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My best friend's brother

Aug 17, 2019 by Ethan000
Bought these $60 bluetooth headphones bc he lost his other pair, and then subsequently found them 2 hours later in his

So I got $60 headphones for just existing, so that's fun.


Sent by Saftronbtr999,Aug 17, 2019
Saftronbtr999 LOOOOL I was waiting for that to be posted after re-reading the blog title 馃槀
Sent by Ethan000,Aug 17, 2019
really thought this was gonna be the victorious lyrics
Sent by nmh95,Aug 17, 2019
Aw poor people 馃様

My headphones were 200 bucks. You think you're ballin huh? Think again sweaty
Sent by Timster,Aug 17, 2019

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