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  1. Honey bee ,
  2. I want that hair
  3. Nice blog pic
  4. Goodnight ♥
  5. The poll box makes me very happy
  8. IF I were a boy..
  9. She's too scared to tell you
  10. Hi I love you
  11. LOOOOL
  12. Dear Johnny
  13. Dear Alex,
  14. Alex seems to have found
  15. Why am I not on call with you ?
  16. Hi
  17. Everybody got their AP scores but me.
  18. I'm being serenading on call
  19. Ugh
  20. Uh
  21. Dear Zack's OT
  22. Welcome the new tengaged couple!
  23. Smart noms stars cast!
  25. I'm not banned for that Multi shit.
  26. Making fun of the OC
  27. I dropped my phone in pool
  28. Late night trolls
  29. Oh excuse me
  30. I have the meanest friends
  31. Justin Nozuka
  32. Fk this :C
  33. ♥ Perfectionnnnn♥
  34. My tumblr is sooo cute.
  35. On call
  36. I don't talk to people
  37. Somebody answer him!
  38. There is one person on this site
  39. Stars Support :
  40. text me

I want that hair

Jul 12, 2012 by Doolisha
but I would like it more in blonde :x

Good job JE7467 [:


ugh i thought someone posted hair lol. but thats the old hair
Sent by devinwithparasites,Jul 12, 2012
je did a good job designing it! I want a blonde copy too :)
Sent by Janelle_Pierzina,Jul 12, 2012
doolisha and janelle_pierzina sadly the blonde is in the vault. It was a seana86 exclusive.
Sent by je7467,Jul 12, 2012
je7467 is a amazing designer, i would love if he got back into designing again (hint hint) i will be opening shops again soon Je ;)
Sent by seana86,Jul 12, 2012

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