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Is this something common now? Jan 18, 2018
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Join this Red Charity and then my Charity Dec 18, 2013
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be a good f person Dec 18, 2013
and join this charity:
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meh Dec 13, 2013
I admit that was a mistake.It was a long time ago,I don't hate you as I said.You can try commenting now.Unfiltered.
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Yeah Dec 13, 2013
I didn't attack you,I just said exactly what it was,I said this: 'Yeah so could say u didn't hate me eh'(kind of like that)now cut the crap,I never attacked you ,Only gave you the link of the hate list YOU made. try speaking now mr Lucinda
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Okay Dec 13, 2013
can we end this Lucinda ? We both hated eachother 2 years ago and now you have me filtered too,I unfiltered you since a while,so yeah.
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