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  1. It's 2019
  2. Karishma
  3. Say it with me
  4. Why is HOH suddenly endurance
  5. Things Analyse did this season:
  6. Something cackleworthy happened on Survivor..
  7. vsco biotch
  8. Stop being a piece of dog shit
  10. Nicole Anthony wins BB21
  11. LMAO
  12. Anything fun happening
  13. Remember
  14. Oui oui Baguette
  15. Why is he so angry 24/7
  17. BB Fandom is ridiculous right now
  18. Nicole for Prankster
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  21. Unpopular Opinion
  22. This Stars cast seems fun as fuck lmao
  23. This xenophobic nomset in stars.
  24. He rly thought he did something
  25. Awww people still call me that after 6 years
  26. pls give me cock
  27. Current mood @ Stars
  28. I might go up in stars
  29. my dick fell off
  30. How I feel about this Stars
  31. hi im #236 on tg!
  32. Day 2 in stars
  33. Theory on who will leave this week
  34. How do you stan Christie lmao
  35. I wish Sam won veto and Nick left
  36. Send nudes
  37. WannaBeePsychotic
  38. Sis you’re doing too much
  39. Stealing design png files?
  40. The irony

He rly thought he did something

Aug 17, 2019 by Funnehliner
tonyalbright This nomset has nothing to do with xenophobia so evicted the nazi.


And you really think you’re not a piece of garbage. Aw.
Sent by tonyalbright,Aug 17, 2019
tonyalbright you're really reaching over a survivor game from months ago, loser
Sent by Funnehliner,Aug 17, 2019

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