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imagine wasting your money Sep 22, 2018
and being the one person to buy a ticket by now
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My Matisse story Aug 27, 2018
A couple years ago I attended one of CYCLONE s acting classes. I saw the ad on craigslist offering a "good time and acting lessons after a small deposit" and I was like... yass, sweet. I thought there would be drinks or something. The only issue was the ad said "younger preferred" so I sent an email asking if it was okay if I came. I was 19 at the time (this was 4 years ago) and she said it was a little older than she taught but it would be okay.

So I got there and I asked about the deposit. I swear, she looked me up and down and said "For you, $250." I assumed she was offering me a discount but I later learned her usual fee was $50. I paid it like a moron. Worst decision of my life.

She makes me warm up for the vocal portion and critiques my voice as I do it. "If you weren't so fat you wouldn't sound like a dying cow, fatty." I already feel upset so I hand WhateverTheF my sheet music for my song and she RIPS it up saying I would never hit the high notes in Giants in the Sky and that Sondheim was too difficult for my fat brain to comprehend. So she tells him to play, I shit you not, Being Alive from Company. Clearly I mess it up because I was not prepared and... that's one of the hardest songs for a tenor EVER.

She laughs and says she was right the entire time and that I should not waste her time by singing music too advanced for me ever again. Then she runs a scene with me and growls her lines and then YELLS at me when I'm thrown off by it. I'm crying at this point and she's screaming at me that I can't sell the tears, that she knew the second I started that I was acting. She said I would never be as talented as her and that was when I ran out of her studio apartment sobbing. She still mocks me on my facebook page and got me blacklisted from all auditions in our city.
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i don't like azealia banks either Aug 9, 2018
she plays too much on twitter and she throws around the f word like it's an adjective. she stay coming for RuPaul when BBB and CMM are barely similar. She's a PERSON and I hate her because she's a shitty one at that.

her music go off tho
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Up for 13th Aug 6, 2018
All I have to say is... Fuck Jdog and Smuguy.
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YOU OKAY? Aug 2, 2018
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Scooby exposed Aug 2, 2018
He said this about @Babeeidahh

"We don't need people like her ruining tengaged"

We all know what that means. Scooby is racist and colorist. He is mixed but he benefits from light skin privilege. Sad that he would use someone's blackness against them. Shame on you.
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