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My Spotify 2017

Dec 12, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Since everyone is posting theirs.  Use this link to get yours:

My totals are meager compared to lots of others.  1469 minutes of music, 186 songs listened to, 116 different artists, 4 different genres apparently

Top 5 artists appear to be as follows: Ellie Goulding, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Aerosmith, and Avril Lavigne.  First place went to Ellie Goulding though, which surprised me 0% since I do have a lot of her songs in my library.

Top 30 Songs:

1. Tessellate - Ellie Goulding
2. Something To Believe In - Great Good Fine Ok ft. St. Lucia
3. I'm A Ruin - Marina and the Diamonds
4. Heroes of Our Time - DragonForce
5. LES - Childish Gambino
6. Silent Way - Milo Grrene
7. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
8. Trouble - Natalia Kills
9. Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
10. Everlasting Love - Carl Carlton
11. When We Fell - Hot As Sun
12. I'm On One - DJ Khalid
13. Same Old Love - Selena Gomez
14. Kings And Queens - Aerosmith
15. Shots - Imagine Dragons (Broiler Remix)
16. Midnight City - M83
17. Speed of Sound - Coldplay
18. Faded - Kanye West
19. 56 Bars (Intro) - T.I.
20. December - Olivia
21. Heaven - DJ Sammy feat. Do
22. Breathing Underwater - Metric
23. Burning Gold - Christina Perri
24. Breathing Underwater - Emeli Sande
25. Insensitive - Jann Arden
26. Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco
27. Let Me Go - Avril Lavigne
28. Hold Me Close - Overcoats
29. Hungry - Kosheen
30. You And I - PVRIS


marina iconic
Sent by YasGaga,Dec 12, 2017
YasGaga  Yeah, that song by her connected with me, so I added that one  :P  I think only a few of these I actually began listening to this year though.  A lot of them I listened to before, and some even date back to the previous decade.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 12, 2017

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