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May 1, 2015 by CherLloyd
That people don't vote based on gameplay, dudetb has LITERALLY made some of the biggest moves and has made it this far unommed (not because of his so called likability) Sam "big move" was failing MISERABLY at trying to get me up lying about it and going up in the process... oh not to mention the fact that he legit did not even lock in noms for the first 5 day changes...#BigMoveSam -__-


how were you and vanessa not nominated this dc
Sent by Strategic,May 1, 2015
strategic clearly you're not that "strategic" but i'll let that dumb comment pass since you have never played stars before, but it's dumb as fuck to put up a popular cast member vs a un popular cast member... XDDDDDDDDD
Sent by CherLloyd,May 1, 2015

You and Vanessa were the two most popular cast members before Evan got flavored
Also, I have played stars before, 3 times.
So suck my dick, Malcolm.
Sent by Strategic,May 2, 2015
strategic don't let him get to you. Sometimes he's an a hole
Sent by Jermin119,May 2, 2015

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