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  6. Ummm. Is there a way to check...
  7. Sweet
  8. Everyone should check
  9. Is this really fucking happening?
  10. Worst Friend Awards?
  11. Stars
  12. Multis?
  13. Both have red noses!?!?
  14. Charity
  15. Real Talk
  16. You must have no self awareness...
  17. Survivor is the easiest way to get Karma.
  18. I'm feeling low.
  19. Charity
  20. Age...
  21. Yeah.
  22. My life.
  23. So....
  24. When TG expires...
  25. Red Nose.
  26. If you have the T's
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  29. My avi.
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  33. Dumb move.
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  37. I have over 2000 T
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  40. I'm curious.

Both have red noses!?!?

5thJun 10, 2018 by JCLU
tdubsurvivor and Matisse admit, you are the same person and your "relationship" was with yourself...


Sent by JonMcGillis,Jun 10, 2018
bullshit there is a reason for it and it is none of ur fucking business
Sent by Matisse,Jun 10, 2018
i suddenly ship matisse x matisse
or maybe not
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Jun 11, 2018
JCLU jjvawesomeness0511
how stupid you both are
Sent by tdubsurvivor,Jun 11, 2018
tdubsurvivor alright i suddenly believe you. explain the red nose? did matisse dump her irl husband and finally meet up with you, and you two shared a computer? or, oh wait, you guys have multis to help premade too?
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Jun 11, 2018
@jjawesomeness0511 none of your business and Matisse isnt married irl
but your stupidity and obsession make me laugh
Sent by tdubsurvivor,Jun 11, 2018
dont just dont
Sent by krranni2006,Jun 11, 2018

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