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Real Big Brother 10!

Aug 13, 2008 by DJMatt21
imageHello world!
   I am here to do a brief little talk about the real big brother 10. Personally I want Renny, or Dan to win! Renny can ride her game play to the the finals because she stays low and doesn't join the fights. She is also not very good at competitions which makes it easier for her to stay. Dan was doing good, but since house guests are thinking he's America Player is not to good. I think Jerry is a f**k face for saying stuff like that to Dan. Once he finds out he was America's player, I wonder if he would feel bad. Memphis isn't really staying low, he's in the crowd. He might be a target if house guests remember LAST season, season 9. Why remember that? Memphis is exactly like Ryan. Ryan made it to the final to with Adam. Ryan didn't win anything until it was needed. Which was like final 4-5 or something. I say get Memphis out before its to late. Libra, is just a plain lying bi**h. Keesha is very very weird when she is drunk, overall nothing much. Michelle is a loud bi**h that annoys me a lot. April is a hooker and very ugly. Ollie is lay lowed, he can make it near the finals but made a bad choice dating/allying with April. April plays all sides and she is just a fake. Bad choice Ollie! Overall, that's who I want to win and also the flaws of others.


I'm rooting for Keesha and Renny to make it to the final two together. If not Dan would be next choice. The reason I like Keesha though is because she puts herself out there. She isn't trying to fly under the radar or anything she' there to compete and to win. I always root for someone who doesn't shy away. That said if she does go (I will be upset) but I will then be rooting for Renny.. after all Renny and Keesha are BBFs in the BB house.
Sent by anarcticsin,Aug 13, 2008
WOOT, Renny, Dan, Keesha, and Memphis!
*(In that order)
Sent by Msbd23,Aug 13, 2008
OMG, im cheering for keesha, renny, and Dan too. i love how all of us somewhat agree on those 3. AWESOME CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Bowler23,Aug 14, 2008
Who, who, and who?
Sent by Tataki13,Oct 30, 2009

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