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Dec 30, 2017 by Funnehliner

It's not impressive to go unnominated in a game with friends and a second account that you have access to and all your "OH I HAVE DONE WELL WITHOUT THEM LOL" is not going to help you when we can't see it because you only. join. with. premades.

Go unnominated without a premade and people will give you more credit :- )


Sent by Roshy,Dec 30, 2017
Hunty 4 people isn’t majority until final 7?? The cast could have taken a shot at them 10 day changes but didn’t. Stay pressed
Sent by Bluejay7622,Dec 30, 2017

literally my last stars. Try again
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017
Bluejay7622 lol you're just commenting on this because you have a random hatred towards me sooooo
Sent by Funnehliner,Dec 30, 2017
Ok it is though
Even if you have a “premade” (I’ve played with Tyler on numerous occasions, and every time  He’s accused of having the worlds biggest premade, including myself, and every time it’s coincidental minus maybe one or two people), it just makes a large ass target on your back and is definitely no walk in the park
Sent by temponeptune,Dec 30, 2017

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