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never have i ever ig

Jan 24, 2020 by JourdanBabyXoXo
✔ (did) ❌ (never)
(nobody tagged me because idk anyone in here anymore but i want to do it oop)
1. Ruined a charity. ❌ never
2. Created a multi. ✔️ yes. this acc is my 3rd actually
3. Had a shop. ✔️ not worth it idk why ppl do it
4. Threw a challenge in survivor. ❌i’m shitty enough at challenges i don’t need to throw
5. Sent nudes to another Tg player. ❌ why would you EVER
6. Stole a design from a gifting shop. ✔️ yes. i stole from PureEssence when i was a lime level and had no idea what i did wrong. thought i just got lucky that things were being sold for only 1T. she was nice about it
7. Had a relationship with another Tg player. ❌ i mean technically yes but it wasn’t anything REAL it was more like two 13 year olds with crushes on eachother so
8. Lost a good friend over a game. ✔️ if they are done with me because i voted them in stars they’re weren’t my friend
9. Made stars finals. ✔️ twice :) never won tho
10. Recieved nudes from another Tg player. ❌ i think we all saw Jess boobs but i don’t consider tits to be nudes so

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