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  1. PYN & +,and I'll say if you'd get a Tape.
  2. Catie Turner actually won American Idol
  3. is there any details on BB20?
  4. I'm so mentally exhausted
  5. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Spoons Epi 1.
  6. We needed more Courtney Crimson.
  7. I miss when Frooks were free
  8. I wish I was getting a broom up my ass
  9. 13RW S2 Epi 10 Ending Shocked me...
  10. I don't think so
  11. I'm so glad I won stars!
  12. #Bald4Obama
  13. Wow thank you so much for the gift!
  14. I think it'd be iconic if Aquaria wins RPDR
  15. Foster the People - Sit Next to Me
  16. Pics of me in my Tux for Prom!
  17. Turner is barely active
  18. Thanks for saving someone
  19. Stars 496: Nommed for 6th.
  20. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 9!)
  21. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 8!)
  22. Can't believe I actually made it to Day 11
  23. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 7!)
  24. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 6!)
  25. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 5!)
  26. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 4!)
  27. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 3!)
  28. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 2!)
  29. RPDR S8 SPOONS (EPI 1!)
  30. How to Get Away with Murder
  31. I sucked dick on accident
  32. I choose to believe, everyone is Bisexual
  34. I think Halloween has a valid point
  35. you can't say you're straight
  36. Guess the Tengager! (1/10)
  37. Give me arrows and health
  38. New Blog Pic!
  39. I fell asleep on a subway one day
  40. No title

Yeah I'll eat your ass for a piece of cheese.

May 12, 2018 by Girllover101
but it better be fucking blue cheese, because I love a little mold on the top because it reminds me of my grandmother's neighbors moles that have hair in them

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