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Hivote Feb 15, 2019
Good morning PrincessTeePee
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One update we need Jan 19, 2019

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Join right now before bigdizzleyomama blog expires
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Why I Disappeared in Stars Dec 12, 2018
So, I've been vocal throughout the whole game that I joined by accident and that I wouldn't be able to be very active this week. However, I never explained why I wasn't able to be active. The truth behind this is that my father has Stage 4 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma to his spine. He was hospitalized from Friday to Tuesday evening (the day I was evicted in Stars.)

Because of his hospitalization, I was an hour from home with just my phone stuck in a hospital pretty much all day long. I had wifi but my preoccupation was with my dad. I had never intended to join Stars, in fact I was only looking at enrollment because I was on the blogs page and noticed it was enrollment time. A few people join as I'm on the page so I go to click on the link to the game and... I fat finger the enroll button. I decided to play at least a little (albeit VERY passively) for the distraction. I had a lot of fun and I did meet a few people I had never met before including Halloween who I had a negative impression of before meeting him. He was nothing but nice to me and I liked chatting with him.

I'm glad to have survived the first eviction but when I was up against JSB I just didn't think it was fair to campaign against him when I wasn't going to be able to put as much effort as he could. I'm not upset about being evicted, in fact it was the last thing on my mind all day. I logged in once that entire day to post my speech as my dad was getting released from the cancer center to go home.

And now, onto the real reason I'm making this blog. My dad. My dad is someone I can't imagine my life without. I love him more than I've ever told him. I've been struggling for the past month with the idea that his future is uncertain. He has a spinal metastases from a reoccurence of his primary throat cancer from 2014. In fact, last Wednesday was the 4 year anniversary of his first diagnosis. Now it's back and the outlook isn't great but I have full faith in his oncologist and the team of doctors and nurses who have looked after him from the 3 hospitalizations he's had in the past month. His first Chemo round is tomorrow morning and I'm nervous but I'm sure he's going to do fine.

I love my dad more than anything, and he's why I couldn't give my full attention to stars. If you have anyone in your life with a prior history of cancer, PLEASE make sure they stay up to date with their check-ups with their oncologists. It can save their lives and I wish my dad had kept up with them as he should have.

Much love. xx
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Vote in Stars if you haven't! Dec 9, 2018
Day change is almost here!
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