of the tribe, though, so it’s a cautious good feeling.
Elle, CF - Our tribe wins immunity, which is amazing! And we have an Idol clue, so the idol is a major topic of discussion, and people ARE searching!

Nile, whilst in the woods, finds a Hidden Immunity Idol!

Nile, CF - This is major! I have an alliance, which, numbers are everything in this game, but now I have a lifeline. I am feeling good, and I’m not even going to tribal. That means long term, I feel good!

Georgia, CF - Our tribe lost, which is a bummer. I feel okay, as I’m in an alliance, but if there is an idol out there, that’d be crucial. I could take control of my own destiny, and assure my own safety.

Jenny finds a Hidden Immunity Idol, after stumbling upon it in the woods!

Jenny, CF - I find an idol, which is AWESOME. I could make some serious big moves with this, for sure. I hope this proves to young women out there that you don’t need to be a man to snatch up idols and take control of their own life. Now.. what do I do with this? Do I tell my alliance? Do I go rogue? Do I create chaos at the tribal? I’ll get all my info first, and decide next. It’s my idol and nobody else’s.


*Tim and Darnell bond, slightly.*

Tim, CF - Darnell isn’t in my core alliance, but we definitely get along. We just clicked. I feel as though we could become friends over time. He’s also very cute. I like to look at him.

Darnell, CF - I don’t got any allies, I gotta take any opportunity I get to make sure my tribe likes me. Tim seems to be good with the tribe, if I can get him to like me maybe the tribe will, too.

*Ho, Jenny and Rhonda sit around the campfire*

Ho, CF - It isn’t ideal going to tribal already, especially considering we aren’t the strongest physical bunch on the island. But, I think we can handle this.

Ho - I think, personally, the safest bet is Georgia or Harley, considering that crew is getting pretty close, I think the person we could be able to pick off is one of them.

Jenny, CF - Ho is taking authoritarian status of our alliance, trying to be a leader… hey, bro Ho, I have an idol. You can’t control anything I do.

Ho - Georgia is probably the safest bet, knowing the dynamic of this tribe, and incorporating what someone will bring to the table physically.

Rhonda - I absolutely agree.

Rhonda, CF - Being the oldest and most unathletic on this tribe, a name other than Rhonda, is a name I will be fond of voting.

Jenny, CF - Rhonda is kind of just following Ho, and I just am not loving this alliance dynamic, honestly, but I also don’t want to play my cards too quick. I can’t ruffle feathers before the first tribal council. But any shot I see for a move to make, I might have to take it.
*Georgia, Harley, Tim, Veronica and Zach gather around, to discuss the vote*

Georgia - Who are you all thinking of doing?

Harley - I think anybody works, personally. Maybe we could do, like, Darnell?

Tim & Veronica, simultaneously - No.

Tim, CF - When Darnell’s name comes up, I know that’d be a huge mistake in my personal game, as I’ve already formed a bond with him. It’d be anti-productive for our numbers.

Tim - I think that’d be a big mistake, personally. I think we can get him on our side, eventually. Or as, like, a side ally.

Veronica - I think so, too.

Tim - What about Ali or Jenny?

Zach - That’d be a bad idea, they’re strong physical players.

*Georgia sighs, and rolls her eyes, leaning back against a tree*

Harley - Rhonda is the weakest physical player on this team, isn’t an ally of ours. Should we just do her?

Georgia - I’m not thrilled about it, but I wouldn’t object.

Georgia, CF - Knowing my alliance is targeting the only other black woman in this game is a bummer, but I can’t say it’s an attack over race or anything, as she is… unarguably the weak link on this team. It’s a bummer, but it’s a necessary evil.

*Everyone nods along*

Veronica, CF - I’m happy the target is off Darnell, he is someone I feel as though seems chill and likable, but I do quite like Rhonda as well, so it’s sort of a bummer my alliance agreed to this.


*Veronica, Jenny and Ali sit together, before tribal council*

Ali - Tribal is, like, so frustrating.

Jenny - Totally, I haven’t heard much so it’s nerve wracking.

Veronica - Guys, don’t worry about a thing, Rhonda is getting the votes.

*Jenny smiles, slightly*

Veronica, CF - I tell Jenny and Ali, because I feel as though they are genuinely concerned for their safeties in the game, it’s day 3, I’m not concerned about idols this early, I feel as though this can grow trust in the bigger picture. I’m comfortable with my decision.

Jenny, CF - Knowing Rhonda is the counter is a very pleasant piece of information, because… I don’t like that Rhonda is just following Ho’s orders, that is very anti-feminist of her, and overall, I can’t rely on her in the big picture. I don’t know how many numbers Veronica has, but I know there’s a solid amount of people going for Georgia, so maybe, just maybe. I have to take the body of the snake out, to weaken the head.

