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Don鈥檛 get why people Feb 22, 2021
Are getting mad at me for sponsoring eilish 5 times it was all free and we made a deal so eat my ass freaks
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Imagine joining a charity Feb 17, 2021
With like 5 people trying to ruin and still flop ha bye
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Cheap stunning weaves 鉂わ笍 Feb 15, 2021

Message for deals 鉂わ笍
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Huge Rant 馃ゲ馃槶 Feb 6, 2021
Writing this because i cant really say alot about this situation in my life at the moment 鉂わ笍

So Yesterday morning I was woken up from my dad at 9am with him crying his eyes out I was still half asleep and didnt know what was going and assumed someone had died! he then said to I know your going to hate me but in a few years I hope you forgive me and he said look after your mum and make sure she is ok! he then leaves the house.

I go into the kitchen where my mum and my sister are and they are crying their eyes out and they tell me that my dad is leaving and has admitted to be having an affair with his boss who ive known since i was little and they have bought a house in a near village to where we live all of this was planned in secret and my dad stole 5 grand my mums account! He has cheated in the past with a different lady when i was much younger and we all forgave him not this time though!

The worst thing is that my mum and dad are foster carers and have 3 boys which could mean they could be taken off of us if they think my mum can't cope on her own which would cause so much shit for us all

So basically my dad is a vile cunt whos just fucked his whole family over and that just proves to me you can't trust anyone even your own family

Thankyou for all the support I鈥檝e had from friends love you all

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Updated smash or pass Feb 4, 2021
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Pyn and I鈥檒l say if I鈥檇 Feb 4, 2021
Smash or pass 18+ only lmfao

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