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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 24, 2023 by DaBaeBae
do people get so mad about being killed in hunger 😂


But ur so above getting mad over games, ur so perfect <3
like ok
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,May 24, 2023
Shoot me out of hunger and see what happens!!!
Sent by JetsRock12,May 24, 2023
BigBrotherDonny games these days are just fun to play I don’t hold shit cause it’s a game lol
Sent by DaBaeBae,May 24, 2023
just saying don't act like you've never taken a game seriously before.. like sure it's cringe to cry about a game but ur not above anyone lmao u have definitely reacted to getting betrayed before
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,May 24, 2023
BigBrotherDonny that was like years ago when I would get mad now it’s just funny even with you nominating me and shit I ain’t take it personal so let’s talk about it
Sent by DaBaeBae,May 24, 2023
isn't that what we're talking about right now
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,May 24, 2023
You’re getting lit over a comment that I made about someone else that isn’t even you lol all I’m saying is I don’t take shit personal anymore because not everyone can get 1st
Sent by DaBaeBae,May 24, 2023
it's not about me but you blogged and didn't @ anyone so everyone is involved now
and i dont rly give a fuck honestly i just commented to put my unneeded input in.. i just think that people are free to react however they want as long as its not too crazy
it really does not affect u .. seeing as ur not in the game
Sent by BigBrotherDonny,May 24, 2023
Why u mad about frooks tho bitch
Sent by semajdude,May 24, 2023

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