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  1. "I want it, I got it."
  2. Aw sorry you gotta leave so suddenly :(
  3. LOL ty for believing in me
  4. Does anybody else wake up
  5. Anyone else eat tomatoes like apples?
  6. If you can't stand up for yourself
  7. I am SO UPSET
  8. I need a massage so badly
  9. 5'11
  10. CBBUS2 - Lolo Jones
  12. I just finished 'You' on Netflix
  13. I love being bullied
  14. Americans don't have accents
  15. So I wasn't contacted
  16. Killing for love
  17. Courtney Love is a MURDERER
  18. Is it omegle time? ;D
  19. *drives around in my new (old) car*
  20. Grats on winning the raffle :)
  21. You don't know fear
  22. 2 Words.
  23. *gyrates*
  24. Thank you 43.6%!!
  25. Stars Support!
  27. Are chocolate lava cakes from Domino's
  28. THANK YOU 43.6%
  29. PYN for a shoutout in my stars finals vlog
  30. *drops eyedrops in eyes*
  31. I feel objectified
  32. I made Final 3 in a Fastings lmfao
  33. Hi
  34. I have no words
  35. Okay there's like 5 cop cars outside
  36. Just gonna place this here
  37. Thank You 58.7%
  38. Who wants a stars shoutout in my vlog
  39. *puts on House of Anubis*
  40. Honestly...they really were robbed :(

You don't know fear

Jan 11, 2019 by Ethan000
Until you've been locked in an airplane bathroom


thats my fave maya angelou quote!
Sent by levonini,Jan 11, 2019
I wish that cigar in your avi's mouth was my hair
Sent by Danger,Jan 11, 2019
girl u have enough dirt in ur hair already danger
Sent by levonini,Jan 11, 2019

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