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  1. Why does life suck ass?
  2. follow for follow
  3. Travelling makes everything so much better
  4. Go squat on a bagpipe
  5. Honestly can we
  6. yall are racist
  7. if Olivia gets apointed mod
  8. So ready for england to Win!
  9. Yessssssss
  10. If we lose to penalty鈥檚
  11. When people who you don't even
  12. Yikes at me getting 90%
  13. is stars still decided by multis?
  14. Lmfao imagine thinking I care?
  15. Pyn for a honest opinion
  16. 2 weeks till going
  17. "Check mails" so you can get spammed
  18. People on this site
  19. Imagine being this bitter
  20. What was the song called
  21. Imagine not going to work
  22. I thought Friday the 13th
  23. Loving this season of survivor
  24. randomize removed the porn
  25. My heads fucked help 馃檮
  27. Imagine spending your whole day
  28. Why do I atract so many fake people
  29. predict my stars percentage :D
  30. Pyn for a stars shoutout!!! <3
  31. Nominated for 16th in stars
  32. Nominated for 16th in stars
  33. Who wants to mend my heart?
  34. Pyn for a honest opinion
  35. Join survivor
  36. When a 15 year old
  37. Who likes my new tattoo?
  38. Pornelia get off my blogs feed
  39. Join frooks!
  40. Anyone wanna online date?

Can I have the receipts

Dec 30, 2017 by EliotWhi
maturo where I said i don't like you because you have a girlfriend? LMFAO I said you think you are better than your worth because you had 1. And to lemjam6 If someone personally attacks me i will happily attack them back joe always starts the shit with me then plays victim

im sick of this victim bullshit


whoever that girl is probably now is or will become a lesbian
Sent by AbsoluteAsshole,Dec 30, 2017

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