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  1. Paige's blog asking who the first TV Star got me..
  2. Good
  3. I hope he's doing okay :/
  4. I can just imagine this happening
  5. If you wanna watch porn
  6. Why am I being asked
  7. On a much lighter note
  8. Good RIDDANCE
  9. I know it's 4 months later
  11. So how do youact .ike when you're drunl
  12. Okay this is not worth getting drunk for
  13. It's not even 15 inutes into y drinking game
  14. Preparing to test out my "drinking game..
  15. Okay, is Starmie's charity safe or no?
  16. Real Talk
  17. When you totally forget Canada has Thanksgiving..
  18. I don't know why but
  19. Okay, it's kind of sickening
  20. Honestly didn't think I'd make it this far
  21. I swear
  22. Nah
  23. The fuck is going on in this game? O_O
  24. Anyone wanna donate?
  25. Just got back from 'It'
  26. I've had serious doubts before
  27. It's always sad to hear about these shootings
  28. Yep, it's that idiot again
  29. Wait, I think I know who this is
  30. Ugh @ that GameStop commercial on ESPN
  31. Pattern Reveal for the Numbers PYN that expired
  32. Random PYN
  33. Thanks to the one person who bet on me! lol
  34. When Wikipedia can't do math
  35. I pay about 0 attention to hockey
  36. As much as I would have hated to admit it back..
  37. Lemme guess
  38. Go for it
  39. Welp
  40. I give up


Jan 6, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Gold by Kiiara being on the radio at a Starbuck's

I will admit, it is catchy, but it's lyrically an epic fail  lmfao

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