Ali, CF - I feel good going into tribal, I have been informed of who, I hope, the vote really is, and I am a huge help around camp, and I performed in the challenge. I may start slow, but I’m feeling comfortable.

Jeff Probst - Behind each of you is a torch, light it, fire represents your life in this game, once your fire is out.. So. Are. You.

*Everyone dips their torch into the fire, and sits down*

Jeff Probst - Zach, this is the first tribal of the season. How would it feel to have your journey cut short this early on?

Zach - It would be pretty shocking and upsetting. I’m a competitive person, and I think I’ve done nothing but help the team, but… hopefully it’s not the case. I feel okay.

Jeff Probst - Ali, do you think people are concerned about Idols, or is it too soon for those worries?

Ali - I haven’t been talking too much about numbers in this game, I’ve only heard one name seriously discussed, and am going with it, because it seems right. I don’t think Idol talk has been serious, yet.

*Jenny smiles*

Jeff Probst - Georgia, do you concur?

Georgia - Uh… yeah? If someone has an idol, there’s not much we can do to stop it at this point in time. It’s just… whatever will be will be.

Rhonda - So true, so true.

Jeff Probst - Rhonda, are you concerned about an idol?

Rhonda - I’m concerned to begin with, because it’s clear to see I’m the weakest link-

Darnell - Not necessarily, I disagree.

*The tribe all looks at Darnell, shocked*

Jeff Probst - Darnell, are you willing to elaborate?

Darnell - Nah, I ain’t a sell out. I just think we need to think more than just labelling the clear odd one out as the weakest. Rhonda brings stuff to the table in her own way.

Rhonda - Thank you, Darnell.

Jeff Probst - Ho, it seems there is a lot of different perspectives out here, amongst the tribe. Do you think this will be an easy vote, or is there a lot going on behind the scenes?

Ho - I think this vote will put a lot in perspective, in who we can trust and who we can not.

Jeff Probst - Veronica, do you agree with that? Is there things you need answered that this tribal will deliver?

Veronica - I know what I am doing, and I’m confident in my decision, but there probably is more to the table than even I could imagine.

Jeff Probst - Jenny, how concerned do you think the tribe is on average?

Jenny - I think some people are being too paranoid, and some aren’t concerned enough.

*Ho turns his head towards Jenny, Jenny turns her head back, and makes eye contact with him, before turning her head back to Jeff Probst*

Jeff Probst - With that, it’s time to vote. Ali, you’re up first.


Jeff Probst - If anybody has the Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Jenny stands up - Jeffrey, I’d like to play this… on Georgia.

Georgia gasps - Really?

Jenny - For reals.

Jeff Probst - This is the Hidden Immunity Idol, all votes for Georgia will NOT count.

*Many shocked faces, including a very confused Ho, and a shocked Rhonda*

*Veronica chuckles slightly, pleasantly surprised*

Jeff Probst - First vote… Georgia, does not count.

Georgia - Whattt!

Jeff -
Second vote… Georgia, does not count.

Third vote… Georgia, does not count.

Georgia - Thank you so much, girl!

Jenny - You are welcome.

Jeff Probst - Fourth vote… Georgia, does not count. 4 votes Georgia, all do not count.

Georgia - ****ing whoa!

Jeff Probst - Fifth vote… Rhonda.

Rhonda - Damn.
Jeff Probst - Sixth vote… Rhonda.

Seventh vote… Rhonda. 3 votes Rhonda.

Rhonda rolls her eyes - ****.

Jeff Probst - Eighth vote and player leaving… Rhonda.

*Rhonda grabs her torch, annoyed*

Jeff Probst - Rhonda, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Ho - I’m so sorry, Rhonda.

Rhonda - Yeah, whatever. *leaves*

Jeff Probst - An idol wasted, a split vote. This is an unpredictable start, to what could be the most unpredictable season yet. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

20th : Rhonda (6-*4*)

Rhonda, Leaving Words - I can’t say I am shocked, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I came here mostly just because I saw it as a platform to make a comeback in my music career, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t here to play. I don’t really know what I did wrong. I almost wish the idol wasn’t wasted so I could place blame on it, but I can’t. It ultimately was my own gameplay’s fault, and it is definitely a bummer. I will use this failure as a learning experience and grow from here.

Ali - Rhonda
Darnell - Georgia
Georgia - Rhonda
Harley - Rhonda
Ho - Georgia
Jenny - Georgia
Rhonda - Georgia
Tim - Rhonda
Veronica - Rhonda
Zach - Rhonda

BluJay112 (full tribe name creds)


be when georgia wasted her idol(kinda)
Sent by Jasoi,May 20, 2019

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