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Survivor Blog Series Character Bios

May 18, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

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Ali, 23, Social Media Influencer - a beauty and a business woman, she has been Instagram modeling since she was hardly 18 years old, and has a degree in marketing so she could start making herself as a “brand”, successfully so, securing multiple advertisements and if she gets the money, hopefully creating a business of her own, so she can become “the next Jessica Alba... or at the very least Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Elle, 33, Lawyer - considers herself a “chaotic pansexual” in the club, but has a serious side too, which she brings out when she’s “lawyer’ing”, she is NOT no legally blonde, as she is naturally a red head, but she has been known to dye her hair every time she’s drunk, which is less so now, as she accidentally got pregnant with, as research would have it, her second cousin’s baby. She pleads the fifth every time we ask her about this.

Georgia, 32, Nanny - immediately vowing not to be a “stereotypical sassy black girl”, she reveals her past with alcohol abuse and anger issues right off the bat, saying that is not her anymore. She has changed ever since she got this job, because she cares for the children so much. She used to also be fat, but worked her booty off to get enough money to get plastic surgery to get skinny. Calling it “the best decision she’s ever made.”

Jenny, 19, College Student - a liberal arts major, who is a self proclaimed feminist. She spends her days off going to rallies and peaceful protests, and believes all that’s wrong with society stems from the men. She is currently working on her debut novel “End The Men”, and hopes if she gets the prize money she can make an investment to get it published.

Lynn, 35, Receptionist - she wanted to be a lawyer, but got pregnant, dropped out of law school, and became a Receptionist. She blames her child for everything that’s happened in her life, and is largely neglectful.

Terry, 36, Retired Professional Athlete / Now Gym Coach - a lesbian, who most people call “truck driver Sally” by the students at the school she coaches at. She was at the peak of her career when she shattered her legs and arms in a Football related incident, and she was forced to retire. When the doctor told her she had to retire, she bit the Doctors hand off and screamed “NOW U CANT DO SURGERY, C*NT”, even though the Doctor was not a surgeon. If she wins the Prize Money, she plans on suing that Doctor for emotional trauma.

Rhonda, 52, Vocal Coach - Very popular soul singer in the 70-90s, she is constantly calling up her old girl group to try and get a comeback, but they refuse, as they have significantly more successful solo careers than she has. Her vocal coaching business is wildly successful, however, and she is remaining optimistic on a comeback. She hopes the attention she gets from Survivor will be enough to garner attention for a comeback.

Sonja, 45, Spanish Teacher - A proud Spanish-American, she knows 3 languages (Spanish, English and ASL) and she believes that makes her significantly more relatable. She is a mom, but that does NOT define her. She considers herself a sexual Goddess, is a pro-dancer, she is multi talented and capable, and is happily divorced, thinking her husband is a, quote unquote, “punk ass bitch”.

Veronica, 22, Model - a young Latina American, who is raised in an American Household, and doesn’t claim her Latina lifestyle. She got signed at a modeling agency shortly after graduating college, meaning she is new to that lifestyle. She doesn’t call herself privileged, as she actually grew up in a poor household, not having the basic privileges as any access to a car, her and her parents having to walk everywhere, nor a house, living in a tiny apartment, nor a dad. But, when she turned 16, her mom remarried to a rich man, and getting a new job, and in the past 6 years, she rose into a better off lifestyle, and now she’s where she is today.

Zoe, 27, Physical Trainer/Yoga Instructor - at one point, she was a depressed mess, but she turned to a peaceful pacifist lifestyle. Through meditation, yoga, therapy, and exercise, she bettered her life and got healthy, and dedicates her life to bettering others like she bettered herself.

Atom, 29, Accountant - his parents wanted him to be a scientist, naming him “Atom”, point he’d follow in their footsteps, so at a young age, after constant bullying from students and parents alike, he decided to pursue anything but science in an act of protest. He became an accountant knowing how much money he could get, wanting to be successful in anything besides science, but his brother is on his way to finding cures for multiple deadly diseases, so despite being comfortable financially, he will always be a disappointment in his families eyes. But if he wins the money, he won’t care.

Bill, 48, College Professor - he wanted to be a psychologist, but instead in teaching psychology. He has opened up about being depressed due to thinking of himself as a failure, and turned to drugs for a short time, but once he realized that could get him in trouble, he stopped. He figured, “I already can’t be a psychologist, why would I want to lose my job TEACHING psychology, that’d be a HUGE low point of my life.”

Darnell, 32, Entrepreneur - A successful black business man, who used his drug dealing experience to be self sufficient and make millions. He compares himself to Drake, he started from the bottom of life, homeless and helpless, and became one of the most successful people in his city.

Harley, 30, Journalist  - he wanted to be a writer, of the likings of JK Rowling or Stephen King, but once his success was more than limited, he turned to news writing. He is constantly trying to sell his creative work, but constantly fails. If he had friends, they’d tell him to give up, but after high school he blocked everyone and said when he was the richest man in America, they’ll all regret being so rude to him. That day has yet to come.

Ho, 35, Doctor - His traditionalist Asian family constantly pushed him towards math, but in an act of defiance he became a Doctor. His parents actually tricked him, though, as they actually wanted him to be a Doctor, he is currently searching for different career paths now. Reality Star was at the top of his list. He knew they wouldn’t approve of that.

Mitch, 23, Starbucks Worker - He skipped college in hopes he’d become a business owner one day, and is currently a Baristo at Starbucks. He wants to win this so he’d have money to invest in businesses. He wants to be the next Donald J. Trump, and start with owning businesses, and then taking over America.

Nile, 34, Psychologist - After curing his own depression, he markets himself as a mind healer, who can cure other people’s mental disorders as well. He always was interested in the mind after reading journals of famous serial killers, and wanted to always make sure his mind was in tact, afraid he could be a psychopath and just not know it.

Parker, 27, Skateboard Instructor / Salesman - Skateboard is his passion, but he isn’t good enough to be a professional anything, even though he calls Tony Hawk his hero in life. When he found out he wasn’t good enough, he decided to teach kids, in hopes they could be better, and if they ever become famous one day they’d give him a shoutout and he could meet Tony Hawk. He hopes if he brings Tony Hawk up enough on this season, he’ll get him to follow him on Instagram.

Tim, 18, High School Student - Tim is a gay high school student, who loves reality TV. He is a proud member of #TeamJamesCharles, and thinks Jeffree Star is the problem.

Zach, 25, Hockey Player - a passionate athlete, who loves Hockey, but may have to retire soon after getting so many concussions and injuries, but he refuses to do so, and is doing Survivor so he can get the prize money to bribe people to stop asking him to retire.


Sonja and Veronica mom
Darnell king
Sent by Lemjam6,May 18, 2019
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I stan Sonja and I hope Ali and Atom get medevaced
Sent by Chris99x,May 18, 2019

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