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I love Erica!!! =] Sep 24, 2009
i love her cause she is Amazing and my best friend forever in the real world so be jealous hahahha she is one of those people you will well always have in your heart and well ya idk what i would do with out her she is loved by lots and hated by some:D

                 Ps: BFF baby yeya
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To All Of Those . . . Sep 24, 2009
to some of you guys in game 9998. I hate you and i was very happy to get evicted from that dumbass game. To Mets i hope you win or come pretty damn close and pipes and Adam i also hope you do well but Adam unfortuaty i truly belive you will get evicted :( Poked i am no longer a fan of you lol Tommy i didnt really get to know you but you did get me evicted so screw off :) lol i know this will get negged but at the moment i do not care :)
Points: 19 6 comments
So Inactive :( Sep 24, 2009
My rookies game is so inactive and i swear i was one of the most active :(  but the new HOH had a key ceromony and me and Mets did not get a key :( but after day change i WAS on the block but Mets was not lol so i asked if he lied and he said he forgot to save but i was anyways put up by the algo but i swear i was very active but o well lol i took 9th :(
Points: 19 2 comments
I need advice Sep 22, 2009
if you ask someone to form an alliance with you and they turn you down does that mean that they want you evicted
Points: 33 8 comments
IM ENGAGED!!!!!!!!! Sep 21, 2009
imageWhen i found out when someone got married i was very jelous. :) I needed to find a wife, and i found one. Redsocksrock_94 is my new wife. Thank you all for congratgulating me hahaha
Points: 21 6 comments
who should win Sep 18, 2009
can you pls go to casting game 9877 and tell me who you think will win and who really should win pls
Points: 12 0 comments