Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I’m making a video game.

Nov 28, 2020 by ITZ3THAN
It’s pc/VR/and console supported.

Virtual Reality HUNGER GAMES.

My goal with this, is to make a demo, then send it to LIONSGATE and S.C for a chance to make a deal.

It’s really complex and unlike anything y’all have played.

The lobby will be the Reaping stage, where you pick your district, age, and customize your avatar to your personal liking. You start a game by hitting START MATCH. From there, you are literally reaped into a randomized server. So that there is less chance of a unfair premade alliance. The next scene you’ll see, is a peacekeeper escorting you to the train, where you have 5 minutes to pick 1 of 3 perks for sponsorship.


You down about 50 seconds in the train, where you see PANEM. You get off the train, and have a chance to see the other tributes. The screen then goes dark, and the next scene you are in training.

There is no damage able to be dealt during this time as a duh reason. You get 7 minutes to look around, practice with different weapons, and based on your accuracy with weapons, ex. A sword swing that hits vital points often, or hitting targets with projectiles, will determine your score. Higher the score, the higher spectators will want to sponsor you.

You are then transported to the laugh room. Where once the door locks, you are destined to play.

You have a few minutes to yourself. To think about what arena it is, and to pick a outfit and 1 perk.

(Minor perks. Like 4% less water loss and 3% more pocket storage.)

You will hear a bell, telling you it’s time to go. You have 25 seconds to get into the launch tube or you are executed.

Your screen shakes, and you begin to rise.

I have 4 arenas in creation as we speak, my friend irl LOGAN is helping me design them.

But there will be much more than 4. this hunger games, Katniss died in catching fire. There was no rebellion. So I’m basically free to invent my own.

Arenas will literally be anything. From a theme park to the 10th arena. But my personal favorite is going to be a volcano.   

Man that was a lot of typing.



That sounds super cool man!! Will there be random hazards as well?
Sent by giovannimaxroma,Nov 28, 2020
giovannimaxroma YES. Can’t believe I forgot that part 😂
Sent by ITZ3THAN,Nov 29, 2020

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