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12th is my new lucky # i guess

Aug 27, 2019 by JourdanBabyXoXo
i made 3 of those damn sets despite being hospitalized all game. in my short time there i took out all 4 of my targets. 4/4 of my targets! IN 4 GAME DAYS! She did the damn thing.  this cast could NEVER! so glad i won Stars 653 :)

I think me, Julian and Kyle are the only people who did anything. Blake never added me on skype and never talked with anyone in MY alliance but he may have been doing stuff w other ppl idk.
Anthousai missed like 3 votes.
Melinda didnt message me once besides day 1.
Paul is working hard but everyone is ignoring him and excluding him.
Quackerz i love you but please do something
Julian i think is the reason i went up? Hes making waves and i kinda am feeling this may be his stars....
tocans hasnt done anything except leave chats and be sad about nobody telling him shit but hes not approaching people so!?
gigi10 waited for me to make suggestions so that pissed me off but hes a good dude

thats rlly it. anybody i forgot just doesnt matter. xoxoxo


why would i message you knowing you nominated me once already then made me a set?
Sent by melindaMrskk,Aug 27, 2019
Lol Kyle doing something in a game?
Sent by Casbah,Aug 28, 2019

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