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TBC Gauntlet week 3

Jul 13, 2018 by Danger
Veterans: IYBF Zuelke Marietori (3 remain)
Fresh Meat: Bigbrotherlover7 Koolness234 Forest_knight Akora Wildboy12 Totaldramalover1234 Nightcore Nothingbutrouble Bigbrotherlover12 (9 remain)

Bigbrotherlover7 snatched this week’s immunity from Marietori by doing 56 toe tap planks compared to Marietori’s 55 and when a 3-way tie occurred on the Veterans team, Bigbrotherlover7 decided to keep IYBF safe by nominating Marietori and Zuelke for elimination.

An 8-way tie occurred on the Fresh Meat team, which resulted in Bigbrotherlover7 breaking another tie as he decided to nominate Nightcore, Nothingbutrouble, Bigbrotherlover12, and to a surprise Forest_knight again even though Forest just volunteered for the Gauntlet last week, in return that he’d be kept safe this week.

The matchups this week are
Marietori(Veteran) vs Bigbrotherlover12(Fresh Meat)
Zuelke(Veteran) vs Nightcore(Fresh Meat)
Nothingbutrouble(Fresh Meat) vs Forest_knight(Fresh Meat)

The elimination challenge is a game of “I can”
I will say a physical exercise and the players must gamble on how many repetitions of thenezercise they believe they can do. Once someone says a number that one of the players believe is bullshit, say “do it” and that person will have to do the number of repetitions of the exercise that they say they can do. If they can do it, they’ll receive 1 point. If they can’t do it, the person who called
them out on their lie will get the point. First player to 2 points wins the elimination.


sits pretty in the finals
Sent by Akora,Jul 13, 2018
I’m a victim
Sent by Forest_Knight,Jul 13, 2018
sits pretty in the finals
Sent by iYBF,Jul 13, 2018
yes mäma zee
Sent by BluJay112,Jul 14, 2018

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