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  22. Stars support
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  31. There was a shooting at the YouTube headquarters
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  38. I love Brendan on survivor
  39. Lady Bird
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best interview i've seen in my life Aug 30, 2018
im crying
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Tully Aug 25, 2018
Just watched it for the second time and my eyes were filled with tears the whole time knowing that Tully the night nanny was imaginary and Marlo was really just beyond exhausted killing herself to be an amazing mom and giving credit to an imaginary friend based on her younger less cynical self
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Abortion Aug 21, 2018
Sore shin
for anyone that wants to write a poem about abortion
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PYN Aug 20, 2018
and tell me your opinion of me
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Me at Julie not having the eviction chairs out Jul 26, 2018
thinking that was a shoe in. Poor Kaitlyn :(
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absolute power corrupts absolutely Jul 23, 2018
I'm just gonna sit back & enjoy the shitshow
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