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  1. Anybody play Habbo Big Brother?

Anybody play Habbo Big Brother?

Sep 3, 2008 by Denzryn
Does anybody here play Habbo Big Brother? And what are your opinions comparing Tengaged with Habbo Big Brother.

A lot of Habbo players play here which was pretty surprising to me at first, but at the same time, not that much because a lot of them already play Big Brother in Habbo. This game is defenitely pretty fun but what does everybody think about each of them.

I like this game because of the element that you have to be active and you have to get along with others and everything. Also, the website is pretty nice.

I like Habbo Big Brother because you are able to have a movable character which allows you to compete in "physical" competitions.

With this website featured combined with Habbo Big Brother, I think there would be a great BB game.


Sent by Duncan,Sep 3, 2008
I've never played. Does it have different BB games or just one? I may try it out.
Sent by boygenius2010,Sep 3, 2008
How does it work, and how do you sign up for it?
Sent by IAmPaxton,Sep 3, 2008
Habbo Big Brother is all politics. If you dont know the right people, your gonna be evicted first, everytime.
Sent by Innovative,Sep 3, 2008
I play habbo BB! Well I used to. Anyways... my name is Sadie (aka pwr on habbo)
Sent by sadieisarockstar,Sep 3, 2008
Also, are there any other sites like tengaged?
Sent by IAmPaxton,Sep 3, 2008
ya i play it 24/7
Sent by HOLYLOL,Sep 4, 2008
I agree with John's (Innovative) comment. I feel like Habbo Big Brother is easy for me every time cuz I always play with the same people, which is why sometimes, when I know my friend is hosting, I use my unknown alternate account to play. Cuz it's too easy if you come in the game already with a solid alliance.

And boygenious, in Habbo Big Brother, which the game is at and you have to sign up there, people make their own Big Brother house, and you play games there it's fun.
Sent by Denzryn,Sep 4, 2008

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