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The game of halves Day 6

May 21, 2020 by ColinCoco
Team Lava:
Paralox (Confessed) (Challenge)
Malachite05 (Confessed)
Kindred7 (Challenge)

Team Sea:
Flipflops (Confessed)
Smallchild99 (Confessed) (Challenge)
Wolven6974 (Challenge)

Team Earth:
J4ckWilko (Confessed)

Team Sky:

How the game goes:

Welcome back everybody! Last time we met I made 4 people do another 300 piece puzzle to torture them and prepare them for Phase 2 of this game. So now it's time for the results!

I'll be presenting the scores without their teammates first.

Any mails I receive of complete puzzle as I'm writing this don't count.

In 4th the person which didn't send me anything
From Team Lava
So I gave him a timing of 999:99

In 3rd trying their best
From Team Lava
Kindred7 with 134:27!

In 2nd thinking his teammate would drag him down.
From Team Sea
Smallchild99 with 119:09!

In 1st the person I rig everything against
From Team Sea
Wolven6974 with 118:26!

Now tallying the scores up and finding out the average.

Team Lava has a average timing of...
9 Hours 27 Minutes 33 Seconds!

Team Sea has a average timing of...
1 Hour 58 Minutes 47.5 Seconds!

So that means Team Sea members Smallchild99 and Wolven6974 have won it this time and will be changing over to Team Sky.
Our losers Paralox and Kindred7 will be moving over to Team Earth.

The final challenge of Phase 1 will be announced tomorrow! And of course it's another Team Challenge.

Thank you for the Colin Confessions only we (Me & Colin) know what your plotting if you are plotting anything.
Here are the next 2 people who have to send Colin Cofessions!
Tester and Amps!
You have until Day 8 is blogged to send in Confessions or else your kicked out of the games!

Good luck!
And I'll see you next time!



"In 2nd thinking his teammate would drag him down"
mmk i see how it is.
Sent by Wolven6974,May 21, 2020
wow i was debating doing what paralox did! What a champ
Sent by Kindred7,May 21, 2020
Sent by Tester,May 21, 2020
what the fuck is a confession
Sent by Amps,May 22, 2020

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