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  1. Imagine calling someone out for being a 5-year old
  2. A wild Icarus Mark appeared.Today at 2:04 PM
  3. It's not free if
  4. When you see a design that really catches your eye..
  5. Nothing can go right anymore
  6. Who all has Discord?
  7. The Island Assessment 1 (Episodes 1-3)
  8. If you people really want to challenge people..
  9. It's now a charity people
  10. What even is that link
  12. Why do people care
  14. I stopped believing in love
  15. Regarding Tara's blog
  16. After experimenting with the practice links for..
  17. I appreciate the support, but
  18. Pretty funny
  19. Done with my little T-Shopping Spree!
  20. Thank God
  21. This Old Comps vs. New Comps debate has me..
  22. Not gonna lie
  23. Don't you just love it
  24. First time I ever looked at how Stars enrollment..
  25. Note to Self
  26. Oh boy! ANOTHER idiot to filter!
  27. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeat
  28. Nyob Zoo Tengaged
  29. Imagine a pirate
  30. I look at
  31. Maybe my tone of thinking is just way too dark
  32. Crazy Day 1 :O
  33. Is Skype acting weird for anyone else?
  35. No title
  36. Wait. People can buy existences now?
  37. Can we talk about how badass
  38. Are these good stats for Day 2?
  39. I've done a little thinking
  40. On a universal time scale

You know who I'd like to see face each other in the tournament?

Jul 12, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
steve4280 and bryantandf

That'll make for some interesting entertainment!

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