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  1. Cliff Hogg is a failure
  3. I still have issues
  4. Reminder that Jack & Jackson are nominated
  5. Kathryn is a lock for F4 at this point
  6. lmao
  7. They really endured all this hate for THIS
  8. Horrible
  9. Nicole Gheesling is thriving
  10. The vote had better not flipped last minute
  11. Kathryn is shockingly good at BB
  12. S Tier - Kemi/Nicole
  13. Now, do you know what a milf is?
  14. I'm ready to jump ship
  15. You know who we are?
  16. #CliffIsGoingHomeParty
  17. Reminder
  18. Hi and I just wanted to say
  19. Kaitlyn Herman hosted veto mgmdkckdk
  20. Sam Smith from BB21
  21. people in stars got banned sksksk
  22. Are you bitches conspiring against me?
  23. Sam for Whacktivity
  24. BB Prediction
  25. Fuck this
  26. Fuck Jack's golden boy edit
  27. Can you say Magenta?
  28. #JackIsOverParty
  29. 10th game charity
  30. I think you're a very vile whore
  31. I wish it was at least good nudes @ auctions
  32. HEY I'M A HOE
  33. Wow he's so vile
  34. I just want a hot hung man
  35. Oh hunny I'll do anything for you
  36. Wow you mean to tell me
  37. I got accepted into college charity
  38. Do multis work on Board Game Online?
  39. My favorite Florida memory
  40. I'm shaking

Meetup you whores [pic]

14thJun 2, 2019 by Funnehliner
imageIt’s been a while but I just wanted everyone to see that I met Mike Chen aka Allison today, we had mimosas and a server who kept pouring water into my sprite, no biggie ;) be jealous


thanks for the invite
Sent by maturo,Jun 2, 2019
maturo this was entirely organized via Snapchat rip
Sent by Funnehliner,Jun 2, 2019
Who cares
Sent by tonyalbright,Jun 3, 2019
tonyalbright you seem pressed
Sent by Funnehliner,Jun 3, 2019
Pressed about your psychotic ass? Sike you’re fooling yourself.

I’m genuinely concerned why you think anybody cares about you meeting up.
Sent by tonyalbright,Jun 3, 2019
tonyalbright lol
Sent by Funnehliner,Jun 3, 2019
Ugh love you both hope you had a blast
Sent by JustMe,Jun 3, 2019

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