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  1. Does anybody eat fish?
  2. Anyone else naked and in their bed
  3. Will Walmart have beach towels?
  4. Ask me anything :)
  5. You know what I just realized?
  6. I wish people weren't fake as fuck
  7. The dumb shit I do for ORGs....
  8. I OWN you.
  9. a more iconic TG duo?
  10. Who's more likable?
  11. Am I just that unlikable? :(
  12. You'll never earn my trust back.
  13. Welp...:/
  14. Congratulations Haleigh!
  15. That house meeting....
  16. If you don't like green olives
  17. Crazy Rich Asians
  18. Did your parents or anybody ever tell you...?
  19. BB12 is so underrated tbh
  20. Fact:
  21. Honestly....I'm worried for Angela
  22. I literally just had the best night's sleep
  23. Y'all bunch of nasty asses
  24. Would anyone road trip with me today? :(
  25. Ugh things we did:
  26. Remember every Teen Nick commercial break?
  27. Whataya Want from Me?
  28. Tbh...she's still hot asf
  29. So um about snapchat...
  30. Driving to the hair salon now
  31. Checklist for today:
  32. Nothing more than a waste of space
  33. *wins HOH*
  34. So like...
  37. Kaitlyn to come back
  38. Good Morning Everyone
  39. Real Talk
  40. Kaitlyn is such a crackhead

When you sweet talk your way

Jul 6, 2018 by Ethan000
Out of your shift :)

That poor bitch has to work 5 1/2 more hours eek

They needed the hours apparently so oh well

I was clocked in for 31 minutes :)


sends this to your boss
Sent by Zuelke,Jul 6, 2018
Imagine only working a 6 hour shift ?
Sent by Crayadian,Jul 6, 2018
Crayadian I usually work 8-10 but it's a small store and they hired too many employees now
Sent by Ethan000,Jul 6, 2018

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