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  1. I remember being popular on this website
  2. 1 more charity please 馃槵
  3. Taylor Swift - Lover
  4. I need to bet.
  5. How is everyone doing?
  6. Don鈥檛 worry guys
  7. PEPPA....
  8. I miss Scoderk
  9. That was a fun birthday
  10. I鈥檓 19 now 馃槑
  11. I chipped my tooth off a chicken wing today
  12. Can I Exhale?
  13. Snapchat?
  14. I need a new Sia album asap :(
  15. I wish y鈥檃ll cared about our planet dying
  16. Celeb dies and you all cry
  17. Monique Heart should have been Top 2 in AS4
  18. Took a 2 week break!
  19. Hi, Gabbie Hanna is SOOOO underrated!
  20. Walk down the runway, but don鈥檛 puke.
  21. Is this selfie insta worthy?
  22. Speculated RPDR AS5 Cast Placement Prediction
  23. -7 me for a high five
  24. Saying Goodbye is so hard 馃槶
  26. I am NOT a Cheater.
  27. Sponsor me ARROWS
  28. Sponsor me arrows
  29. 9 more for hunger
  30. I also got Bipolar Depression
  31. Is Virtulife still around?
  32. stars enrollment time?
  33. I'm actually heartbroken Hunger is dead :(
  34. I'm so depressed lol :(
  35. Tengaged Random.Org Drag Race S1
  36. Should I buy TV Star?
  38. Pyn for a gift
  39. Who wants to be T-BFF鈥檚!!
  40. You were pathetic on ZWO(end racism)OPER

I'm so depressed lol :(

Jun 1, 2019 by Girllover101


No1 cares bitch
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jun 1, 2019
=[ here for u
Sent by mathboy9,Jun 1, 2019
How do you expect people to feel bad for you when you say something like that to someone who is depressed LOL livvieboo12
Sent by maturo,Jun 1, 2019
maturo he's told me to commit suicide before so yano
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jun 1, 2019
So instead of being the better person you choose to dwell on the past! Gotcha
Sent by maturo,Jun 1, 2019
LivvieBoo12 if I ever told you to kill yourself, then I actually do feel super bad. I do hope you realize I have grown as a human being. I don't have any idea as to what you did to make me do that, but I honestly don't remember doing that. BUt if you say I did, than I am deeply sorry.

I've grown up, if you wanna move on, I'm willing to do it. But if you wanna hold a grudge over something I most likely didn't mean to say during my immature times, than I am sorry.
Sent by Girllover101,Jun 1, 2019
So sorry to hear that :(

Feel free to send me a mail anytime!
Sent by mbarnish1,Jun 1, 2019

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