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People still don’t realize Grodner

Aug 15, 2018 by Hannah_Parks
Gives two shits about fan favorites. She cares about her favorites. Which sometimes coincide with our favorites.

BB16 - Production loved the bomb squad. | America loved Nicole-Hayden-Donny

BB17 - Production loved Vanessa | America loved Becky-Jackie-Meg-John-James

BB18 - Production loved Nicole & Paul | America loved Natalie (For some reason)

BB19 - Production sucked off Paul | America has a brain

BB20 - This is the first season in a while where productions favorites are getting decimated because they’re absolutely stupid aside from Haleigh who was just dealt a bad hand.



I loved BB17 apart from the ending. Sixth Sense <3
Sent by Juliann,Aug 15, 2018
If the hive was productions favorite they would of rigged the hacker comp or something
Sent by Silver09,Aug 15, 2018
First they handed a power app to Bayleigh when we all knew damn well she was not the most trending. Her app also just so happened to be the only OP one.

Secondly Haleigh stated on the feeds that production asked her in the diary room what she’s good at. Hence why the Hacker comp and the HoH that followed were very much similar.

They could only rig so much.
The hacker comp was designed to help Foutte had they ever been in trouble. Hence the following.
Fixing the hacker comp to something Haleigh is good at.
Letting her pick someone to play in Veto so that they have an advantage to keep a level six member on the block.
Then because the vote would have tied 4-4. They add remove an eviction vote just so Foutte would have a 4-3 advantage heading into the eviction.

CBS tried hard but failed.
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Aug 15, 2018
Keep crying Hannah_Parks

Bayleigh and Sam’s power apps gave them THE CHANCE to stay safe. Tyler’s app actually, if used at veto ceremony, 100% guarantee safety.

Also I saw on twitter multiple people voting Bayleigh. Keep crying but productions favorites are L6, not the Hive
Sent by NicoleF,Aug 15, 2018
The voting wasn't done through Twitter, it was on the Messenger Bot
Sent by zorbo678,Aug 15, 2018
Keep crying that the majority of America hates the Hive and hate Bayleigh and Swaggy NicoleF
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Aug 15, 2018
Oh I dislike Bayleigh and despise Swaggy Hannah_Parks
Sent by NicoleF,Aug 15, 2018

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